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@PCMag I would like on-demand Led Zeppelin.
@LAWeekly I like the direction you're headed in.
@SarahSass Could be worse
@SarahSass He better be hot.
@SarahSass What's that now?
@barelysarcasm So did we
@Evan_Dando Watch out for those itchyworms!
@cpqNetworks brushfire in rustic canyon
@michaeljamessag @msjenniferluis brushfire in rustic canyon
@howtaobrowncow that is the LA dream
@howtaobrowncow ah I get that. Closed all my windows
@msjenniferluis yup same here
@howtaobrowncow apparently it's a brush fire in rustic canyon
@msjenniferluis me too
@howtaobrowncow where abouts? I smell it too
@bkbkbk You'll just end up losing it in the wash
@valeriesee When she was still punk?
Chart-topping new Taylor Swift song is literally just 8 seconds of static:
@Vxronica Thx. I will stick to my pushup app.
@JennHoffman @Trojan81 He's probably a motivational speaker, if that helps.

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