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Big Little Lies intro song Cold Little Heart official video is mesmerizing & sublime
Finally finished Big Little Lies finale. Episode was delicious. Need larger kitchen island now.
OH: "to put into perspective, the only members of planet earth that don't believe in climate change are a single pa…
It *is* staggering, and why Crown Heights' fight against over-saturation really *is* about Fair Share, & affordable…
RT @crowniswoke: 2/ From city's lawyers in our suit: only 1/3 of 1173 Bergen residents will come from Crown Heights + BedStuy. @BrianLehrer…
Horribly embarrassed to say I got one wrong THAT PIC DID NOT LOOK LIKE A DANDELION.
@climate Or this chart
! And the whole series of paper cutout illustrations by Eiko Ojala
RT @treykerby: Wanna feel old? Here's a side-by-side photo of the Nirvana baby then and now.
@stuartathompson of my best friends, proud to say.
News alerts to hate click
And an end to a black comedy that was also sometimes the bravest art. And a show I loved.
My dear friend's op ed about her tomboy daughter who is very much a girl (and proudly my daughter's very first frie…
All your browsing history is now for sale, what to do?
RT @nytimes: Just how bad is the drug overdose epidemic?
RT @JoelEastwood: 200 years of U.S. immigration in one fascinating chart:
RT @designmilk: adidas Turns Ocean Plastic Into 3D-printed Shoes #fromthearchives
RT @maureenflaherty: @anildash @ftrain All I know is that all dishwashers have a loading diagram, but no manual has ever shown a coffee cup…
There is still time to reverse some of the worst effects of global warming via @qz

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