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Chart-topping new Taylor Swift song is literally just 8 seconds of static:
@Vxronica Thx. I will stick to my pushup app.
@JennHoffman @Trojan81 He's probably a motivational speaker, if that helps.
@Vxronica For showing up
@Vxronica @muscle_fitness Will I get yelled at? I don't want to be yelled at.
@paidtobenice That sounds fun. Next, they should make the Westwood LDS building a coworking hub.
@twitter I own two usernames that I'd like to swap. Is this possible?
The crowd noise on GnR's "Lies" was fake? Today just got hard.
Wasn't ripping off old songs Led Zep's "thing?" If anything, they improved this Spirit song by a lot.
If this hoverboard doesn't happen in the next 5 years, I am leaving the planet.
@RiversCuomo All good over here. Hey, I think we share a barber.
@electraflux HILARR.
@electraflux #ios8mytexts
@juliabetley Those episodes are way too short.
@LAWeekly #WarOnChristmas
@SarahSass I mean the Landry murder thing was weird, but yes I agree.
@Jacopo_della_Q That's what I call the locker room at the Y.
@SarahSass How bout that wtf season 2?
@duolingo I took a wrong turn and now I'm lost. Is there a way to get back to English? (I wanted to learn Chinese.)
@krobbins24 That should help bargain the price down a bit.

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