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RT @AshleyMerryman: @lauratitian Actually, that's something we wrote in NurtureShock itself. In relationship to preschoolers' aggression & …
RT @pfeiffer44: We posted the speech on @Medium bc the public should see it when press and Congress get it embargoed. Changing a SOTU tradi…
RT @sarahslo: Please add to the list I am building today via twitter. Women in dataviz #TitleIXDataViz HT @sisiwei @arnicas @shazna @laurak…
RT @ana_becker: @sarahslo repping the team @kemarriner @colleenmcenaney @caseymmiller @lakshmiketineni #TitleIXDataViz
Advice From 'America's Worst Mom' via @instapaper
To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This via @instapaper
RT @khoi: NYTimes has an interminable 15 seconds of preroll video ads in front of their live State of the Union stream.
Scenes from a Dropcam #twinspost #kidpost
@NurtureShock Did I read an article you wrote about confusing (backfiring) messages from supposedly educational TV shows a few years back?
Now Hiring a Designer at Wildcard:
"I'm like a brokers’ fees atop a cake made out of unlicensed plastic surgery" Let's Do Drinks: @newyorker
RT @MadelineWSJ: Animated goat hedcut!
And our 2nd-ever animated hedcut is, gloriously, of a goat: @WSJ
@jenbee Or Rebecca Solnik's latest "Men Explain Things To Me".
Apparently nobody is born on a *Tuesday*. Yellow = birthday on my cal... also true of Oct. and Aug:
Damn '76 & '77 were amazing years for films... the whole decade! What if 10 films had always been up for the Oscar?:
You know, just hanging out at the office with Tommy Chong showing him how to use the hot water tea dispenser....
Happy 2nd birthday, Holder-Vinh Twins in a Bin!
Hey, that's my boy! Artsy toddlers start winter classes at @bkarthive … RT@DNAinfo
RT @raju: Front page of @Politiken #CharlieHebdo

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