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Get your brains saturated! http://t.co/1g9mmyq6YZ
Actual porn takes second; what a peculiar list. http://t.co/XlKO8Wk3PV
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Ssshhhhhh http://t.co/Tu7MISkwCX
Girrrrrrrl, release that which no longer serves you! http://t.co/inrXbfXK6G
SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY http://t.co/mjMO0F9tZb
PRANCE IT http://t.co/GaRUO2lM2V
I feel pretty? http://t.co/L3imtG6rY4
Columbia student reveals his secret life as a gigolo http://t.co/NKBYqjrpUA
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME or anywhere else http://t.co/13eYoBnb5r
rent rent rent http://t.co/bZqWq49kUe
Powdered Alcohol Coming To The US | I Fucking Love Science http://t.co/ETM8I5aico
Dear technology, why do you have to be so GOOD? http://t.co/Da2qElhVJU
The position you sleep in with your partner reveals the strength of your relationship http://t.co/q6Q7Bj0w0J
A Guy Walks Into A Bar (Ep. 28) - Psychology Experiment http://t.co/gAjWTVwXQK

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