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Big news in my soccersphere... @MLS just announced Atlanta as the 22nd team!! They will join the fray…
@whereisciao We are trauma bonded forever! :-)
Why You Are a Complete Idiot If You Don't Google Yourself via Neuromarketing -
I've come to this conclusion: waffles are to fitness freaks, what bacon is to the rest of society.
RT @AdviceToWriters: Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet. ANONYMOUS #NaNoWriMo  #amwriting #writing…
@ralphlogan Lol!!! Touché. #nosql is actually #sql. #bumfuzzled
Customer service people if you make notes like "sissyboy" on your customer accounts, go get another job. #doucheville
@ralphlogan First no WordPress and now no Instagram. I'm bumfuzzled. :-)
@wunitedfc I'm at a birthday dinner eating cake! LOL! Ignore me.
@wunitedfc I don't know. I just liked what they did with the MLS coverage last year. They made us look like pros. I'm unhappy this year.
@wunitedfc NBC Sports. But then ESPN.
@SunnyC @simasays I dunno. It depends on whether or not the man enabled her still or did what he had to to get rid of her.
Ever been so hungry you're unfit to be around!? There's science behind being #hangry.
@ralphlogan I'm not an Instagram ho. I have two shirts on. ;P
I'm just going to have to accept the fact my bra is going to show all night at a birthday dinner. I find life's pesky details obnoxious.
Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation by Andy Beal via Neuromarketing - Book Review: ...
RT @JoeButson: Twitter agreed to acquire data partner Gnip, which resells social data. @carribugbee
@kathstraub @smashingmag TOTALLY. Lol! All my designs (for software) begin with random bits of sketches - sometimes on napkins.
RT @thequote: #ff @satyahanif If it is your dream, it's not whether you can accomplish it or not, but whether you want to. - Satya Hanif

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