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@HilahCooking Yayyyyyyyyy HilahLAing!
Today is full of great headlines: Skrillex and Katie Couric Recorded A Song Together
@DJSRSLY Ha! I DJ'd a gay prom once, I thought it went pretty well.
I am coming out of wedding DJ retirement.
@AMCHelps Burbank, I believe you replied to my Facebook message, thanks
@AMCHelps at the theater
@AMCTheatres Hello, I was told that my ticket refund would take a few days, but it's been a week and a half now. Can I check in on that?
@Evan_Dando The Ponderosa of the west!
@Vxronica I grew up going to a place called Ponderosa that was like the east coast Sizzler. Just trying to regress back to my suburban youth
@Vxronica I was kinda kidding, but nowwwwww.................................... Is there pudding on the salad bar? If so, see you there.
@Vxronica But I hear so many good things!
2015. Still haven't been to a Sizzler.
@itsmagicm But then you have to go, like really fast. Just in case.
@ebrewer @kategorization Has been Instacarting up a storm!
@lost_angeles No post on this yet?
@niftypixels @Robo_Nixon I'm on the same fence.
@6od Do you sweat while you order?
Am I the only one that saw Anthony Bourdain bite an octopus in the brain?
@LAWeekly They're still playing the Echo? I figured they'd be at a Kids Choice Awards by now.

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