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My wife just informed me that she made "other plans" during Lobsterfest. cc: @divorcecourt
@mlewey @kayhanley I will play whatever no one else wants to play.
@xlandyx I'm that guy today
@WesKeene Guess I'm a LION now.
@mikster Pics or you're wearing overalls with one button unsnapped.
@SALSEOCONUST I studied French. It was a bad choice.
I just sent a LinkedIn request to everyone.
@GoDaddy so how's your week going?
@DunkinSaMo I will take over this Twitter handle for you. I will make magic happen. #SaMoThing
@krobbins24 Are you coming to @DunkinSaMo?
It was not that bad.
@SarahSass No go? I slacked on it.
@DunkinSaMo Hey there, it looks like we're going to be neighbors. I'd bring some muffins by, but, you know.
@mikster @Namecheap Any friend of Mikster is a friend of mine. Wellllll almost any.
This goth tweet won me over. @Namecheap: @lasnark expire with us in 2016.
@GoDaddy Day 4.5 still no resolution. Fix it.
@LAist WAT. @SarahSass
@Namecheap Ok, let me look into that. Thanks.
@DanielleDAli @hover @GoDaddy Wouldn't that be nice? Let's move all current and future client sites to @Hover if this works out.
@hover Sure thing!

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