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RT @FastCoDesign: 5 ways the Macintosh changed creativity forever.
.@ReinerGentz Cheers Reimer, always nice to be connected with an @FCBayern supporter.. :-)
Neil Young - Harvest Moon: via @YouTube
RT @simonowens: How Medium is using the mullet strategy to attract new users
RT @Benioff: Germany's power growth this year! What if this chart was the United States? It would change the world!
RT @micnews: Here’s how to answer questions about your dating life at Thanksgiving
RT @ValaAfshar: Everything in this 1991 RadioShack ad exists in your smartphone.
@tomforemski Thanks Tom: working part of the holiday; you know the drill. Lee
.@tomforemsk >Wonderful job on your recent post Tom & shared. Have a great Thanksgiving with friends and family.
RT @wadhwa: Silicon Valley's Culture of Amorality – Water Will Find its Way Powerful indictment of SV moguls by @tom…
RT @Gizmodo: RT @wellfactually It takes 90 people to wrangle a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon…
RT @Marketingland: Facebook is growing slower than its competitors but it's still solidly in the No. 1 position. htt…
@MarshaCollier Hey Sweetie, thanks for email. Working back to it. Big Hugs to You & @curtbuthman & friends, family & critters.
RT @columnfive: Here's Everything You Need for Your Black Friday Battle Plan (via @guykawasaki @lucidworks) http://t…
RT @NatAmProverbs: Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way. ~ Native American Proverb, Blackfoot
RT @ThinkwithGoogle: #BlackFriday is 2 days away, but many consumers will be shopping tomorrow to beat the rush: htt…
RT @ginidietrich: Some of these social media predictions from @eleanorpie are pretty, darn funny!
RT @SAI: CHART OF THE DAY: Uber's valuation is ahead of where Facebook was in its early years
RT @designtaxi: Fascinating online archive showcases more than 10,000 vintage analog cameras
RT @reelseo: How-to Identify YouTube Influencers to Endorse Your Brand @FameBit

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