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"After the play, personal foul [moonwalks entire field, stopping for a smoke break every 10 yards] on No. 55 defense."
Best play of the night. RT @cjzero: Referee adds some style
@AlexSeiwert I dunno, man. My Twitter feed remembers plenty.
@K_A__B yeah, this game aint great
@jmnpb996 He looks like a different back to me this year. Much bigger, no longer just falling over.
UConn, meanwhile, is ballin’.
@TomahawkNation pumpkin aint played nobody
@VegasAggie they're trying, man. Lol
UConn running the pop pass to perfection; that's our cue to get drunk.
Bless you, East Carolina, for lining up under center on 4th and short. Please alert others.
RT @BR_CFB: VIDEO: Marcus Mariota gets the “Super Mariota” treatment.
UConn, just play dead. Maybe they'll forget you're there.
You, @MikelSevere, know how to celebrate. Thank you, kind sir for the necessary items to properly…
@eric_theorange She’ll make a video cameo this week!
This is how championships begin. RT @jwyattsports: New #Titans starting QB @mettshow. With a freshly shaved face
@Pile_of_Derp @peterberkes brb, getting lost in every tweet they've ever posted
RT @InTheBleachers: Talking about some CFB players who I've liked this year w/ @nfldraftscout Kessler, Shelton, Mauldin & Blake Bell http:/…

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College football blogger, Vegas enthusiast, tailgater, & Hawkeye fan living in Chicago – I love bubble screens, fat guy touchdowns, and beer in bunches. Cheers.

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