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Steampunk Events for September 2012
RT @RashisTVUgly: Don't Britta this opportunity! Chang ur life! Buy #Community Season 3 out on DVDean today!
@lotro The barrow downs, from the barrow of a Barrow-wight #LOTRO
@eliroth Have you seen this campaign to raise money to buy Tesla's lab and build a museum?
@lotro Tom Bombadil! #LOTRO
RT @Goretorium: This is your last chance to win tickets to our opening night. RT this flier with #spreadthehorror for a chance to win! h ...
RT @ScreenCrushNews: It's true! 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' will be re-released in IMAX theaters. Exclusive dates/details here: http://t.c ...
@levarburton Thank you for being so accommodating at the photo op! I will forever treasure my terrified photo
RT @tweetsoutloud: So my coworkers said we were got a new picture from Mars...(original here Can't. Stop. Laughin ...
Sci Fashion: Best Haircut of the JPL Mission Control Team - @io9
RT @tweetsoutloud: Internet, you win this round. I'll be back later, but thanks so much. Now going to celebrate with all my friends and ...
Q&a: Talk to the Man Who Drives the $2.6 Billion-Dollar Mars Curiosity Rover - @io9
@lotro Glorfindel #LOTRO
RT @NerdGerhl: Thank you Google, for understanding that when I said "mass effect arm thing," you know I was talking about an "omni-tool."
@GlennGThater Tough choice, personally I'd go for Fight Club.
The Letter from Stanley Kubrick to Arthur C. Clarke that Sparked 2001: A Space Odyssey - @io9
RT @gailcarriger: Comic Con Report from the Author-Side ~ Friday #SDCC
RT @CBarnebee: @wilw this is actually printed on a calendar my dad bought! This is a thing that's actually a thing!
@CBarnebee @wilw Made even cooler by virtue of NASA being created the same day!

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Lover of sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, science, technology and fashion. A mad scientist/physicist/crafter. My wife Steph (in the photo) does most of the tweeting.

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