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@aarongernes … yet. (TY, sir)
@SportsCheetah @World_Wide_Wob Been in and out of stream writing, but this sounds great
@DakotaBell8 We were talking about this tonight. I think it will be tough, but again, game itself will matter. Probably 3rd behind OSU/UNC
@eric_theorange Thanks buddy! Indy should be wild next week.
@DakotaBell8 I think we find out more on Tuesday night. Also think it matters how game goes (Ohio State last year)
@aarongernes If this is truly a business decision - and it probably will be partially - then it won’t be too hard.
I wrote about Les Miles and the week that was.
@CSMcElhenney It’s actually a super fascinating name. At this point, I don’t know how he doesn’t
@JosseeOlee lol, riding a football high right now.
@saintwarrick If they win big, we have our chaos.
@saintwarrick That is the interesting one, man. Honestly, that’s why Tuesday is really big.
@JosseeOlee Not locks at all, but given the state of Florida I will start in ACC and move down from there, ha.
@TeamSpeedKills @cfn_ms Yeah, it would be huge. Weird shit certainly could happen, I suppose. But man...
Clemson is interesting next week. A) They probably win. B) The protocol if they don’t could be wild.
@cfn_ms Man, I just don’t see it after today, lol. But yeah.
@ConradKaz Great question. Think committee would consider it. Very tough.
The selection committee has to be thrilled with results tonight. Next week, with the exception of Clemson, pretty much locked in.
@aarongernes @NDEddieMac absolutely. This whole things has strangely come together perfectly for committee
@NDEddieMac awesome year. Shitty tonight, but man they were exceptional. And in reality, it might not matter, man.
RT @edsbs: Kekaula DOMINATING this ULM/Hawaii call:

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