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RT @ABC: JFK airport builds 70-square-foot pet bathroom, complete with green turf and a fire hydrant.…
RT @Inc: Every Small Business Should Share This List With Customers @LeighEBuchanan
RT @OPB: Traces of pain medications found in Oregon's oysters
@B4Blast Apparently so! Plus all the geniuses on drugs or locked in asylums.
And in celebrity news..... @KCCauldron 😎😎😎
@AndBrent @KCCauldron @SportingKC it was massively cool when he jiggled his scary little arms! Lol
Look at that @KCCauldron coverage!! @SportingKC
RT @Paisano: Want a Brain That's 7 Years Younger? Science Says Do This |
So let me get something straight: If a scorned woman posts about a man cheating, that is tacky, but musical art on tv about it, brilliant?
RT @sbcthemuse: Patent filed by @Sony for photo-taking contacts, but can it historically capture all those shots I've missed?…
@YouAreFIERCE it's kind of like someone saying they are pretty... I admire the kind of person who doesn't need to tell you what they are.
RT @sallykwitt: Top story: Sony filed a patent for contact lenses that take photos, see more
I saw an article called "15 Things Badass Women Do Differently." But.. they would never call themselves badass so I can't post it. #paradox
RT @Scrappy_Geek: Spicy taco #cookies for #CincodeMayo? You bet! Get the #recipe here: #MMSFlavorVote #spicy https…
Well I guess perception is everything. ;-)
RT @ValaAfshar: Your calendar defines your priorities.
RT @KC_TstormLady: The nerd in me is laughing so hard.
RT @mrobin032009: Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children Donald Trump. #donaldtrump #WinnerWinnerChicken…
@SoberJulie I know. I like it. I'm just always too lazy to make it.
@mrobin032009 Well because I do not like fish, she has never had salmon. She likes rice. And tuna fish - I eat that.

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