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If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide. Which is why we leave bathroom stall doors open, right? #qanda
Australia are into the 2014 World Cup final! ...in women's hockey. Who knew? The men are undefeated. Ozzies can handle their small balls #fb
Good argument made worthless by raving lunatics. Wasted the best opportunity on Aus TV for frank debate. #qanda
Pyne translation: "I'm incapable of answering a question so here's a vaguely relevant stab at the other government". #qanda
Free stuff! 19" CRT and leather office chair. Pick up from 2 Croydon St Mayfield. http://t.co/RstF5O8mMa
Know what's better than council rates? Double council rates. #firstworldproblems #fb
If only the leadership spill had been this week. Not only is the #qanda Imam smart, articulate & astute, his beard is of supreme PM caliber.
Maybe Robina is making up for a vow of silence? Got a lot of talking to catch up on. #qanda
Want to go to bed but how can I refuse a Bishop, a Buddhist, a Jew and an Atheist walking into #qanda ?
Latest kitchen saga chapter: liquidation has exceeded another year and assets still happen to equal liquidation fee ($11k). #whatamess #fb
International Space Station visible for long time from Newcastle tonight. 9:07pm from NW to SE for 6 mins. Source: NASA SpotTheStation.
What to enjoy when EA misreads your meter: 6 mths of hour long calls, misdirection, incorrect bills and finally a surprise $880 bill. #fb
Day #2 of no IT access. New meta-engineering quandary: should uni's teach EDA skills (eg. Altium)? What would you drop instead? #fb
Exetel/Optus fail to activate my nanoSIM Want $20 and 2 wks to post one. MiniSIM, scissors, 5 mins fixed that! Technical issues my arse. #fb
So who's lining up at Charlestown Apple Store tomorrow for a shiny new iPhone? Wanna grab me one while you're there?
Crap. Overslept so at airport at 6am with JetStar boarding pass for 6:20am. Waited at gate, nothing. Then charged $100 for later flight. #fb
4:45am start for a reconnaissance ride. Beautiful sunrise, several fellow cyclists, enjoyable 80km, cracking 5 megametres on the roadie! #fb
Need a karma top up? Sponsor me for the 1000K's For Kids! http://t.co/Gw8t8D2X
Thanks so much to those that've donated. I've ridden over 200km so far this week. Have you done your bit? http://t.co/ODhfZhSB #fb
Playing the waiting game at Brissie airport. The one where every 30mins the flight is delayed by a half hour. Qantas lounge FTW though.

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