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can you access court records from 1996 on the internet :
Why doesnt Usc have a mens soccer team :
Is it xenophobia or harassment if you say something on a game such as "the item makes you run faster ... :
Why does it burn when i makes a pee pee? :
how to tell a girl in 7th grade to get naked in the bathroom :
if you call a ball "out" and then switch it to "in", and continue to play out the point, do you auto ... :
any body have any solutions? :
how much will it coast to elope in wisconsin and where do we go? :
What is Transplanting Genes? :
Bests dance songs of all time? Add what you think! :
How much did the world's largest yellow diamond fetch at auction? :
Which teams are seeded for the Euro 2012? :
The Largest Black Holes in the Universe, where do they hide? :
Is there a pyramid in Bosnia? :
What are Chemtrails? :
Trader on the BBC says Eurozone Market will crash, is he telling the truth. :
What are chemtrails? :
Is Gold Money? :
Is 2012 going to be the end of humanity? :
Is 2012 going to be the end of humanity? :

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