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@photoshop84 @LAist Haha, this guy.
@twitter Oh man, I'm gonna get trapped in a group text on Twitter now, too.
I'm ready for Bjork to come back and out-weird everyone.
@mrbitterness Damn, this is like LOST all over again.
I keep waking up with Gloria Estefan songs in my head. What does it mean?
@Jacopo_della_Q Frankly, my deer, I don't give a damn.
@JaclynAshley79 Sounds good to me! The site is just coming out of a blogatus and it is hungry for some decent content.
@JaclynAshley79 @JonMrry Yes I do, whatcha got?
@kstreetkate Can you pick me up a few things?
@lasnark Turn the Whitney movie off.
@getorganized123 Wow, that's the second complaint I've heard this week. Same situation with the entering a nonexistent business name?
@mrbitterness yeah I second guessed that one
@mrbitterness Oh you KNOW I played that while I yanked off my mall kiosk sunglasses.
Today, I wore khakis in Burbank.
@jtkantor @krobbins24 awesome! Thank you
Rocky IV is being pulled from Netflix on Jan. 1. Just a heads up.
@AndyRichter your driveway needs shoveling?
Tornado in LA? I came to terms with the traffic, earthquakes and sharks. Tornados were not in the pamphlet.
@geofuller It does feel that way. I'm at a production company probably not too far from you.
@SarahSass Well it seems to be over now.

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