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When Scott Campbell did my tattoo, he asked about hedcuts. Yrs later, he gets his 15 minutes of WSJ fame w cool proj:
"This is my Yoda" #kidpost
Beautiful subway signage on the B train.
Hands hurt from clapping so hard. All The Way Cranston is LBJ
So, this exists
Quick reflexes, physically and verbally -- good traits for a president: @HillaryClinton
Times Should Have Nodded to Wall Street Journal in Medicare Story
Don't worry. These guys are on it. #kidpost
The Overprotected Kid via @instapaper
RT @pieratt: Yuuuuup. “@timbelonax: One of my favorite book covers #genius” @jrlevine
RT @robdelaney: .@HobbyLobbyStore My niece was prescribed birth control pills to treat her endometriosis. Should I banish or just disown he…
Animal odd couples: “goat guiding blind horse” could possibly change your understanding of what an animal is entirely
"Two women means 'argument', three means, uh-ho, 'adultery'": Chineasy: fast way to learn Chinese
" shows if American parents read 1 more long-form think piece about parenting they will go fucking ape shit."
This Is What 80 Looks Like via @instapaper
Forties, the old age of youth:
@virginia @khoi I said the same thing!
Game changer! Bus Time:
Have at him, @virginia : (cc @khoi)
Calling all hacking hackers: please hack this data into an app that texts me when the bus is 2 stops from my house?

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