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Bloggers: Your new uniforms are here
Fingers crossed for "The Juke Box" @NissanUSA
@postadrian Ah, I guess I am unaware which airplane bathroom you are currently in. Enjoy!
@postadrian Mogwai is doing matinee shows now?
@RGA Someone has to be the fun guy at the wedding!
@DigiAldona Ah the ol' exciting press release / "rolling out to users" combo. Classic.
@DigiAldona Oh really? It's not just "sign up, expect your Beacon in the mail?" That's the way it seemed.
"So, Jack Appleby is a made up character, right?" #OverheardAtAyz cc: @JackMEB
Sorry Hangouts. Revert to old chat.
@ryanGac @whitneysmithsf @AnneCGallegos Looks like we all have the same question.
Anyone using #FacebookBeacon? Good stuff?
@ischafer B.E.A.G.G.R.E.S.S.I.V.E
@MercadoSays Please make this a Haiku
Maybe I can start going to Smashing Pumpkins shows again: These earbuds allow you to control the EQ of live music:
For Mac people that are All About That Bass: (thx @niftypixels)
RT @WordsWFriends: Upgrade your #WordsWithFriends to enjoy all-new #FastPlay mode: a smaller gameboard, fewer tiles, & 12 hours per turn ht…
@adriandparker Twitter may actually be better if follower counts weren't visible.
@jbecher He does look like he's waiting for a handout.
All my Facebook friends discovered affiliate marketing this weekend.
@EmpiresAllies Yeah Neil! Great show. I'm this guy too: @lasnark

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