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Is Wet Hot American Summer a Mad Men sequel?
@LAWeekly OUCH
@doctorparadox nice! I can expand
@elchavo thanks!
@mikster Ha, we are due for a Porto's run, the line is always intimidating. Giamela's added to the list!
@valeriesee If you go stand in line for me, you can keep the cheese rolls for yourself.
@valeriesee Obviously
@valeriesee I had Portos years ago, but haven't gone since moving out here. I have been to Damon's though :)
@valeriesee I have heard that, this one was just so convenient. I'll make it a point to check it out.
I've been exploring Atwater Village, Glendale, Burbank and North Hollywood. Looking for more recommendations:
@BeccaCNewton but you're our fav pruk!
Hell yes. ☁️💦☁️💦☁️
@TravelStarter No, but I think you should send me on a trip and I'll write alllllll about it.
@LAist Oh, good.
Wilco pulled a Beyoncé: Download new surprise album "Star Wars" for free:
@BeccaCNewton Does this affect our island hopping plans for this year?
Newer, even more recent photo of Pluto:
@SarahSass Okay, bring me and I'll check it out.
@SarahSass I think it's a Friday/Saturday night place.
@SarahSass That is definitely the wrong Twitter.

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