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@lesley_johnston https://t.co/Vs7uWsp5Xi
Meet Megs- blind since birth, having hydro after femoral head excision. Welsh Poundies dog. https://t.co/Ul5jUiTW3B http://t.co/7rGOVyNq4n
6 tips for exercising your older horse. https://t.co/gTcLowfFjr http://t.co/eD1cQo3vFI
Join us at the Welsh Poundies Annual Companion Dog Show next Saturday 27th. https://t.co/B2AtD56qun http://t.co/7a7QqG3IKw
Join us on September 27 and support the Welsh Poundies. http://t.co/bTOJcwQr3W
Back to work today after a successful weekend of Showing at Morton in the Marsh. http://t.co/ksiloaUeW3
Meet Ellie, a gentle 10 year old St Bermard swimming to help her arthritis. http://t.co/NrOmg15iLW
Physiotherapy for Working and Competition Dogs https://t.co/XozqQ77r5e
Roxy- one of our success stories. She has been helped by Physio and hydrotherapy after cruciate repair surgery. http://t.co/kmWtmYTUZm
Why did my dog's cruciate tear? https://t.co/QcE2QaoRYv http://t.co/4M6s4neosv
RT @pupaid: Puppies for sale in UK pet shop in 2014. RT if you think this should be banned! #wheresmum #adopt http://t.co/vbrgniszqy

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I am an internet business consultant based in Buckingham, UK. I also teach WordPress, social media and marketing strategies. Looking to make great connections!

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