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RT @loljocks_grimey: Birmingham Bowl's website lets you know about the good local restaurants
@valleyshook @MusicCityBowl My thoughts:
RT @ramzy: Reminder that Marshawn Lynch had Most Beloved Athlete of 2014 locked up 10 months ago.
@JebusHChrist #drunj
@Chris_McKelvey “thanks for asking"
“Adam, you have a ton of things to do before my family arrives; why are you sitting there playing GTA5?” “Thank you for asking."
RT @bcondotta: Here's the transcript of Marshawn Lynch's post game interview.
RT @smartfootball: #26 might just retire after this
RT @xmasape: 💯
@gothlaw just noticed your avatar. It’s hypnotic and terrifying.
@Rob_Huddleston Yes! Much more like it.
@melanietpa That is far nicer than anything i expected to hear.
Some thoughts on the whole Jameis Winston ruling and what it means moving forward.
RT @BarrettSallee: Chad Kelly arrested in scuffle with police
RT @edsbs: Mark Barron stars in this week's Breaking Madden: IRL Edition.
@midtownbuck Tomorrow now, man. Pushing back a day.
@KohneysKorner I was waiting for your response. You did not disappoint.
RT @WorldofIsaac: The Bears ran a corner an offensive lineman...on fourth down. Is this real life?
Healthy Reggie Bush has be diving into video vault, watching the Fresno State game in its entirety.
RT @ChrisBurke_SI: Santa Mooch getting @richeisen in full Harbaugh mode:

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