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work shoes. @ The Wall Street Journal
I was sure I would nail this, but judges are HARSH via @WSJGraphics
How is #It's100°BringADownJacketForTheSubway not trending rn?
RT @TyreeBP: Don't tell me representation doesn't matter. After #SimoneManuel won, this little girl said, "I got next." #Rio2016 https://t.…
#4 here: by @stewart + "Don't Think Twice" by @birbigs remind on awesomeness of working within teams. Got your back.
How Chinese Imports Gave Rise to Trump:
@OLTW Oldest Living Things in the World, Shark Edition?
Double rainbow over Atlantic Avenue
RT @birbigs: Take it from this guy. His avatar is a batman mask.
RT @jasongay: Your occasional reminder that basketball players are very big.
I’m an Armchair Olympian in rowing techniques #Olympics2016 minigame via @WSJGraphics
I’m an Armchair Olympian - 3 bullseyes in this #Olympics2016 minigame via @WSJGraphics
NBC Anchor's 2004 Rant On The Difference Between Olympic And Backyard Badminton Is ... via @Digg
The perfect....
Ohhhh, maybe the c-word actually stands for CARGO, @nicole_hong! Pictured here w/ @WSJ cargo-shorts wearers today.
Why all human characters white? 3 of 3 to be exact. No need to take The White Album so literally @netflix @Beat_Bugs
@netflix @Beat_Bugs Why all human characters white, 3 of 3 to be exact? No need to take The White Album so literally
Fascinating boomerang-style breakdown of a gymnast's flips: Inside an Olympian's 'Impossible' Floor Routine @WSJ
Feel free to obsessively hit refresh on this RCP dynamic updating Poll Tracker:
RT @juruwolfe: Sorry for keeping you from doing anything productive today. Be an armchair Olympian:…

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