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ELDs still a challenge for many carriers and drivers - The mandate to require all fleet services carriers to imple... http://t.co/DNKln45Y2e
Review document OOIDA’s site prepping truckers for DOT exams http://t.co/R5AsuOePU0
Mid-America Trucking Show kicks off March 26-28 - Truck drivers and those involved with the fleet services industr... http://t.co/VQPzCdpMm7
Trucking technology bringing new insights to industry - The trucking industry hasn’t always been at the forefront ... http://t.co/6tzKdOgytU
Georgia transportation bill barely passes through Senate - With an extremely close vote of 29-25, the Georgia Sena... http://t.co/eelwriguES
Drug testing bill would allow hair testing as alternative option http://t.co/aHWADcypWM
States creating separate highway funding issues - Many officials in the Department of Transportation are growing c... http://t.co/HkALoMvGKa
FedEx Freight drivers in Stockton, California, to join Teamsters http://t.co/QXEbg4L5Yz
FMCSA releases new CSA score app - On March 17 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released an online ... http://t.co/BbeiDutIPa
Concerns of East Coast freight market still linger - While cautious agreement plans were devised between the West ... http://t.co/g4GqZ0dyTm
New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund could see significant cuts this summer http://t.co/peeLe5RaeX
Fixing the driver shortage starts with better pay for more qualified workers http://t.co/YHxvORQe3C
FMCSA’s cross-border regulation causes Teamsters lawsuit - To improve trade and carrier services within North Amer... http://t.co/dkCZAgSf9b
Carriers have new outlets for increased driver health - Truck driver health has been a major concern for the fleet... http://t.co/DZdUGdm0NV
Iowa already using fuel tax funds for infrastructure repairs http://t.co/X3MN0x0XSS
Obama administration still mum on who will replace FMCSA acting administrator, Darling http://t.co/ndgnCzj9gz
Overflow of West Coast cargo could be much bigger than expected http://t.co/lZDDTTDjge
FMCSA and DOT openings still unclear who will take over - Currently, there are five unfilled positions for adminis... http://t.co/3FLuVZts1G
Infrastructure debate highlighted on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight http://t.co/pdEQdyrwKX
Alternative fuels keep gaining steam - Diesel has propelled the trucking industry for decades, and low oil prices ... http://t.co/Zo9NoLeqG5

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