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Oh come on you two need to be in a movie together.. ;)
@FamilyGuyonFOX @SethMacFarlane Damn it Macfarlane!
@heinzs48 LOL Pops. Almost a year. Give yourself some credit. At least you checked in. ;)
Familia is important. It's like a support group for a bunch of bat shit crazies.
I can give you 19 reasons as to why you should pay attention to March 2017.
March 2017. What could it mean? ;-)
Makes sense. Deadpool is a Hello Kitty fan...
I don't twitter much because well hell I don't...
@heinzs48 Just sawthis Pops, I've been so busy. Geez..
@WhiteHouse @POTUS If you can't stop using every tragedy as a platform for your own personal agenda. Then sit down and shut the up.
Youtube I'm coming for you....August 2015
So I finally decided to do it. I finally decided to connect my twitter and facebook account together. Just to make things easier for me. :)
Tweet, tweet, tweet.. Lol.
I will never shop at Meijer ever again. The way things were handled today due to their system failure was poorly done to say the least.
@CathleenMusser Thank you. Sorry that I replied so late, been busy. :)
Wow, I haven't tweeted since May. Holy crap, I've gotta a lot of catching up to do.
Tweet. There I checked in. Busy folks. Real busy. Will try to check in more. ;)
Haven't tweeted in a long time. Family issues. Won't go into detail. Just pray for me folks, I'm dealing with a mess.
If you really want to hack something how about the IRS or the effin Federal Reserve. Do something actually useful for once, you effin loser.

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