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@KimletGordon on Neil Young's 'Out of My Mind': Loving this series on @wsj Also Kim Gordon Hedcut!
@Miranda_July on David Bowie's Kooks:
Video: man violates laws of gravity while pouring tea
!Mr. Rogers' last message to his grown TV-friends (his is the only show I'd let my kids watch if it were up to me)
.@Shyp sent my pkg to France & I didn't have leave my house. Sign up w/ my referral link to get $30 off 1st shipment:
@sarahjsquire: Is it (ever) too early to talk about Spring fashion?
This flu bug has really gone viral.
RT @columbiajourn: From @superwuster in @NewYorker #NetNeutrality & How the Gov't Finally Got It Right #CJSPoliak
RT @thehill: Obama's thank-you note to #NetNeutrality supporters:
RT @kumailn: Hey guys Net Neutrality got approved! This is a huge win, because the internet is a major resource for... HOLY SHIT LLAMAS!!!
RT @WSJ: Reaction to Patricia Arquette's women's rights message included over 100K tweets: #Oscars2015…
RT @WSJ: Bound to astound! Seuss book found!
When the First Bagger, David Carr, Hit the Red Carpet via @nytmovies
“@khoi: Just saw @TheValerieJune play Carnegie Hall. Truly amazing, wonderful show.”
RT @clocarus: my fav website @racked (beside the one i work for & @GlobalGrind) published my life's work: http://t.c…
RT @WSJ: Mattell and Google will update the View-Master as a virtual reality headset for kids:
On kids: "The boy is the LeBron James of selective hearing" @kottke @jonkeegan
...and here's Carr talking about retirement of Jon Stewart and Brian Williams, just a few days ago:
Still reeling from loss of Carr. To me he'll always be The Carpetbagger, from when we built his blog at ...
@jonkeegan ! ! ! The Michael Jordan of the Trope-o-Scope.

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