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RT @WomensHealthMag: We LOVE these gym bags, and you will too:
Beautiful, Feminine WordPress Themes for Websites and Blogs
RT @rachaelwhiteSTT: I paired this cinnamon bread pudding with port-soaked raisins with @rsvineyards A True Gentleman's Port. #RSV25 http:/…
My latest pre-made brand for Creative Market: Plum
@SportingKC @RobbHeineman Tim's 50th birthday cake featuring his FAVORITE people! :-)
Picking up Tim's 50th birthday cake for a big party today at the ranch. It's so cute!! #sportingkc…
Crossing my fingers I have pulled off the mother of all @SportingKC birthday cakes. Stay tuned. :D #SKC
@JennOM lol!!! It tastes soooooooo good. I never should have tried this here!
Umm. I said a "little" whipped cream on my #pumpkinspicelatte - how much is a lot??? 🎃 #coffee Oh my…
Starbucks Name-Botching, 10 Conversion Psych Resources, More… Roger's Picks via Neuromarketing - ...
@armandoduran @viktorsald everyone is laughing at me because I just stood up and started yelling at the player roughing @BigAfrika88 LOL!!
Time to ratchet this up several notches. The Man is going in!! #sportingkc 3-1 at 83rd min
@viktorsald yes that could be quite a sight. I curse too much to be a broadcaster sadly. Plus I don't know crap. Lol!
@armandoduran who has problems NOW??!!!! Lol!
TAKE 2 TONI DOVALE!!!!!!! Gggggggooooooaaaaaalllllll hahaha!!!! 3-1 Take that Costa Rica!!!…
@viktorsald lol! It is?
@armandoduran that was very pleasant :-)
Goooooooooooolazo, oh oh go-oh-oh-oh-gooooaaallll. 😘😘😘😘 #SKC 2--1 Gratzi Toni Dovale! 😍💥🍻🍉🎉🎈
@armandoduran it did sprinkle earlier but nothing now. My legs are cold. Lol!!! I had another outfit planned too & it got got!
@armandoduran just the hoodie I had to buy after I got here

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