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4,258 Friends really really funny!!
Loving the glorious sunshine in Sussex, hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! x
Wine O'clock! Happy Weekend everyone!
@sarajcox yayy congrats! x
@jowadsworth @HoveHousewife I nearly wet myself laughing when I read this!!Police are asking for, smelly, poo-like? you have to laugh!!
one of our customers is expecting twins and has bought 2 huge Balmoral Silver Cross heritage prams, walking down the pavements will be fun!
a charity has dropped boxes of sweeties and cookies into our shop today for £1 a bag...staff already finished them and asked for more!
@ilovemonty oh hon, the pic of you cuddling your new little one is beautiful, many congrats and yayy for blue/soft cheese and bubbles again!
@ilovemonty Woohoo! Little one on the way then, how exciting! Off to bed now but will check in tomorrow, hope it's nice and fast for you! x
15% off in the shop with lots of last seasons designer baby clothing bargains to be had while they last! Really cute things for little ones!
@Zoeball congratulations on your little one! Have you discovered us yet, we're round the corner from you in Portslade, 11 North Street x
Off for an early night, sure know how to live it up at the weekends! Hope you're all having a lovely one x
@charliebarleyuk thanks hon, just soul destroying finding out how much he's had though :( Hope all's well with you x
Sun's nearly gone down, hurrah...this means cocktails I think, margaritas and olives, happy weekend!
@FashionVictimUK yep completely, but they told me I am not even allowed to do a little knee capping! Spoilsports! :)
Hope everyone's enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!
@spoonerismsbycm you're welcome and I hope so, am swtiching off and hitting the sofa with a fat glass of white and the remote shortly :) x

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