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My next two #triathlons are registered and I have a hotel reserved for the Stockton Lake one.…
RT @jkcallas: Coffee Shops and Creating Brand Communities via @DJThistle
RT @sproutworx: Anyone have positive or negative experiences with promoting tweets on Twitter? Looking for some helpful insights one way or…
@SunnyC @simasays @SuzyWelch no specific thing - I have a dozen creams I'm always using.
Still painfully true....
@SunnyC here are the times: I'm pleased given it was my first one ever and I have a bad knee.
@viktorsald thank you!!! I loved it.
I got #myfirsttri results in. Not too bad given the crappy knee but I've got to improve my #swim time…
My #businesscards arrived from #Moo in the UK already and they are cute as buttons! I love to #design,…
@tmkrause @DFBJeff I can't believe I really did it!!
@monica_wibowo thank you! It was immensely fun. My first one.
@monica_wibowo I was doing a Tri!
@martindave thank you!!!
@SunnyC I am a triathlete!!!!
@tvlisanyc thank you!!!! That was a blast!
I AM SPARTACUS!!! Not really but I am a wee #triathlete!!! I almost cried when I was done. WTH? 😀 Then…
I ran 3.16 mi with @mapmyride. Check out my route in Smithville, MO, United States! #run #running
I biked 9.97 mi with @mapmyride. Check out my route in Smithville, MO, United States! #bike #cycling
Just a sea of women and bikes. #winforkc #myfirsttri if you are elsewhere I will have more pics on…
Sundown at Sailboat Cove, the site for #myfirsttri. I think I'm honestly feeling excited for the first…

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