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Support the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack. Add a 9/11 tag to your twitter avatar, I was the first woman to graduate from UCI College of Engineering in 1972 so I think that makes me in the neolethic...
New focus for me on ePublishing and using SM for authors. But still passionate about dogs, auto racing and being a foodie/coffeeaholic.
HELLOOOOOO TWITTERVERSE, I'm back after year away. I was caretaker for a Viet Vet with SEVERE PTSD and no time for Twitter. Nice 2 b back!
RT @SuccessCityLV: Nevada business woman candidate live on the air! Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio
Need someone to convert older flash videos into Android and Apple devices. Currently interact with them on PC by loading CD. Rcmdtns? Virginia - Clean up means you go through the eBook IN the html to make corrections like changing formatting... Mohinder - No worries on the name. I am returning to my maiden name and even I still get confused over which one I... Virginia - you just save your Word Doc as a webpage,filtered (html) for the Kindle version of your eBook. You can...
Y'all may have noticed I was off grid for most of 2011. MAJOR changes in my life will soon be explained. Bad times but good lessons Full disclosure: I am a Digital Bookseller at Barnes & Noble and I help people make buying decisions all day long.... I sell Nooks and rooted my original Color Nook so I admit I am biased. I recommend everyone do a side-by-side... Google eBooks uses PDF uploads so you may be able to at least sell through there as it is currently formatted. Read... Be glad to assist. Have done 2 theses myself as well as turned several client's thesis into eBooks offered for...
How You Can Build Links Easily With Product Reviews
What was good morning just went sour. THANKS GEMoney and Mary and Heidi for LYING to a disabled Viet Vet.
LOVELY - GEMoney has set off my disabled Viet Vet. THANKS A LOT GUYS!
Vet community, PLEASE retweet that GEMoney screwed a disabled Viet Vet. I want them to know Mary and Heidi screwed one of you!
GEMoney, expect a full on assault against you for failing to do YOUR JOB. Mary and Heidi screwed a disabled Viet Vet.
GEMoney, I hope you monitor social media because I want my rant viral. You just screwed a disabled Viet Vet with lying reps Mary and Heidi.

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