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@JohnsonsBabyLK you forgot to add arecompletelyuneducated after your #johnsonbabytips ..never give BF'ing "advice" again
This is today's part one.. Another round going tonight!
It's such a shame that this pink refuses to photograph true to colour's such an awesome shade of…
I guess while I was doing the dishes, Knox thought Little Skelen was cold
So basically... He's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Probably actually infinitely better.
He walks by this pic of 2-3yr old me at my moms new place.. "Hey! There's a picture of me" hahah
We had Batman, Joker & a (half dressed) ventriloquist dummy! He wasn't feeling the fake hair do. Happy…
Piñata hanging by elastic rope. It's a thing now. Or should be. Hilarious way to spend half an hour
#tbt my babes first couple #halloween costumes. Gav (7mths) 2009 & in 2010 as #edwardscissorhands &…
Oh my goodness, I love his face lol #babyspam
Someone worked very hard outside all morning. No energy to take two more steps to the comfy couch
Boys will be boys? Spring thaw = a welcomed muddy disaster.
Gavs movie choice so... Lego movie with my favourite misters.
Look at that face! Haha this kid is something else. (Starts with a 'c' and ends in a 'razy')
Too sunny to keep eyes open haha LOVE the weather today. Meant coffee & a cookie walk with my little…
Hey weather network... Close.
Would it be weird to reply with 'I heart you.' Hahaha I love these messages. Always makes my day.
Almost finished new tree skirt. Wanted to put a listing in the shop but my god the time this takes.…
Not even 9 and they already need a bath haha good day
He works out. Strong man is getting a quick work out in before the party

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Mama to a 1.5yr old Gav (my own LittleMetalMister..♥) SAHM/WAHM that designs things to suite mine & the hubs tastes & finally selling them on Etsy ☠♥☠

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