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Just googled "Gilmore Girls Hair Metal" to help remember Sebastian Bach's name after brushing past him on the stree…
Innovation Paradox Part 3: Big Pharma, Short on Blockbusters, Outsources the Science (aka Innovation is Hard)
RT @ccanipe: Yeah. Those 2.5 dimension charts are pretty rad.
RT @UjessU: Sigh. We're all out of big ideas… The economy, that is.
@wallernikki Thanks a bunch, Nikki. Incredible team effort.
Series: The State of Innovation (Hint: It's a Paradox. And it's neon.) @WSJ @WSJGraphics…
His election that November came as a surprise ... via @slate
RT @CoryBooker: On December 1st 1955, Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus and stood up against segregation.…
Jared Kushner's co has $100s of millions in loans outstanding from domestic & foreign financial institutions @WSJ
@josephholmes Oh I do reject the whole Real Americans argument- was just reliving youthful summer in hellish hot, buggy, rashy IL corn field
RT @jonkeegan: Beware of magic plugins and services that try to fix your filter bubble. Ask who is choosing these stories, and protect your…
Me too #illinois
which robot do you let into your life?
I just asked two 20-y-o, heavy-Snapchat using pals what they thought of Spectacles. They said "What? What's Spectacles?" #bellwether?
The vote of citizens in WY = 4x powerful as of citizens in MI. Votes of citizens in VT = 3x powerful as votes in MO:
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RT @AGoldmund: I don't think that muting is a great response to harassment. I think that Twitter should actually remove harassers from its…
RT @Poynter: The @WSJ did *not* lift its paywall on Election Day. The result?

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