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Kummetz Corporation | Currently developing 90k acres in Brazil to help create biofuels for export + use within Brazil.
Kummetz Corporation– One of our primary goals is to protect and preserve the environment.
Kummetz Corporation– Making it easier for citizens in Brazil to secure their money in banks. This will benefit local economies as well.
Kummetz Corporationis looking forward to improving export opportunities/finding new business opportunities within Europe.
Kummetz Corporationbrings deep personal integrity and highest quality of service to our global relationships.
Kummetz Corporationis targeting more than 50 core financial capitals in effort to expand globally.
Kummetz Corporation – Bringing our boutique services to Madrid and London.
Kummetz Corporationhas proven to be a leader in global business development- now we are expanding into Europe!
Kummetz Corporation | Currently financing 14 billion Euros internationally and prepared to work w/ companies around the world.
Kummetz Corporation | Kummetz Construction & Projects Ltd in Brazil is creating innovative new construction projects.
Kummetz Corporation – We work to bring new technologies to areas that might not already have them. Changing the world!
Kummetz Corporation – Visit our blog online at http://t.co/cpWhyyoc
Kummetz Corporation – New article posted at http://t.co/98mtGLvC
Kummetz Corporation | Our strengths include M&A, restructuring, asset management and capital participation.
Kummetz Corporation – We’re a financial services firm focusing on small to mid-size companies.
Kummetz Corporation can be found online at http://t.co/f7vdfVmt
Kummetz Corporationis proud to have jump started businesses in Africa, Brazil and S America!
Kummetz Corporation | Moroccan Argan oil makes a tasty dipping sauce but also good for helping skin problems.
Kummetz Corporation just posted a new article at http://t.co/cpWhyyoc
Kummetz Corporation | Baobab seed oil has longer shelf life than other oils-great for skin, nail, hair care & massage oil.

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With holdings and investments around the globe, Kummetz Corporation is dedicated to helping forward-thinking countries achieve their goals.

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