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“Your current conditions do not reflect your ultimate potential.”-Tony Robbins #quote #MotivationMonday
Answer! TRUE! Pumpkin seeds, flesh & flowers are all edible. These are healthy ingredients for a smoothie!
About every part of a #pumpkin is edible. “RETWEET”-True -Or- “FAVORITE”-False
TAG or RETWEET for that coach/friend/employer whose words of wisdom had a positive impact on your lifestyle. #Integrity #Discipline #Respect
Retweet if you agree! Realistic expectations help prevent discouragement. Patience & consistency to both workouts & nutrition is key.
Daily consumption of foods w/sugar & processed flour stresses out the nervous system which results with increased cortisol levels.
Fact: Mood improvement, more energy and better sleep are just a few side effects of #exercise #LAFitnessLifestyle
RETWEET IF YOU AGREE! A healthy body comes in ALL Sizes, which is why #HEALTHY looks different on everyone’s BODY!
Help reduce joint pain (the knee for example) by adding cherries, turmeric & ginger to your daily #nutrition.
Go #workout #MotivationMonday
The @LAFitness #dietitian breaks down #soda ingredients & their potential #health risks
3 @LAFitness #workouttips to help firm up those "bat wings."
#Workingout consistently gives your life a #positive constant focus. #MotivationMonday #LAFitness
Retweet if your workout is the highlight of your day! #EnjoyYourWorkout #LAFitness
How to do a Dumbbell #Lunge Midair Switch @LAFitness
Today's @LAFitness #Dietitian Q&A: "How can I kick my addiction to #carbs like pasta & rice?"
A @LAFitness #QuickTip on why you should warm up before every #workout..
“It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.”-Nathan W. Morris #quote #ThoughtThursday

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