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Entry-level truckers could see more training hours - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is still in t... http://t.co/yu3GwIQNFn
2014 CVSA Roadcheck OOS figures drop from previous year - The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance released its late... http://t.co/n0jmY073TX
How will trucking industry remember FMCSA head Anne Ferro? - Recently, the head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safet... http://t.co/3ID3BXNnhe
New Senate bill would benefit truckers using natural gas fueling systems http://t.co/X5CHiNAOQt
Trucking insurance companies rely more on ELDs to determine premiums http://t.co/HthhXRGk8k
More carriers increasing pay to boost hiring and retention - After a recently released report stated truck drivers... http://t.co/TDfqq6f9fZ
California greenhouse gas ruling could affect state's carrier industry http://t.co/dIDHXACfFb
New import volume record could be set during labor issue in August http://t.co/rzud2PbAec
Steady decline in diesel fuel prices a positive sign for carrier industry http://t.co/IkM1YWEhuc
Survey: Pay and benefits an issue in trucking industry - In a new NRS survey, data showed there are numerous reaso... http://t.co/XxFI1tSk8n
Spot freight rates drop in July but figures still stay at record highs http://t.co/gdM02FXBK8
DAT July report: Volume down from June, up from 2013 - The newest DAT North American Freight Index report found Ju... http://t.co/RWtxS2sHEQ
Truck driver shortage hitting US as economy recovers - In a new report from the American Trucking Association, re... http://t.co/hnK72HuiLi
Missouri voters rejects vote on transportation tax increase - Funding that would have gone to pay for road and bri... http://t.co/1szXRtbQ4R
For-hire trucking industry adds 2,300 jobs in US in July - The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its newest repo... http://t.co/LwV2iitqbu
Public comment period held for federal anti-coercion ruling - The public comment period was recently held for the ... http://t.co/Ge4yRuk9ar
Senate passes bill extending Highway Trust Fund into May 2015 http://t.co/O1MJ1BeQXu
Railroad safety researcher reports on truck safety data - A study from the Railway Supply Institute discussed th... http://t.co/TmC6KSdU9F
Study: changes in state truck regulations could increase risks http://t.co/eVsAVlQSHk
Study: changes in state truck regulations could increase risks http://t.co/LrQt9Bi3Cd

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