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RT @TheTeaMavens: Have you entered to win in our $10,000 giveaway yet?
Yes, this is happening. (Bet you haven't heard that about something wonderful in a while!)
That was good chai, and much needed! I was on a bus across southern India the whole night before. Don't miss the gr…
@JINGTea @Ryelondon1 @wildfoodman @jamukitchen @wormlondon Beautiful!
RT @ChiyabariSocial: We have been brewing up some summer delights for tea lovers. Try our refreshing summer iced teas. #Summerishere https:…
RT @tealeaftheory: The place where the Singpho #Falap teas are smoked and aged before they are finally consumed. #assamtea #tealeaftheory #…
I keep this on hand as a base for an herbal 'tea' to ward off colds and flu!
Same goes for tea brewing! Forget the timer and thermometer. Go with the senses instead!
Mmm, tea snacks!
Did you catch my tea adventures in Hawaii (incl. this visit to Onomea Tea)? Check out @theteamavens to see more!
Do you get MavenMail? Check your email for details on a free, live call on skipping the yearly summer sales slump. Call's TODAY! Talk soon.
I'm headed over to Hawaii for tea and more next week. Follow my adventures via @TheTeaMavens!
Signal boost!
@SavTeaRoom Yes! I started taking Sundays off and it's amazing how quickly they get filled with good tea, good food and good books. <3
Hey, tea lovers! Just a quick reminder that you can find me tweeting over here now: @TheTeaMavens
RT @TheSteepingRoom: Pu-erh is the Helen of Troy of #tea that gets aged like whiskey, & coveted by millionaires via @SAVEURMAG: https://t.c…
@SavTeaRoom I know that feeling... :)
RT @SavTeaRoom: What I needed was a lot of tea. #morningtea #teaddict #teaoftheday #tea #savannah
RT @Ambr_Tea: Tea and toast.. a match made in heaven! 🍞☕️ Happy #NationalToastDay everyone!
Tea businesses, take note!

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