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RT @Riley_Blevins: BREAKING: NCAA officials in town today to question Laremy Tunsil's stepfather as part of an Ole Miss investigation http:…
@BrandonBDavis thank you, my man.
@UOPintens You had me for a while.
@TheMikeLjubsa that's what i'm saying
@realBJP I also enjoy golf, which this strangely appeals to also
I have watched this about 10 times. Come back, football.
deGrom with the Mets' best hit in weeks.
Watch Parker Bourdreaux announce his future college by pulling a 16,000-lb bus. Crootin'.
@Pile_of_Derp In fairness, I only drunk hit that guy with my putter because he was kind of a dick. According to sources.
@Pile_of_Derp thanks buddy.
@Pile_of_Derp But I will take it. Now you know me from everyone else not trying to be at all like me.
@Pile_of_Derp yeah, dude. The "verified" requirements have clearly taken a turn for the worse. haha.
@Pile_of_Derp what the hell is that
@Kenyon19_BR @BarrettSallee Oh I will pass along said homerdom.
@BarrettSallee done and done, my friend.
@BarrettSallee roll damn tide, buddy. So happy for you and Nancy.
@Pile_of_Derp I have not stopped watching yet either. God what a gem that was.
RT @BenAxelrod: Urban Meyer’s July Homecoming
RT @BrandonHuffman: The most difficult piece I've ever had to write is this one right here...

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College football blogger, Vegas enthusiast, tailgater, & Hawkeye fan living in Chicago – I love bubble screens, fat guy touchdowns, and beer in bunches. Cheers.

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