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@MinutemanPress Our pleasure. You're a total star xx
RT @MinutemanPress: Thank you for my gorgeous flowers @LisaTalkingTots and @TJPTalkingTots, brightened my day!
Well that's a 1st franchisee initial phone interview whilst she was changing babies nappy & then breastfeeding #familyfriendlyworking
@LythamLifeStyle It's shocking, isn't it?
RT @SoVeryBritish: Carefully removing every exclamation mark before sending any email >> If only I was that disciplined!
@baylinerboats .... Looking for a UK stockist for a kitchen sink plug please ... Thanks
@morrisonshelp1 I’m just a red T shaped character! ;-)
@morrisonshelp1 Am I what?
@lythamhigh Wiill do. Thanks
@LythStAnsPolice Hi. Do you deal with theft in schools? Thanks
@lythamhigh not yet ... Only just come to light after school this afternoon. Thanks for responding. It’s very upsetting for this to happen.
To the delightful child who stole my daughter’s purse & make up bag at @lythamhigh ... I hope you it wisely!
RT @MinutemanPress: Friendly, helpful, efficient!
#NotGuilty ! #Broadchurch !
Feeling apprehensive that #BroadChurch isn’t going to step up to the mark tonight!
@TJPTalkingTots .... I apologise ... I think Walter the #Pug is working up for a poo! #SmellyOfficeDog!
Well @TJPTalkingTots ... I think Walter liked his 1st taste of a cheesy #Wotsit!
@Morrisons He's a Pug and about 4kg

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