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Wednesday Aug. 20, 2064 — What’s Next — Medium via @instapaper
Seat 21A — Medium via @instapaper
The @Medium piece that will keep you up at night rethinking your LEGOs, toothbrushes, & 'cartons' of local bluberries
@capndesign @khoi we gave birth to a FIVE year old. Craziest thing.
RT @MaraOrtegaArena: #MustSee Nancy Rubins does it again @Gagosian "Our Friend Fluid Metal"
Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain via @instapaper
If We Link Boys With Bedlam, What Does That Say to Our Girls? via @instapaper
Can’t wait for @Coin to launch. cc @jennikholder You may want/need this for all your Mrs. Meyers purchases:
RIP Robin Williams, a friend to all animals (never forget Koko, another hero): @andypriest
The Most Fascinating Profile You’ll Ever Read About a Guy and His Boring Startup | Business | WIRED
A Fine Romance - The New Yorker via @instapaper
How public transportation matters, illustrated:
Leaving Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1992: Lovely short film.
Guy Walks Into a Bar via @newyorker (best shouts & murmurs ever)
Old fashioned and house cured bread and butter pickles #eatingchicago @ Au Cheval
RT @jonkeegan: Cheers @lauratitian ! #WSJ125
Cheers, @jonkeegan ! #WSJ125 @ The Wall Street Journal
1985! ''New' Coke (that logo)' #WSJ125 via @WSJGraphics
1980! The WSJ 125 Archive: 'Original Sony Walkman' #WSJ125 via @WSJGraphics
The WSJ 125 Archive: '1977 - 'Apocalypse Now'' - Coppola and Duval rehearsing #WSJ125 via @WSJGraphics

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