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Bluegrass hipsters are a thing. #Maine
Just realized my playlist has way too many Robyn songs for two dudes road tripping to New Hampshire in a pickup.
I need to learn how to dutty wine.
@Robo_Nixon That does sound more "me"
@Robo_Nixon Oh wait, I always get "falling off the wagon" and "chasing the dragon" confused.
@Robo_Nixon I'm not too concerned. I recently fell off the wagon.
I might go see a band called Funkwagon tonight.
@valeriesee Stop stealing my act
@zj_evans @moviesnow_app Cool I'll check it out
I thought my "Ya mon" was going to be hilarious on Nantucket, but apparently there are a ton of Jamaicans out here and I'm an asshole.
If I end up murdered, it was this guy.
This could get Messi. Sorry.
There's a pretty entertaining lineup of contestants on Wheel Of Fortune right now.
I haven't seen this much of my knees since childhood. #BostonHumidity #TakeItInLadies
American flag short shorts are half off today.
Not "Lowe Life?"
@SarahSass YES
See you in 4 years, soccer.
@adidas Who's Allin?
The wife clued the Ralphs cashier into our beer can chicken plan and it became this WHOLE THING at the checkout.

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