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RT @jonkeegan: Cheers @lauratitian ! #WSJ125
Cheers, @jonkeegan ! #WSJ125 @ The Wall Street Journal
1985! ''New' Coke (that logo)' #WSJ125 via @WSJGraphics
1980! The WSJ 125 Archive: 'Original Sony Walkman' #WSJ125 via @WSJGraphics
The WSJ 125 Archive: '1977 - 'Apocalypse Now'' - Coppola and Duval rehearsing #WSJ125 via @WSJGraphics
Art sparks discussion! (She thought it was a penis...) #karawalkerdomino
#karawalkerdomino Worth the wait for me. Thuy wasn't as definitive.
Reasons to LOVE HATE NYC. Kara Walker at Domino Sugar Factory @creativetimenyc - Final weekend. Lines…
@creativetimeNYC so... how long will this morning's line take to be admitted, do you estimate?
Cokeweiser. Happy 4th, America.
The World Cup of Everything Else: Most Ticket Sales to Disney's Frozen: Japan! @WSJ @WSJSports
Do Your Kids Rule the Roost? 7 Strategies to Avoid Permissive Parenting via @instapaper
@virginia Ahhhh yes I know and love-hate it well. Thanks!
Crap already tried Amazon. Where can one get sparklers in NYC by Friday?
My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment via @instapaper
@jenniferdaniel Congrats! Congrats! Shit yeah, let's talk.
There a first Slurpee in everyone's life. Thuy's happened today. #roadtrip #bribery
@awalkerinLA I suppose as goes Bk, so also goes Silverlake...
In Brooklyn, people don't even order iced coffee anymore. It's "I'll take a cold brew."
What's so funny... #elviscostello #carnegiehall

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