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Thanks in advance to everyone who sends in questions or specific ideas on problem dog behaviors to include in my book!
Example could be: "How do I get my dog to stop jumping on guests?" (Question Posed By : Kelli Weber of Michigan - Owner of 7 Labradors)
along with your name, City and State, and your dog(s) breed(s) and name(s).
that could go in my book. If you would like credit for your question or idea, send me a direct message with your behavioral issue idea...
I would love to hear from my fellow tweeting Dog Owners on behavioral issues you have with your own dogs or ideas on behavioral issues...
I'm in the process of writing a dog training Book and have a section discussing the top behavioral issues owners have with their dogs...
@HollyTheNewfcom - I have a dog 4-H group and love being a leader. Feel free to contact me privately if you have questions on it.
Starting to put the large tunnel together for the new doggie playground! I can't wait until it's all done.
Please take a second to help me out! Vote for my dog business on Twibs at
Just finished going over the plans for the new doggie playground we are building in the backyard for daycare dogs and our own pups. :0)
Spent the day on the boat with the dogs and hubby again. The pups are exhausted from all that swimming and boating!
Our rescue Lab, Brody, is in his new home! I miss him already. Onto the next rescue!
We have a few openings at our Dog Daycare! Go to our website to check it out -
The Doggie Daycare is closed for the night, as the last pup just left. Time for a training session with my own dogs.
It's "Nap Time" here for the Daycare Dogs, since they are all tired out from swimming in the pond- My Pups need to rest up for agility class
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The Cherry Festival just started here on the 4th, which means lots of fun but also lots of traffic! Good thing we live outside the city!
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I Breed, Train, Show, and Rescue Labrador Retrievers. I run a doggie daycare at my home and work as a dog trainer.

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