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@CHodges_IA yes that's a bummer. I hope we fare better Sunday.
RT @SKCgameday: FULL TIME. @SportingKC falls to @SaprissaOficial 2-0 and is eliminated from the 2014-15 #CONCACAF Champions League.
RT @SKCgameday: 80' Angulo's free kick is saved well by Kronberg. Another corner for Saprissa, whose 20,000+ fans are in a frenzy. 2-0 #SAP…
@CHodges_IA I am literally terrified now. Lol!
@CHodges_IA they are taxing my Kronny. I hope Dom scores but also don't even want him in at all!!
@CHodges_IA how good is that team? Seems they are besting us just based on reading updates.
@CHodges_IA well it may not be an issue!
RT @SKCgameday: 48' @SportingKC needs a goal now. Saprissa is through to the quarterfinals if the result stands. 2-0 #SAPvSKC
@CHodges_IA is it early next year?
@tvlisanyc it has mostly seemed like 1-3 players even have a very physical game at all watching these royals playoffs
@tvlisanyc that's true too. One of the Royals games it occurred to me that to have similar result SKC would have left blood on the pitch.
@alainal121 @TheChad_KC at the moment I'm literally more concerned about getting the hell out of there with no more injuries tonight
@tvlisanyc no, not like baseball teams which play a ton of games but have a ton of players to do so. I don't know if other leagues have 22??
@CHodges_IA I bet Vermes has our farm teams on speed dial at this point.
@CHodges_IA bingo. And what does it bring anyone REALLY? World Cup I get. This & friendlies just extra stuff to do. What is the benefit?
RT @CHodges_IA: @KrisColvin This is nuts...if we lose Sunday and play in the 4/5 game we will have played 4 games in 12 days bc of CCL.
I am aware soccer is "different" than all other American leagues. And perhaps international leagues like for cricket. I don't effin know.
@TheChad_KC I get it. Still supremely annoying to have exhausted/broken players cuz of friendlies on top of cups on top of nationals et al
@SKCgameday I so hope for their sake and ours these injuries aren't too bad. But stretchers and not walking off sounds bad.
RT @SKCgameday: 44' The crushing blows continue. Juliao stretchered off with what appears to be a hamstring injury. Night ends early for hi…

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