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Congressman LaHood: Fuel tax needed to help nation’s infrastructure http://t.co/1KZPV2TwGh
FMCSA committee continues discussion on insurance minimum bump http://t.co/Az3XqDqx4K
Interest in electric-powered trucks could increase - With the trucking industry considering liquefied natural gas ... http://t.co/iElUQ6B4G7
Trucking industry looking at more than mobile phone distractions http://t.co/IrWLLpRkCm
FMCSA announces pilot program to test hours of service and sleep berth periods http://t.co/CyaEjTPVXy
Diesel prices drop again throughout the US - The average cost of diesel has dropped yet again in the U.S. and hit ... http://t.co/s5vfrf0WOm
FMCSA and medical board to investigate Schedule II drug use by truck drivers http://t.co/W5x2yMvlqQ
Truck drivers using mobile apps to stay up to date on the road http://t.co/evgCR5ssaS
NTSB asks FMCSA for ban on hands-free devices for truck drivers http://t.co/kYst1kNHe5
Driver turnover could get worse for carriers - The trucking industry has battled with driver turnover since the re... http://t.co/fpfDQ4rolG
Do you have a hidden fleet? Find out by attending our webinar today at 12:00pm (CST). http://t.co/P5mPv7Vmzb
Poll: Truck drivers safer than passenger vehicles - A recent American Trucking Association public survey reached o... http://t.co/hM6NrU04li
Do you have a hidden fleet? Find out by attending our webinar on Thursday October 16, 2014 at 12:00pm (CST). http://t.co/VrSVkvLrBa
Electronic logging devices becoming more prevalent with carriers http://t.co/OLzTlMhIIv
Annual Operation Safe Driver and FMCSA will increase safety checks from Oct. 19-25 http://t.co/G1WRkUqKvh
Tracking fleets more important than ever - In the trucking industry, many carriers use tracking technology to see ... http://t.co/d7ukqG6sML
Are self-driving trucks the future? - Mercedes-Benz has just revealed its Future Truck 2025 concept, and at first ... http://t.co/7L2iFcZMbl
OOIDA worried about lack of regulation on incoming Mexican carriers http://t.co/26Y2AjSXdK
Survey: Hours of service still top concern for trucking industry http://t.co/BEI8Odg84J
FMCSA plans to increase driver recognition and safety - Jack Van Steenberg, chief safety officer of FMCSA, recentl... http://t.co/EwRJQzK7WY

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