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Reminder: You can mostly find me tweeting @TheTeaMavens now. Follow me over there to stay tuned to my tea adventure…
In Japan, I once had a swirled hojicha-vanilla ice cream with matcha soft-serve on top. Would love to see a mug wit…
It's getting close to launch time, @TheTeaMavens! Tea businesses, be sure to sign up for their free business tips at
Just dined at a Michelin-reviewed restaurant. Food: exceptional. Wine: divine (from a favorite vineyard). Tea: organic pu-erh teabag... meh.
@matchatokyo ... and that is reason #1437 why I love Japan.
@myteabook Oh, so many wonderful memories to choose from! With friends, alone, with my husband, with strangers. Hard to say what's 'best' ;)
@Aroma_Beverage Oh, I love Lugu! Covered the winter tea competition there a few years ago. Did you try the bamboo rice & the sweet potatoes?
@sofie_tearista How lovely!
@amida0 @TheTeaMavens Thanks, Beau! Have you signed up for the email series yet? I think you're really gonna enjoy it. Hugs!
Long time no tweet! Wondering where I am? You can find me here: @TheTeaMavens
RT @effiepow: Boozy tea cocktails? #FF all the way. Love the taste of watermelon and lime @LindseyAtVeeTea @tea @samovarlife…
One of today's NY Times mini-crossword clues: Chai and Earl Grey
@MargaretAtwood Meet "The Spa Lady Cheese Ball" Her origins are debated. Perhaps originally a nod to your work?
Drinking organic Oriental Beauty steeped in a bowl this morning. Such a perfect way to start the day!
Just interviewed Petr Novak about teaware for like 3 hours. Fascinating!
@TeasEtc Enjoy! See you soon!
Spent last week in Nantou, Taiwan, a.k.a. "tea county", exploring tea fields, rolling red tea and whisking matcha. Love Taiwan...
@lostintrepid Enjoy it! Love a good Asamushi Sencha. :)
New on the CopyTasteTea blog -- I'm in love. With a town, that is! Taiwan's ceramics town, YIngge:
@lostintrepid Ah, it is! I'm planning to take it on a scooter trip around Taiwan. Three cheers for matcha everywhere!

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