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Just moved the family back to Southern New Hampshire from Northern Maine. The last couple of years have been, well, less than productive...
It's been a while since I last tweeted. Life is crazy. I'm in the process of starting up two new businesses and writing two exciting novels.
THE NEWTON PROPHECIES is now only $9.95 Please purchase my book Thanks!
THE NEWTON PROPHECIES is now only $9.95! The price on my novel has been lowered to help make my novel accessible...
My wife just got a new job so we're planning to move our family back to the city! CAN'T WAIT!!! =)
Reading The Haunting Within on (via @wibiya)
Here's a link to the book cover and synopsis of my next novel. Please help by letting me know your thoughts. Thank you!
@NathanBransford Your how-to article on writing query letters is very informative and was of great value to me. Thank you! =)
Here's a free look at one of the stories that will be part of my "Tales of Terror" compilation coming later this year!
@BloomsburyPress Certainly, ebooks will be flooded with ads, annoying interactive ads that will detract from the overall reading experience.
I've posted a story entitled, The Haunting Within which is part of a compilation entitled, Tales of Terror, coming soon!
@BloomsburyPress There have been ads in books (mainly paperbacks) going back as far as I can recall buying them... How is this news?
The Liahona Effect (A DiBianco Novel) Book Cover & Synopsis
@DrMommy I love your website! My wife is homeschooling our three small children and you offer some really helpful info. Thank you =)
The Liahona Effect is Keith's second novel, and is slated for a 2012 release and will be available at
The Newton Prophecies is Keith's debut novel, published in 2009 and available at and other fine book...
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Finishing a few last changes to my debut novel for the 2nd Edition. It's hard to believe how many problems I found, even after two editors.
RT @jonathanpappas: A real live must-watch 3min video via Isaac at @the_rumpus, "Project" by Lev Ylmaz Serious.

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I'm the author of The Newton Prophecies, a high stakes theological thriller. I live in NH with my wife and children and I am currently working on my next novel.

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