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@kategorization I don't know that we want to find out. ARE YOU FEELING FRITZI?
@BangerFilmsInc @Billy @SmashingPumpkin Thanks!
@iamnotastalker Did you knock on their door?
@BangerFilmsInc @Billy @SmashingPumpkin Can I borrow your cable password so I can check this out?
@SarahSass I'm a HEYO guy.
@jwattenhofer Ok, make sure mine has a hood
@xlandyx I was just in NY and it's a lot easier to stumble upon free shows out there.
@jwattenhofer What size?
@xlandyx Yeah I think I'm actually going to lay low. I'm getting to the "maybe I'll just watch a concert on YouTube" age.
@JetBlue Booo. @VirginAmerica care to white knight this sitch?
@JetBlue So that's a no on the upgrade, right? Just confirming. #HookMeUpB6BlackOps
And look how far I've come.
@xlandyx @FaithNoMore @TheWiltern Yeah it's rough but FNM deserves our money
@Robo_Nixon #BackInTheSaddle is another good Boston tune and it works here too.
Who's going to these @FaithNoMore shows at @TheWiltern? I don't want to make my wife go but I will if I have to.
@Robo_Nixon And the sun is hot.
@JetBlue So #noupgrade for me, your TrueBlue / Jet Blue Amex friend? I will write you a nice @LinkedIn endorsement.
@JetBlue Ohh #mint4me please. I'm not sure. I'm flying LAX->BOS BOS->PVD. And I have to see family when I get there. So you know. #hookmeup
@JetBlue Well I'm flying cross country again next month. Can you upgrade my wife and I to first class? #thisismeasking

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