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I am now the proud owner of an iPad mini ... very excited! ;-)
Quiet or chatterbox? Shy or more outgoing? Talking Tots is fun for everyone!
Blue skies to the left ... black clouds to the right ... that's #LakeWindermere for you!
Really, really wishing we weren't watching #Gogglebox with the children *red face* #Ghost
Beautiful afternoon on #LakeWindermere ... shame we had to come home. Flipping kids! ;-o
Quiet or chatterbox? Shy or more outgoing? Talking Tots is fun for everyone!
MT @leafylytham: Take a look at our new website Hanging Baskets and Planters with local FREE DELIVERY > Brilliant!
Dear Daughte,hen I said you could grab an after school snack from @BoothsCountry didn't really expect you to choose a £6 pack of sushi! ;-o
@TJPTalkingTots not ranting at you btw! ;-o
Dear @TJPTalkingTots ... I've just sent you a very sweary ranting text ... I feel much better now ... thanks for reading! ;-)
RT @EWIF1: RT @franchiseebizsc: Blog: Franchise Mum #franchise #bizmums
@_claireoconnor So true! x
Spring is in the air ... is it time for a new start?
RT @lsaexpress: Three new venues hope to open in Lytham this year.
September will soon be here ... are YOU ready for Big School? (or August if you're in Scotland!)
Table numbers have suddenly doubled! #Teenagers! :-D
RT @talkingtotscov: Self-esteem and social confidence, vital for making new friends.
Just how much would the delicious #PrinceGeorge enjoy #TalkingTots ... @ClarenceHouse #RoyalVisitNZ
RT @ImACelebrity #Lytham Today: Lytham TodayEssex boy Joey to sign books for shopper...
Good grief - who'd have thought 4 excited 10 yr olds over for tea could make so much noise! 5 mins peace before round 2 with the 14 yr olds!

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