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Transportation secretary goes on a bus tour - Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is promoting the need for a hi... http://t.co/rvNPXUWZY7
One person charged with falsifying test results - Someone was recently charged with mail fraud for falsifying drug... http://t.co/lIqktBUdvA
Driver coercion prevention rule to be published April - The Department of Transportation might finally publish its... http://t.co/nz06uPjfJW
The FMCSA to study CSA, wireless inspections and split sleep http://t.co/sskoPN3XNl
Engine recall affecting all major truck makers - The recall on 25,013 natural gas engines has now led to a recall... http://t.co/KB22xHG612
Crime doesn't pay - One person was caught attempting to bribe an FMCSA inspector, while a group was caught trying ... http://t.co/QWusSSwsJm
Senators make tentative agreement on highway bill - Congress is beginning to work on the highway bill, which both... http://t.co/KD6Ue0FoYC
Funding the new highway program - There are many theories as to how to fund the highway system. Some favor public-... http://t.co/xUOYgSKuTi
Changes to the medical examination rules - The FMCSA is making it harder for doctors to qualify for medical exams,... http://t.co/QdGlKrMuFD
DOT, OSHA should collaborate on whistleblowers - The Government Accountability Office has recommended that the D... http://t.co/dmFr34LlKl
OOIDA petitions FMCSA to delay medical exam rule - The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has petition... http://t.co/wcLp1GDYNF
Trucking economy sees slow but steady improvement - A total of 192,000 jobs were added in March - of those jobs, 3... http://t.co/I7xnq8icAQ
The FMCSA brings back informal hearings - The FMCSA will bring back informal hearings to give drivers another opti... http://t.co/WlQvmnBYkm
Local doctor invalidated by FMCSA - Those who were medically certified by Dr. Paul Besdansky in Garden City, Ga.... http://t.co/aYrOtMHrUZ
GAO asked to review HOS again - Two congressman have asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate cas... http://t.co/T2N68jWsut
The FMCSA shut down yet another carrier - The FMCSA has banned another carrier.  http://t.co/B8XaAbcf4U
States cracking down on toll scofflaws - The states of Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have allowed each o... http://t.co/7fuZtiHjWx
NHTSA mandates back-up cameras by 2018 - The National Highway Safety Administration has finalized a rule that wi... http://t.co/fbTPwSnjrJ
FMCSA releases new information about upcoming changes - The FMCSA has released information about new CSA programs,... http://t.co/UvO62dRRL3
FMCSA now accepting comments about ELD proposal - The FMCSA is now accepting comments for its ELD mandate, and i... http://t.co/2qVRlMcePz

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