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8 Great Email Etiquette Tips for Educators & Everybody http://t.co/VWIux3JirR via @coolcatteacher
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This student took on the role of guidance counselor, and got a #scholarship out of it. #inspiring http://t.co/4SbzNMmcRg
4 Tips for Serious Studying 1. Schedule your study @specific times 2. Find your perfect study spot 3. Turn off your phone! #studytips
Receiving a scholarship is twice as fun when a comedian delivers it! #inspiring #education http://t.co/4eNlX88EmP
Homelessness, tragedy and war. These 10 kids overcame that & much more. Here's how they did it! #MotivationMonday http://t.co/Jq3jABjbPb
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Many #scholarships require an interview. Here are some tips to nail it! http://t.co/LH780yvtv0
Confused by #scholarship & #college applications? Why not have fun while learning to submit the BEST applications! http://t.co/d4tE73Lkjr
Is this an issue in your curriculum? #Education #Parenting http://t.co/VR2r0WKvZz

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