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Smoking can increase your blood pressure. By cutting back, you can make a difference and move closer to #hearthealth.
Staying positive in all things can help you remain motivated, no matter what the task at hand is. #healthtip
Dive into this spinach and sun-dried tomato pasta to boost your #fiber intake while eating well! http://t.co/E3gvO8s0rT
Eating whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juices can help increase your #fiber intake.
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Raise a glass for a #healthyheart! In moderation, red wine can prevent blood clot formation and help prevent artery damage.
Berries are high in #fiber, so add some to your breakfast to start your day on the right foot!
Diets high in #fiber can flush toxins out of your body and improve the health and appearance of skin.
Have you had your eight 8-ounce glasses of water today? Drink up to stay #healthy. #healthtip

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Pure, natural psyllium fiber supplement.

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