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@xlandyx Just gossiped about you with @angelcityblues at a sushi restaurant
@valeriesee you have to look at pants wearing people
@drewgmackie Danzig era, I hope
@valeriesee trade
@xlandyx @Uber_LA I ubered yesterday and the driver had to deal with all the parking traffic
@Robo_Nixon Nice, I'm headed to RI until next Tuesday, but soon after that!
@Robo_Nixon What area are you living in now? We moved east of the 405 and we're being more social now
@Robo_Nixon @LAMayorsOffice @Dodgers @Uber_LA Thanks!
Is there a convenient drop off spot for taxis or @Uber_LA at Dodger Stadium?
@kategorization @yourpaltim @tomreynolds #lashow! #makeithappen #bringsomedecentpizza @sprinkles
@jwattenhofer YOU'RE FULL OF BEANS
@MarianaThinks OUCH
@Carolineoncrack adding bacon bits, shredded cheddar w/ a little blue cheese and breadcrumbs usually takes boxed mac to the next level
@DJSRSLY Your dentist disagrees
July in Long Beach is going to be a little hotter this year.
@nicoleaimee Nice!
@doctorparadox @jonmrry and I are keeping an eye on you both.
@valeriesee I went to my first one just a few years ago and left when I saw the line for the port-a-pottys
@valeriesee I was counting on sitting on your shoulders for the JAMC

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