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@fireworksfilm @itsnicethat It's out tomorrow! You can order here:
RT @LightHouseD7: Be among the first to see GONE GIRL at our previews this Thursday (★★★★★ @LWLies) Book: http://t.c…
Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph and Peter Dinklage announced as the voice cast on the Angry Birds movie 💩🙌💸
@amylew27 Thanks for the lovely post Amy!
RT @amylew27: Ode to the silverscreen from @LWLies & @TCOLondon asking the stars what they love about movies http://…
RT @TCOLondon: Thanks @itsnicethat for the kind words on @LWLies book What I Love About Movies On sale here: http://…
RT @E_Film_Blog: @LWLies Cousins' The Story Of Film cemented my cinephilia, but best? Either Brownlow's The Parade's Gone By or Eisner's Th…
RT @Leonade: @LWLies 'Down and Dirty Pictures' is definitely up there for the 'could not put down' factor.
Thanks to @itsnicethat for the lovely write-up on 'What I Love About Movies':
@nrm1972 Based on the new Jason Reitman movie...
RT @nrm1972: @LWLies Men, Women and Chainsaws (Carol J. Clover) or Killing For Culture (Kerekes & Slater).
RT @DanPatonMusic: @LWLies David Thomson's New Biographical Dictionary of Film or Michael Ondaatje/Walter Murch's The Conversations.
RT @SSheil: @LWLies Alexander Mackendrick On Filmmaking, or Re/Search 10: Incredibly Strange Films.
@adamhopelies Do you underline the films you've seen?
@Cinemartyn Very good call. Hard book to find, that one...
Our book, What I Love About Movies, is out tomorrow!! Question: what's the best film book you've ever read?
@coxy Wow! Cut out the middle men. You can subscribe and get it delivered to your door for 85 NOK an issue.
@JulieMassiter Ooh, whereabouts was it?
@BordeauxBlues Sorry about that. If you click directly on "shop"...
RT @Kat_McKork: Loved the Fincher interview presentation and design of the perforated carton in the latest @LWLies

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