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I'm addicted to this #texmex joint. And looked how ripped you can get from eating here regularly!…
#hancockfabrics is trying to legit kill me. I need a thousand dollars to buy #prettybling #beads at…
Bought it! :D
RT @zaibatsu: Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. ~ Churchill #success #Quote
RT @kempedmonds: The future is now -Raspberry Pi's latest computer costs just $5
RT @tomjfehr: If you're out shopping on #BlackFriday, take the effort to be kind to the people working it. Probably not a very fun working …
RT @humblebooks: Sci-fi and fantasy fans rejoice! Get the best of both otherworldly worlds with our Prime Sci-Fantasy Bundle…
RT @smoothsale: View your job search as an adventure; you never know what is just around the corner! Read: #Career
RT @Slate: How to turn your Thanksgiving scraps into a satisfying next-day breakfast:
RT @RobTiffany: David Tennant Celebrates 100 Years of General Relativity in This Clever Animation
@TejasGooner @Redskins the tweet was a little facetious in design execution but doesn't deserve all the "delete this account" crapola.
@TejasGooner @Redskins I think they just didn't want to be reminded of history today as they stuffed their faces full of pie and NFL.
RT @ratz2: Amazon is offering a year of unlimited cloud storage for just $5
Re @Redskins , or they will bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch.
Is it just me, or does anyone else find the hate directed at the Redskins over this absurd? Don't remind Americans!
RT @joshgnosis: Actually not a Voltaire quote. It's from a neo-Nazi...
RT @ManageFlitter: 5 Statistics That Prove You Need to be Marketing on Twitter by @mychristinahall [] via @B2Communi…
RT @steve1johnson: What will social be like in 2016? @jennyheinrich & @ashjbee look into the future next week: http…
RT @JuntaeDeLane: How To Use Instagram To Attract B2B Customers #socialmedia #b2b #smm
It's raining and gray and I have to stay home with my bleeding child, but that's okay because I'm at…

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