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Rocky IV is being pulled from Netflix on Jan. 1. Just a heads up.
@AndyRichter your driveway needs shoveling?
Tornado in LA? I came to terms with the traffic, earthquakes and sharks. Tornados were not in the pamphlet.
@geofuller It does feel that way. I'm at a production company probably not too far from you.
@SarahSass Well it seems to be over now.
@LiveLynnette I agree
I found the superstorm.
@geofuller I think you just walked by my window on 3rd Street.
@xlandyx Heyo, we're trying to simplify if anything. Do you need more stuff to pack for your trip?
@beatnixxx right, it sounds crazy but that would be an interesting learning
@beatnixxx nice!
@beatnixxx Just started listening minutes ago but, yes
@beatnixxx Do you know about this podcast?
I remember the first time I heard beat boxing.
@LanaDelRey Very Linus.
@JustineCabulong Always order whatever Meat Pie is having.
@kumailn @serial Best place to murder an Asian girl 2014 @laweekly
@SaMoNext @jasonislas Do they make bicycle handlebar clip-on radar detectors?
@KatCorbett That band has some impressive PR
@6od Grossest tweet ever.

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