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30.00 USD

This vintage blazer is made from a very thin all cotton fabric with decorative studs. It has shoulder pads, collar and pockets. Blazer is in good shape with only one small stain on the back. It's made by City Girl Sport and marked a size 8. Since vintage and modern sizes sometimes differ, please consult the measurements to ensure a good fit:

armpit to armpit: about 20"
length: 29"
sleeve length: 22"

24.00 USD

This vintage shirt is made from a light weight 50% cotton 50% polyester blend knit fabric. It's made by Peter Popovitch and marked a size Large. It has only light wear. It has some very light pilling and two very small stains (see last photo).

length: 25"
sleeve length: 13"

16.00 USD

This vintage shirt is made from a light to medium weight 50% cotton 50% polyester blend knit fabric. It's made by Laps and marked a size Large. Shirt has only light wear and one small stain (see last photo).

armpit to armpit 25
length 24

15.00 USD

These vintage butterflies are made of an off white plastic by Homco / Syroco. They measure between 5.75 to 8.75 inches wide. They have some light wear and spots of discoloration on the back.

35.00 USD

This vintage sweater is made from a very soft, thin pink yarn. I'm unsure of the fiber content but it feels like a synthetic or blend. It is hand knit and was found at an estate sale where it had been stored for years. The sweater has only very light wear and some very light pilling.

armpit to armpit 22
length 22.5
sleeve length 25

9.50 USD

This vintage enameled brooch measures 2.75 inches long. The back is signed "Lisner". It's made with layers of enameled metal and beautiful rhinestones in the center. It has some very small chips in the enamel and other light wear. Otherwise it is in good shape.

25.00 USD

This vintage dish towel is made by Startex of a mostly cotton and linen blend. It measures 16 by 29.5 inches. It has only light wear. There's one stain (see last photo) and may have other light areas of discoloration.

30.00 USD

This vintage sweater by Chartwell is made of an acrylic knit with some leather details on the front. It's marked a size Medium. It has some writing on the tag but is in good shape with only light wear otherwise. To ensure a good fit, please consult the measurements:

armpit to armpit 22"
length 26.5"
sleeve length 23"

16.00 USD

This vintage roll up bag has 4 zippered pouches and a draw string. Unrolled it measures 12.5 by 16 inches. It has some light wear, one or two small stains on the outside and some stains on the inside from make up or pencils being stored in it.

(Box #40)

26.00 USD

This vintage 60s shift dress is closest in size to a modern medium. The tag that would have the size is too faded to read. It's made from synthetic knit by Verona Knits. It has a 2" hand stitched hem on the bottom. The dress has several stains, most are light and some pulled threads. To ensure a good fit, please consult the following measurements:

armpit to armpit 19"
waist 17.5"
width at bottom hem 26"
shoulder to hem 34"

(Box #)

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