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ATA lobbyists to push for ELD mandate and fuel tax - The American Trucking Association has big plans for its lobby... http://t.co/C3qYNuA15I
Low oil prices provide possibilities for trucking companies - For the first time in six weeks, the average cost of... http://t.co/xChYQWJeve
Latest FMCSA proposal would let carriers go beyond compliance http://t.co/qyfd9ceG0h
Lawsuit challenges Minnesota’s biodiesel mandate - Fleet services groups in Minnesota  filed a lawsuit to block th... http://t.co/oylqW9ep47
ATA wants speed limit mandate implemented - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s proposed speed li... http://t.co/QmYOxb4Ixf
More trucking groups demand the removal of public FMCSA scores http://t.co/xLZDFPh096
FMCSA shuts down another trucking operator - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been busy ensurin... http://t.co/f8liIS8nLi
House introduces bill to fund highway projects - In an attempt to maintain solvency for the Highway Trust Fund, th... http://t.co/FUK0QJqVsa
CSVA announces its annual International Roadcheck - The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced it will be ho... http://t.co/Rk8kYIPLTS
National freight trust fund bill proposed in Congress - With Congress, the Department of Transportation and the Wh... http://t.co/CwmXQpyRL6
CSA Score Mobile App - With the release of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration’s new Compliance, Safe... http://t.co/mes2WQgveQ
February’s Trucking Conditions Index on a positive trend - The most recent data on freight conditions for the flee... http://t.co/9UnH65u5Lc
Progress at West Coast ports, but trucker delays growing - Since making a tentative agreement with the Pacific Mar... http://t.co/HtMwYdOcRn
Illinois lawmakers considering a motor fuel tax hike - Illinois has not raised its motor fuel tax since 1990, but ... http://t.co/cX4qBnC1Sd
New bill aims to overhaul CSA scoring system - Truck safety will be getting an overhaul soon, if Rep. Lou Barletta... http://t.co/NI0HBAJRV4
Study: Truck tire blowouts caused by higher speeds, underinflation http://t.co/azoF41769M
DOT implementing random drug testing - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has begun sending out notic... http://t.co/1LYPQmFFgV
Six-year transportation funding bill - The U.S. Department of Transportation officially announced its $478 billion... http://t.co/ncstbiB46Y
Inlux of FMCSA regulations on the horizon - Instead of drivers and carriers needing to worry about one or two mino... http://t.co/jHBCyHGUnp
DOT to disperse $500 million in grants - The U.S. Department of Transportation will be doling out $500 million for... http://t.co/5nKxCaBojL

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