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8.00 USD

These vintage plastic tea bag holders measure 3.5 inches wide. They have some wear from use and some tea staining around the letters.

(Box #29)

24.00 USD

This vintage glass ashtray is made of a blueish green transparent glass with white dots. It measures 5.25 by 5.5 inches. It's in good shape. It has a punty mark on the bottom from manufacture that's a bit rough. There are also some light scuffs and scratches on the glass.

(Box #28)

35.00 USD

I've had this since I bought it at an estate auction ages ago. It all came together and looks like something that sat untouched on someone's dresser since the 1920s. It's just a really interesting slice of history. All the pieces are in an old glove box with Christmas paper on top. The box is in rough shape and has some age stains and mildew spots inside. The pieces inside vary in condition. The set smells a bit musty from being stored so long but this could probably be fixed in the individual pieces. Included is:

-a gray and pink seed bead necklace that measures 32.5 inches long from one tassel to another. The necklace is intact and in good shape. Some of the string has yellowed. I'm sure the piece has grown delicate from age so I would wear with a lot of caution.

-a similar necklace that is broken and measures 33.5 inches long and has come unstrung at both ends.

-a comb that's made of an early transparent red plastic with painted detail. It measures 4 5/8 inches long. it's in good shape with some missing paint but has lots of dirt in between the teeth and really needs to be cleaned.

-a small broken piece of jewelry with a monogram and rhinestones. It measures 1.5 inches wide and is missing the back hardware and some rhinestones.

-a bundle of ribbons.

25.00 USD

This adorable vintage needle point sampler is done in earthy green and orange tones and set in a purposely distressed looking frame. It measures 17.5 by 18.5 inches. The piece is clean and in great shape but has some tears on the back paper.

6.25 USD

These earrings are made with pink beads and clear rhinestones on a gold tone screw style back. They measure 5/8 inches wide. They're in good shape with some light wear and one spot of discoloration on the back.

7.00 USD

This cute vintage brooch measures just over 1 inch tall and has a plastic cameo set in metal. It has some tiny faux pearl beads along the outside. The piece is in good shape with only light wear.

40.00 USD

This stunning vintage cruet measures 4 5/8 inches tall (5 7/8 with stopper) and it is 9.75 inches wide in circumference. It's clear with a ruby outer layer and delicate floral engraving and a series of polished lenses near the narrowest part. It has the original sticker but the sticker is peeling off. The only signs of wear I found are a few light scuffs and scratches on the red outer layer. Some look like they were done by mistake when being engraved and others are from wear. There's also some pulling away of the red near where the handle was applied.

(Box #6)

6.50 USD

This cool vintage cookie cutter has 6 sides, so you can have 6 different cookie shapes, and only one cookie cutter to wash and keep track of. Each shape is about 2.5 inches wide. The shapes are hard to make out in the photos, so I traced them on paper (see last photo). It is marked "Tamado Holland" on one side.

Box #19

16.00 USD

This vintage pillow sham is made of a red and blue fabric with yellow flocked printing and fringe. It measures 15.75 by 16.5 inches (not including fringe). I'm not sure what fabric it's made of. It feels silky but could also be a synthetic. Pillow has some wear from age. There are one or two light discolored spots, fraying and some fold dirt.

(Box #15)

10.00 USD

This vintage Christmas ornament is made from plastic in the shape of a fan with glued on flocked bird, trim and pine cones. It measures 8 inches wide. It has some light wear and missing paint on the handle of the fan.

(Box #2)

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