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Engaging Students Through Competitions, Contests and Code http://t.co/WmMA137o6u via @coolcatteacher
Project Based Learning with a Purpose with @mrgfactoftheday http://t.co/U20LDBeZ1N via @coolcatteacher
15+ Teaching Ideas to Get You Excited About Teaching http://t.co/01oXaott0X via @coolcatteacher
Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students http://t.co/pJsu2jjsFA via @coolcatteacher
Drama in the Classroom Activities: 2 Examples with Bellringers http://t.co/MRdPKvFCFa via @coolcatteacher
The H&R Block Budget Challenge: Giving Away Scholarships as Kids Learn Financial Literacy http://t.co/acFOyrG6DP via @coolcatteacher
Text Message Abbreviations Field Guide (IM Speak for Adults) http://t.co/BuSPcsyQT7 via @coolcatteacher
I voted in the latest @LA2050 @GOODMkr challenge: LA is the best place to play #LA2050 http://t.co/J9kOLt3kgV
YPI is doing great things for our community, let's all support them!!! http://t.co/WXbukLNknK
Chromebook Resource Center by Intel http://t.co/3PtBRNKYy9 via @coolcatteacher
Essential Information on Maker Movement http://t.co/iZeZXcvQqa via @coolcatteacher
8 Great Email Etiquette Tips for Educators & Everybody http://t.co/VWIux3JirR via @coolcatteacher
Make a Mark By Establishing Classroom Procedures http://t.co/lNGIHE4Hjo via @coolcatteacher
Extensity: The Essential Chrome Extension Everyone Needs http://t.co/sZ69m65WWs via @coolcatteacher
Hey Teacher - You Can Do This! http://t.co/9SojGGEwK6 via @coolcatteacher
Can't sort through the variety of details about different colleges? There's a website for that! #education http://t.co/4V0zupk9ax
Ice Bucket Challenge Bellringer http://t.co/aahyEjgWMy via @coolcatteacher
This student took on the role of guidance counselor, and got a #scholarship out of it. #inspiring http://t.co/4SbzNMmcRg
4 Tips for Serious Studying 1. Schedule your study @specific times 2. Find your perfect study spot 3. Turn off your phone! #studytips
Receiving a scholarship is twice as fun when a comedian delivers it! #inspiring #education http://t.co/4eNlX88EmP

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