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House sends short-term highway trust fund bill to scrambling Senate http://t.co/Jd2mzH5aXJ
Labor Department weighs in on employee vs. contractor issue - Several truck operators working on the West Coast po... http://t.co/kvaNinITaM
Long term Senate bill under fire from House Democrats - The Senate is currently trying to push forward a long-term... http://t.co/B6FaLZeyLl
Reason Foundation pro-toll report opposed by ATA - After the Reason Foundation released its report on the benefits... http://t.co/8r1ZJB4ZG5
Cheaper fuel prices likely to stick this fall - This fall, motorists will have yet another break at the pump as th... http://t.co/wSbeOBx5vs
EPA sues Navistar over illegal commercial truck engines - On July 15, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency iss... http://t.co/s1OoBYhlVt
Staying compliant in the trucking industry - For many fleet services companies, there’s a need for compliance when... http://t.co/QqpVWN8fuv
Regulatory package gets approved by Senate committee - On July 15, the U.S. Senate Transportation and Commerce Com... http://t.co/amc8MPzBU8
House passes short-term plan for Highway Trust Fund - With Congress scrambling to find a long-term solution for th... http://t.co/HU4oxW7FDF
New Truck Safety Bill addresses slew of issues - Recently, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., announced a new bill called t... http://t.co/AjS1wbNYEO
ATA: Truck driver turnover rates falling - In the past, the trucking industry has had trouble with both retaining ... http://t.co/TuqCtlXHDA
LTL industry seeing substantial growth - John Larkin, head of transportation and logistics research for Stifel, Ni... http://t.co/hjPRjPbMKP
South Carolina Representative proposes new fuel tax plan for the Highway Trust Fund http://t.co/2EbZZNytu8
Debate continues for Senate Democrats over 33-foot trailer safety http://t.co/3fIpiiHj2n
2015 Fall Meeting and TMCSuperTech event details released by ATA http://t.co/6JXx9UF7j3
Considerations for under-21 CDL holders pilot program discussed in Congress http://t.co/JEz6gnbKsT
Report: Truck drivers’ efficiency could be much better - Many fleets still look for ways to make driver management... http://t.co/42z2oPF7LY
How technology is changing driver recruitment - The trucking industry has seen a lot of new technology over the la... http://t.co/BowtSUi46k
Volvo Trucks plans to miss the 2016 Mid-America Trucking Show http://t.co/YOdhR67LAx
Technology driving efficiency in the fleet services industry http://t.co/fE1gCj9AgU

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