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“They let me park at the stadium now. But I still have to pay.” - David Blatt, Eastern Conference champion
@eric_theorange he’s actually been fun to watch. Probably their third best hitter!
@pink_funk @BenKercheval yesssssssss
@BenKercheval @pink_funk yes and yes. That about says it. Some fun games against ND/Clemson.
@pink_funk Let’s call it forced optimism to lighten the blow
@kensing45 @pink_funk This would not be Paul’s jam, no doubt.
@pink_funk Ya know, I’m actually digging through their roster for a video tomorrow and I strangely mean it I think maybe sorta
Have no fear, Atlanta. Help is coming.
@keithredding Can’t wait to butcher the usage on this thing
@keithredding That sounds… about right. Great damn idea. I’ll squeeze a baby in there somehow
@RNfromBama I have no idea what this means. I have zero to do with this topic. It's an opinion like yours.
@BrandonRush @LandThieves I actually think this discussion has some weight to it. This camp thing though is just damn stupid.
@DanWolken have to.
@MarktheNomad yes and boredom
I cannot believe we're still talking about satellite camps. It is this year's tempo discussion but worse.
@celebrityhottub pretty good #brand work imo
The whole damn defense pretty much got a hand on him.
RT @BarrettSallee: Nick Saban Warns of SEC Becoming a "Farm System" If Rules Aren't Changed
@E_ROCK12 awesome
@Pile_of_Derp thumbs up emoji

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