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RT @MotherJones: These national parks got an "F" in air pollution
RT @GQMagazine: The worst introduction e-mail in history is all of them
RT @motherboard: What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet: (via @qz) http:/…
RT @FortuneMagazine: Here’s why Buzzfeed could be worth $1.5 billion
RT @HistoricalPics: "You cannot find peace by avoiding life." - Virginia Woolf.
RT @BBC_Future: Companies make millions by trading our personal information. How much is yours worth?…
RT @longform: "A Dream Undone" The erosion of civil rights in America: (by @jimrutenberg, @nytmag)…
RT @impossiblecool: Ray Charles, 1959. #LeeFriedlander
RT @antonnewcombe: lady jane - rolling stones (1966 ed sulivan show)
@MarshaCollier @1680PR @TOGOMedia
RT @techreview: Chinese Carmaker Is Testing Car-to-Car Communications What’s not to Love about Diana Krall…..
RT @verge: Google's Project Loon will blanket the entirety of Sri Lanka with internet coverage
RT @ShellyKramer: What I Would Do If Google Plus Died Today via @wadeharman
#FF @KellyMitchell @SchoolieData @marshacollier @TOGOMedia @Jenae_Jones @1680PR @charli_says @Scout66com @PatriotsOfMars @rockydapoet
RT @SchoolieData: #FF @ethosacademies @EdTrust @PALs4Students @PanoreaW @mtthlbg @KatieWare @BoyleHeightsDoc @_workingmother_ @KellyMitch…
RT @RalphLauren: Proceeds from #RLKids Literacy Tee help create the next generation of readers @reachoutandread http…
>@Stephane_Baudin Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of hanging in Nice in August & Paris. Enjoy the peace and quiet if still in Paris.
>@thogs1mil Cheers Paul and thank you for the list love. I’m a “live” human (Lee)
RT @dr_pete: New paid local entity in testing on Google last night (search for "plumbers") - potential game-changer, IMO --…

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