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RT @WSJ: Bringing civil rights charges against #Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson won't be easy, legal observers say.…
RT @KrisKetzKMBC: "Hands up Don't shoot" group of 150 in Westport - described by @KishaHenryKMBC as "loud" & "peaceful." #Ferguson http://t…
RT @41ActionNews: STL County Prosecutor releases #Ferguson grand jury court docs
@nyctophobian @YABOYLILB Not even close. I have lots of issues with America but that was completely and totally ineffective to affect change
Where the boys (and girls) are, circa 2014. :-) #socialmedia #marketing
Wow. How amazing. :D What I wouldn't give to see this in person.
RT @KCStar: Live tweets: Ferguson coverage, day two:
RT @Inc: Small businesses took the brunt of the riot damage in Ferguson last night @c_albertdeitch…
@delwilliams on hindsight it came out crass which I do regret. We forget not everyone is reading our minds & realizes it's venting.
#Ferguson Regarding the link on the National Bar Assoc. I posted. That is not THE national body we think of. It's a private group.
RT @DLeonhardt: What would North Dakota look like if its oil drilling lines were above the ground? This:…
@delwilliams Which I obviously feel is a wrong-headed belief.
@delwilliams it was in reference to my tweets of this morning actually, when a dude told me random acts of violence were okay for rioters
@delwilliams It was meant to be aggravating. I support the protestors of last night but condemn the rioters who caused harm to innocents.
@CGtheJediMaster Thank you. :D
Can I riot against my sports team because they have hurt my tender feelings??? Asking for a friend.
@Ekronberg I'm seriously gutted. I don't want to do this without you.
RT @Ekronberg: Thanks for everything Kansas City. It's been great being a part of the growing soccer culture in this community. Time for a …
@charlidean thanks you too. I have a strict no Black Friday shopping policy so don't really know what Mother & I will do Friday. Hmmmm
@charlidean thanks. It should be a hootenanny.

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