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Doctors still use a surgical tool the FDA warns can spread undetected cancer. One woman's campaign to stop them:
More Senators Join the Cause to Strip the NFL of its Tax-Exempt Status via @Change
Friends, who is attending Sunday's March for Climate Change? Trying to see if I can pull off going (with kid/kids).
Wonder Woman’s Secret Past via @instapaper
@OLTW Rachel! Your portrait and project in #NewYorker ! Awesome and so well deserved:
And other Wonder(ous) Women via @newyorker
Massimo Vignelli's NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual digitized Glorious.
...speaking of NORMCORE #AppleLive #untuckedshirts
Sept 10th is the #InternetSlowdown. Show the world what'll happen if we lose #netneutrality.
CNN Headline happening now: "NORMAL + HARDCORE = NORMCORE"
I got 9 out of 12. Can you guess where people are from based on their accents?
Sanrio Reveals That Hello Kitty Is NOT ACTUALLY A CAT via @jessmisener
Wednesday Aug. 20, 2064 — What’s Next — Medium via @instapaper
Seat 21A — Medium via @instapaper
The @Medium piece that will keep you up at night rethinking your LEGOs, toothbrushes, & 'cartons' of local bluberries
@capndesign @khoi we gave birth to a FIVE year old. Craziest thing.
RT @MaraOrtegaArena: #MustSee Nancy Rubins does it again @Gagosian "Our Friend Fluid Metal"
Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain via @instapaper
If We Link Boys With Bedlam, What Does That Say to Our Girls? via @instapaper

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