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@laurala I kept wondering why I don't like all my pics as I resemble an elf. It's because I do! Lol! Thank heaven I lack the ears.
There is some evidence I am, in fact, an #elf. Exhibit C #elfinmagic I rest my case. Elves have pointy…
There is some evidence I am, in fact, an #elf. Exhibit B #elfinmagic
There is some evidence I am, in fact, an #elf. Exhibit A #elfinmagic
@StephGunther we were so close to OT and I felt dominant during game BUT stats not that great. We needed more goals for them to overcome.
@StephGunther yes. The backup Andy has now been injured again also. Both had injuries during season. Winning goal happened in 89th. AWFUL
@StephGunther well I love Eric, our primary keeper. He got the shaft by a 2 month injury and then struggled after. Plus lack of goals hurt.
@StephGunther we did a winning and then a losing and then a who the hell knows streak & stopped scoring much. Just not ideal.
@StephGunther we did have injuries from the beginning of the year all the way through. Hopped around 3 keepers. Plus WC/CONCACAF distraction
@StephGunther yes. Too many piled up issues to sort through.
SKC is out of the playoffs. I don't know how to do November now.
Happy #Halloween!!
Cialdini's Latest Persuasion Secrets, More – Roger's Picks via Neuromarketing - It's been a big ...
I'm not sure who took this photo, but it is of a place for a team that I love. See you in 2015…
#SportingKC #MLSplayoff 1-1 85th min
Say whatever KRONBERG is coming up HUGE for this team!!!! HUGE #SportingKC HANG ON GUYS!
This Man. 😀 Thank you Dom. #SKC up 1-0 53rd minute, followed by a HUGE Kronberg save of an Henry…
Good vibes!!!!
Always thrilled to see these two. 😀 Join ekronberg1, @bigafrika88, @sportingkc and all of #SKCnation…
RT @foodvisors: #The #French #Connection! @FrenchFoodieMom @frenchfoodie @FrenchFood @frenchfoodporn…

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