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RT @khoi: Yes. Last episode of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast is finally out.
Loving every single minute of this. UX included. #24hoursofhappy #unprofessionaldancersforever
LOVE this photo series: “Why I Creep Into Expecting Parents’ Bedrooms to Take Their Picture”
Apple Watch gestures: Eight new moves to get around the Apple Watch interface.
YouTube Kids App shills products to children: Yuck, Google. Don't be evil.
RT @offscreenmag: What’s this? A few leaked shots of one of our six interviewees in the upcoming issue No11? Who is it?…
Mock your layouts on your ipad: LayUp Is Now *Adobe Comp CC* and it's available now: via @khoi
Raising Teenagers: The Mother of All Problems via @instapaper
Trillion Dollar Fraudsters via @instapaper
3D Dinos! via @WSJ
“ There wasn’t this sense of, ‘You’re not a designer,’ because everybody was…” —@khoi
RT @mollyknefel: 80 schools around NYC will protest Cuomo's education agenda (high stakes teacher evals & testing) today…
Graphic Designers in Film and Television: via @khoi
RT @craightonberman: A life of competition towards a singular ideal vs a life of infinite possibility and nuance. ht…
Husband @khoi 's new book now on sale: “How They Got There, Interviews With Digital Designers About Their Careers”
@KimletGordon on Neil Young's 'Out of My Mind': Loving this series on @wsj Also Kim Gordon Hedcut!
@Miranda_July on David Bowie's Kooks:
Video: man violates laws of gravity while pouring tea
!Mr. Rogers' last message to his grown TV-friends (his is the only show I'd let my kids watch if it were up to me)
.@Shyp sent my pkg to France & I didn't have leave my house. Sign up w/ my referral link to get $30 off 1st shipment:

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