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This is my dream job: via @LACMA
I'll take whatever smartphone comes with a free INXS album.
@KatCorbett Blurred Lines is the Stairway to Heaven of shitty songs.
@N8theSk8 HEYO.
@xlandyx Nice, I'll let you know. It's going to be a long week so I may just pass out at 7pm Friday.
@barelysarcasm I had a Uriah Heep and BOC morning. Must be something in the air.
This is the only watch I need.
@slippy I'm just putting a band on my mom's iPad.
I'm holding out for the Apple Cufflinks.
@dannosowitz And dudes with no arm hair.
Check out my latest single "Hey Do U Guys Have A Men's Room?"
@HollywoodCurl @estarLA Really? Well in that case I just need to find 7 friends. (I think I can handle that.)
@estarLA Nice! First, I should learn how to ice skate.
@barelysarcasm Just tried that one too. Pretty good!
@Jacopo_della_Q @SteveWhite71 This reminds me of something...
@estarLA @HollywoodCurl I need to try that
@blazingshark Were you at Universal Studios?
@niftypixels I was going to wish you a happy birthday but I can't find your Facebook wall.
@Robo_Nixon You have coworkers? Sellout.
@WritingInBed Yes pls

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