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We have an improved about text - check it out here: http://klatcher.com/klatcher/about and give me some feedback! Cheers
Cultural Discoveries series: a beautiful short film on the Yellow Leaf People http://bit.ly/bynr8
Listening to David Meerman Scott - the new rules of PR and Marketing. This is double hot for Klatcher! Using ourselves to spread the word :)
klatcher will have a new slogan - "The best way to publish online". What do you think?
Latest fashion update from San Francisco: they are crazy. lol. http://ping.fm/pu3Y6
Nekomimi prepares Japanese plums: http://ping.fm/fv7nC
If you want to witness a speed miracle, go to www.klatcher.com. cheers!
FB connect is great. Impressed by the speed and strategic vision of the team.
Visual knowledge technology is coming: http://ping.fm/lxG0U
No, I am not standing idly while the publishing industry crashes. lol. Read this: http://ping.fm/wLMPT
StarTrek and Red Lantern were great - thanks to Michael and Techcrunch! And check out www.trapster.com, awesome stuff.
$20 in 60 minutes - that's the web3.0 :) http://ping.fm/N3pCF
Hey there! KlatcherV2.0 launches tomorrow - get a glimpse at klatcher.com before the press - and let me know what you think.
Did you check out the web3.0? http://ping.fm/OG2l8
Absolutely hilarious: http://ping.fm/cIkbH
New Klatcher is live - we would love feedback on the layout, functionality, & anything else you want to comment on :)
Hilarious (R rated language): http://ping.fm/wTe2R
Have you ever read a #book online? Why or why not?
Via @schnaars 6 Ways to Publish Your Own Book: http://bit.ly/IDR0q
True for you? "Every writer I know has trouble writing." ~Joseph Heller

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