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Senate approves Mark Rosekind as new chief of NHTSA - On Dec. 16, the Senate approved President Barack Obama’s nom... http://t.co/YsoOMfv2f0
Trucking industry could see major savings after Senate passes new tax credit bill http://t.co/bT1wu6xnlI
ATRI: New Jersey highway most-congested area for fleets - With Christmas and New Year’s coming up quickly, drivers... http://t.co/O8vjcN3W8u
Tennessee senator proposes out-of-state tax for vehicles based on weight and distance http://t.co/aZQnuRoFH6
34-hour restart rule officially suspended after president’s signature http://t.co/QJrA5cYDQ9
ATA: Driver compensation improving - The trucking industry went through a battle this year with driver shortage is... http://t.co/QzuL0CgUGg
Bill passes through Congress to suspend certain hours-of-service regulations http://t.co/GyqpPjUzMs
New FMCSA committee to address entry-level driver training rules http://t.co/pcsdqDsaRK
Former carrier CEO indicted on 23 counts of fraud and tax evasion http://t.co/VKmbeNPvvY
Retail sales pick up in November - With the holidays quickly approaching, retail sales are usually at  their highe... http://t.co/Nobq2XOX47
ATRI report: Age demographic cliff looming for trucking industry http://t.co/fLtzVeuUDN
Volvo and Mack open customer support center to decrease downtime http://t.co/ZwoshyWoOh
Confidence growing for local and regional economies - Fleet services companies are starting to regain confidence i... http://t.co/zrmHlXB9QA
HOS restart provisions bill deadline down to the wire - As the Dec. 11 deadline approaches to suspend the 34-hour ... http://t.co/9Yb6aZekZ7
Report: For-hire trucking industry sees job growth again - In the recent U.S. Department of Labor November report,... http://t.co/EiSKh8GTBQ
Sen. Collins working toward new hours of service rulings delay http://t.co/Fp1Relybyw
FMCSA pushes toward liability insurance hike with new survey for carriers http://t.co/ICglK9hggw
ATA announces plan to hire 100,000 military veterans in the next 2 years http://t.co/ARi5pGAjKJ
England carrier asks for FMCSA exemption for driver permits - In attempts to increase certified drivers while stil... http://t.co/Q08wqpfPAj
Carriers start new pay scale for truck drivers Jan. 1 - The trucking industry is thriving in the U.S., but to such... http://t.co/PPSrH1TWH5

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