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RT @russfeed: Brazilian soccer player goes crazy, flips the finger to his own team's fans and gets red carded. #Like…
Discussion on the controversy surrounding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in #Indiana on @TheCrisisShow
I really WILL get to work today, just gotta do one more thing. Wind and all. #triathlontraining…
Brainfluence Podcast: Shankman, Kawasaki, and 8 More via Neuromarketing - Latest Brainfluence ...
The Most Definitive List Of Social Media Insights of 2015 | Via @thebrandbuilder an actionable list at last! #ROA
Want to Be More Attractive? Science Says Have a Drink. via Neuromarketing - Getting your business ...
@thebrandbuilder @MattNowak1 aww... hugsies. Wow. That word really doesn't suit me. Have a spoonful of Nutella & adjust something. :-)
@MattNowak1 @brettschulte haha!!! He didn't say goodbye to @thebrandbuilder though. #justsayin
It appears my question was fair as he ditched only us @MattNowak1 - LMAO!!!
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder actually, his blog covers more than branding. It's about his lifestyle and views. Thank heaven.
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder you would like to be alone with Olivier??
@thebrandbuilder check email for that thing before they send
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder it's his right to put forth whatever views he has on his own blog. You can look that law up.
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder you also threw a little fit because he wouldn't change his blog post as he didn't agree.
@mrobin032009 @thebrandbuilder I'm in a totally obnoxious mood too so that always helps. :D
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder you tweeted disparaging remarks to someone undeserving of them. Are you a bigot?
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder so just give up this stupid argument and go set a HuffPo alert to get all your info. We are busy.
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder you said NO religion is worried and that is flat not true. They are, others are & have been.
@brettschulte @MattNowak1 @thebrandbuilder AND that they will continue to raise concerns, do battle & don't know how civil courts would rule
@thebrandbuilder @MattNowak1 oh then clearly we're all safe :P

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