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RT @UnexplainedPicx: Footage from 1939 that shows a woman talking into what appears to be a cell phone. Could she be a time traveler? .` ht…
RT @guardiantech: Stranded on the planet of the apps
RT @waltmossberg: Re/code on TV: The Return of the Mac, Uber's Toes and Snapcash via @lizgannes…
.@whynotmomdotcom Moms rock our world and thank you for reaching out. #cheers #grateful
@rhanidchae Yes, know that drill well: #distraction via #twitter :-)
RT @TheEconomist: A new study offers hope in the battle against bulging waistlines
RT @TheAtlantic: Millennial women will make more than their mothers, but less than their brothers
RT @gigaom: Technology set journalism free, now new platforms are in control by @mathewi
@rhanidchae Thank you for reaching out. Make it a great week-end on your end. Cheers!
.@JaviDigitalMKT Thanks for reaching out Javier. Content costs rising & conversions are dropping; not trends we like to see. You?
RT @SlideShare: 33 quotes on leadership from the Global Peter Drucker Forum, via @vulicvladimir:…
RT @alldaydotcom: In The Beginning, The Macy's Parade Was A Small, Humble Event
RT @TheNextWeb: Hoverboards, SmartFrames, and other cool Kickstarter projects
@MarshaCollier Sorry didn't see earlier > Cooper is our only love. He had romantic liaison with red fox or maybe platonic. 💙
RT @Econsultancy: Automotive online: the German big three at a glance #BMW #Mercedes #Audi
RT @brainpicker: Aldous Huxley, who died on this day in 1963, on drugs, democracy, and religion…
RT @MarshaCollier: Good Tips --> #Twitter Is Still the Best Water Cooler Ever for Brands via @LinkedMedia #marketing
RT @kevinroose: "We have to stop coverage of technology being about queueing for an iPhone and make it about society and power." http://t.c…
RT @voxdotcom: Young people want to spend money on jobs and schools. The old like war and Social Security. http://t.…
RT @Nielsen: Knowledge is power: understanding consumer segments & tailoring communications can boost sales & #ShopperLoyalty…

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