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RT @Inc: "My greatest fear is that I'm not cut out to be an entrepreneur." 6 anonymous entrepreneurs share their secret fears:…
RT @PBSMediaShift: .@OpenNews: Why Code for a Newsroom Instead of a Startup?, by @dansinker
RT @dailyzen: “If you’re lonely when you are alone, you’re in bad company.” -Jean-Paul Sartre
RT @Digiday: Fortune's new editor: "We have to develop business models that work, and I don't think we're there yet."
RT @Digiday: Failure to disclose is just one way brands can screw up sponsored social Sponsor content by Izea
RT @RepresentPledge: 23 Women Show Us Their Favorite Position @feministabulous @micnews #WhatsYourFavoritePosition h…
RT @mathewi: This is such a fascinating media story: unknown Florida woman makes between $1M and $13M reviewing toys on YouTube: http://t.c…
RT @om: What's wrong with everything! Wonderful comment on reality of modern times by @Lefsetz -
RT @jilliancyork: Jeff Jarvis calls it “technopanic”; I call it a smart demonstration of the dangers of metadata:
Thought Leaders featured in our recent blog posts: @chiefmartec @MarketingProfs @Econsultancy @CMIContent & thanks to @HuffPostBiz
RT @NiemanLab: Is the river behind your house rising? A British Twitter bot will tell you
@janlgordon @BeatriceLacy @CherylStephens @SimplyDenise @JamesOscarJr @1680PR @gladta @Visually @bhwcosmetic @TokenPHD @AnaLuciaNovak < #THX
RT @stevesilberman: If you missed it: Most meta sign you'll see today [via @evolvingcities]
@JanMBradshaw Cheers Jan and thank you for that awesome ReTweet. #grateful and #thankful
The Problem With Founders via @techcrunch
Why Content and Social Media Marketing are the New SEO @HuffPostBiz
RT @AlArabiya_Eng: Lebanese journalist kissing her Jewish boyfriend has gone viral on the Internet…
@AskAaronLee @aa_self BTW boomers had the same "lines" as millennials. #justdemographics
RT @GreatArtQuotes: Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. ~ Andy Warhol #quote #art
RT @InformationWeek: Gender pay gap in IT alive & well. Women walk a tricky tightrope during negotiation process. h…

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