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@MackCollier well that's what I was thinking is I need to try to drive them somewhere. I have only one tumblr theme for sale.
@MackCollier or point them to your book. Lol!!!
@MackCollier yes that's the issue. They're not my target audience. I guess I could play with some ideas since nothing to lose.
RT @mrobin032009: Changing the subject @KrisColvin ...something to teach your kids
@mrobin032009 I'm not the one violating the livestock!
@mrobin032009 I got it from someone else. If it makes you feel better I'm sure someone is raping a pig SOMEWHERE right now.
@MackCollier .... site services or it needs to be tumblr-specific? I feel i need SOME hook. It gets hundreds of hits daily. Every year!
@MackCollier I don't really have anything on it for selling, but given its all people want to hit should I?? And if so should I point to...
@MackCollier this may take a few to describe. I have a post that is single most visited post about how to make your tumblr look like a site
I got this from for $19 and its now $10!!!! Plus shipping. I got this #swimsuit in…
I need to have a #blogchat like right now @MackCollier. Lol! I have questions!!
RT @JMUMSoccer: ICYMI: JMU alum C.J. Sapong's 7th and most recent goal just happened to be a record-breaker.
RT @MLS: C.J. Sapong's opener clocked in at just 21 seconds: #DCvPHI
RT @FreshSydney: Because I'm worth it. #rescuediva #expectthebest
RT @FreshSydney: THEY are having some sort of abominable meat sauce thing but I'm having Sharp Cheddar w French 4 Spice #macandcheese http:…
RT @PilotPMR: How did Pabst Blue Ribbon (a barely drinkable lager) become a hipster favorite? HINT: marketing, or lack thereof.…
RT @PilotPMR: These posters will show you how famous start-ups were conceived
@Nuk3dawg @SageLazzaro @observer you wouldn't believe how many people wanted the print copy and not digital though.
Now in paperback! If you live that #dpmlife you'll love The Ultimate Fielld Guide to Digital Program Management
RT @SageLazzaro: #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter Hashtag Has Famous Authors Venting & Bonding on Twitter @observer http:…

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