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@scottrichardspt thank you, my friend
After seeing it a few more times, that Connor Cook cheap shot was brutal, man.
It returns. RT @rodger_sherman:
@joe34pitcher yes, yes that’s what happened!
In fairness to my ‘optimistic-over-Colorado’ tweet, I have been drinking wine.
@mattufford @celebrityhottub Feel like Team is big timing them with two different spots. Obviously locker room issue.
@Bart41CPA Need to rematch; that score was sorta shocking
@jon_bois @celebrityhottub Billy St. Hungry Man must really be hurt bad.
One rush for -42 yards. You should immediately be lifted from the field in a hot air balloon and taken to a candy store.
Amazing. RT @bubbaprog: THESE PEOPLE WON.
@AlfieBCC innnnnnn
Don’t know what you make the Florida St-Syracuse point spread. Oddsmakers should just write in “LOL” and everyone that bets gets a free taco
@WorldofIsaac SIR, SIRRRRRR. YES
Syracuse is being coached by 11-year-old me playing Madden, and I need more cheddar cheese gold fish.
@JaredMyracle hahaha
That sequence with the Arizona QB was basically when Kurt Russell walked out into the gunfire in Tombstone and somehow didn’t get shot.
@MattBrownCFB Yep, I really like him. Still gonna be a while, but the building i fun

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