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Don't avoid hip hop #cardio class @LAFitness because you think you CAN’T dance! Try spelling your name with your hips… You just #danced!
September is National Yoga Month! Use #LAFYoga in your tweets this month @LAFitness & we may give you a Retweet!
RT @CareeEason: Teaching Cycle Sunday 8/31 at 9:15 am at @LAFitness Bloomfield Hills. Want a real cardio and muscle workout? Join me http:/…
@LAFitness Hours for Clubs and Kids Klubs #LaborDay2014. Click here...
#Impact your bone density! For those ages 25-50, hopping in place 2x per week (2sets of 20 w/30 sec rest between) helps #increase bone mass.
“Success doesn't come to you? You go to it.”-Marva Collins #quote #FitnessFriday
Cardio,diet & training help boost the abilities of a pro #athlete. However, most pros rely on sleep as the leader of performance enhancers
“Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.”- Les Brown #quote #ThoughtThursday
Watch and learn! How to #warmup using dynamic #stretching!
Trying to improve your #endurance? Work on exercises you don't normally do i.e. marathon runners might try short distanced sprint #workouts.
Even if it’s a BABY step, taking the first step to make the decision to live a #healthylifestyle is HUGE! Believe in yourself! You got this!
Today's @LAFitness #Dietitian Q&A: "Can you flatten your #stomach with #diet alone?" Click here...
Step #outside! Exposure to natural light, during the day, may #positively improve your #mood, alertness & #metabolism.
"Life is trying things to see if they work.”-Ray Bradbury #​quote #TransformationTuesday
Fact-The center of all #exercise regimens should be strengthening your core- #abs, back and pelvic #muscles.
A #healthy digestive tract helps w/#weightloss! Liven up food w/#cilantro! It may increase digestive acids, which help the gut remove waste.
“I came. I saw. I conquered.”-Julius Caesar #quote Retweet @LAFitness if you conquered your workout today!
The chances of losing weight by ONLY increasing fruit & veggie consumption are very slim. You’ve got to add exercise w/less calorie intake
"If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied!"Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson #quote #FitnessFriday
The amount of #omega3 in one piece of baked or broiled #fish per week may help your brain’s #health!

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