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Safety groups ask NHTSA for anti-collision technology implementation http://t.co/ttz4KpdE1q
TCA introduces veteran hiring initiative - The Truckload Carriers Association introduced its Operation Heroes to H... http://t.co/rR5U0zjC0J
FMCSA closes Colorado-based carrier - In a move that highlights fleet’s need to comply with federal regulations, t... http://t.co/Haax8KbaBP
Connecticut truck drivers call out DOT for using corrosive salts http://t.co/z1pm1U5gTo
ATA holds annual Technology and Maintenance Council exhibit in Nashville http://t.co/jBCRl4xLB3
DOT postpones speed limiter rule announcement - Last year, the Department of Transportation said it would mandate ... http://t.co/xGOaU6xq5B
Technology provides major fuel savings - A new study shows the value of technology in fuel saving initiatives, and... http://t.co/Pio7L31mAx
Shipping costs could jump with ongoing port delays and rising driver turnover http://t.co/tyVdOLAa9v
FMCSA shuts down Nevada carrier - After hours of service and other Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration vio... http://t.co/jRGPHHqQcX
Transportation Secretary Foxx meets with Congress again - With the Highway Trust Fund coming to end on May 31, Tra... http://t.co/LcX1W3qY6b
Local carriers could see changes with new on-demand app - Local carriers have typically grown in popularity while ... http://t.co/okxNGSBf2A
Freight demand healthy in 2015 - Fleets experienced a dip in shipping volume between December and January, but 201... http://t.co/AEFe4HKpdP
Trucks designed for female drivers aim to solve driver shortage http://t.co/dLVEsum2oI
Dayton Freight implements new driver fatigue software - More fleet services companies are investing in driver fati... http://t.co/vR0uZYflD7
Modern diesel engines enhance driver safety - Diesel engines make the nation’s incredible truck shipping volume po... http://t.co/cgmgLFeZy3
FMCSA: Possible link between safety and driver compensation - While there are many factors that help create safer ... http://t.co/WK5zc2Hqve
Tennessee truck drivers using smart park system to reduce fatigue http://t.co/QJmmsXx9ld
Foxx calls for modernized transportation infrastructure - U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx... http://t.co/ao8pL2m7TN
Technology keeps drivers safe during winter weather - The intense snowfall that hit the U.S. during the past few w... http://t.co/VBMywge5AI
Report: Higher customer satisfaction with increased data - The trucking industry once relied heavily on data acqui... http://t.co/JT8daNL4vN

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