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@CrucialMemory No reply yet, eh?
@TeddRoman I am happy to learn there is another person alive that remembers Lady Elaine.
@SarahSass I knew a guy that quit smoking by eating Atomic Fire Balls. I think that's the way I'd go.
Well, this is something.
@CrucialMemory Samuel is now conveniently unable to find our Jan. 6 chat in which he told me to exchange the memory via your site.
@CrucialMemory Hello. I've been sent the incorrect memory twice now, and I am being told in your chat that I cannot exchange. Please help.
@bruswiffle You are on your game, wafflefriend. Reminder: Notify me when Beyonce is there.
@Vxronica Treat Yo Self!
@Vxronica Too late to call @bruswiffle? I can't believe it's over.
@drewtewksbury Don't let it die
@kayhanley Spoiler alert, that was another awesome cameo!
Phewwwwwww Kim Gordon did not call me out in her new book.
Going with a Lady and the Tramp themed dinner. I get to be the lady.
@krobbins24 Thanks!
@krobbins24 Heyhey, didn't you have a go-to motel in Joshua Tree?
Who wants to start the Bone Broth Truck with me?
@dearleader cool video. Please name the new album “All G Strings"
Well, that's one way to get Garbage back on the map.
@photoshop84 @LAist Haha, this guy.

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