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ENGLISH EXPRESSION: 'To bark up the wrong tree' = to look for something in the wrong place / approach a task in the wrong way
ENGLISH EXPRESSION: 'Curiosity killed the cat' = don't be too inquisitive, in case you get hurt!
ENGLISH EXPRESSION: 'Practice what you preach' = if you expect others to do something you should also do it yourself
ENGLISH EXPRESSION: 'Out of the blue' = totally unexpected, e.g. 'We hadn't spoken for years, then she suddenly phoned me out of the blue.'
ENGLISH EXPRESSION: 'To cost an arm and a leg' = something is very expensive, e.g. 'my new car cost an arm and a leg'
COMMON ENGLISH EXPRESSION: 'Actions speak louder than words' = what you DO is important, not what you say
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RT @eslhiphop: @Languagelab This was a very popular phrasal verb at my last job. Always wanted me to wrap up projects before the deadline...
MAKE or DO? Here's a great chart to help you: http://t.co/lyC96VOlFP #english #verbs
Business English phrasal verb: WRITE UP - to summarize information in a formal report or study
Business English phrasal verb: CARRY OUT - to execute a project or assignment, e.g. 'he carried out the investigation'
Business English phrasal verb: BURN OUT - to become overwhelmed with a heavy workload
Business English phrasal verb: COME UP WITH - to think of an idea
Business English phrasal verb: WRAP UP - to finish an event or activity
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