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RT @diligentfuture: " I don't think my English teacher will believe i have written 22 books" - Guy Kawasaki #kawasakiquotes @LondonRealTV …
RT @GuyKawasaki: WATCH The #ArtofSocial Media interview w @LondonRealTV @PenguinUKBooks http:…
RT @SInow: Hope Solo is likely to return to the USWNT goal after her ban (via @GrantWahl)
RT @colourlovers: How to Make the Most of Client Relationships
DONE. I think Brad Pitt would be proud. #Stage3TOS Complete! Onward. #TourofSufferlandia2015…
Just chillaxin on #Melusine before #FightClub. I'm not a'scared. 😀 #TourofSufferlandia2015…
soonysaad's photo can someone explain this???? #SPORTINGKC
I won Fully On Fire award for 30 workouts in the MapMyFitness Workout Games Challenge. Kick laziness in the butt!
RT @mrobin032009: Seriously, you'd think I could like a @KrisColvin post w/out thinking twice of what images might pop up in the comments?!…
STAGE 2 Complete!! So today was awful. Partly from massive tech issues after feeling I had it all…
Kicking off Blender, Stage 2 of the annual #TourofSufferlandia2015 - this video wiped out our PRO…
#HTFU #Rule5 🏊🚴🏃
I did it! One stage down, eight to go. Oof! #TourofSufferlandia2015 #thesufferfest #indoorcycling…
Let's do this. 😀 #TourofSufferlandia2015 #Stage1TOS #thesufferfest
It's book o'clock: more archival pics from The Nemesis Engines 1 and 2. | Olivier Blanchard #steampunk #TNG #fiction
Uhhhh.... I do NOT appreciate what just happened there #Banshee. WTH did Bambi ever do to you?!
RT @ElizabethEadie: RT @howbrand: Top 10 Websites for Designers – January Edition
Twitter really doesn't want its top users to share Instagram links anymore via @mashable Yeah, good luck with that.
RT @Brisket_Bob: No hands on a stationary bike isn't that impressive. RT @ussoccer: #USMNT spin session."

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