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Kevin Durant just looked like he was dunking on an 8-foot rim.
@ZachAFT aint that the truth. There’s always arizona.
@ZachAFT That picture accurately sums up life as a Met fan, really.
@ZachAFT I love Colon. Also a Met fan.
omg RT @Lana: brb changing my phone background
Every swing is art. RT @CespedesBBQ: #BartoloAtTheBat
Just another Saturday. RT @BR_CFB: Alabama Crimson Tide Land 5 Blue-Chip 2015 Recruits on Saturday
[Stone cold beer slam] RT @mikefinger: Texas LB Steve Edmond, unprovoked: "I really don't like Baylor. I think they're trash."
I want to shake this golfer's hand.
GOODNESS. RT @Schottey: This is what a Mac and cheese waffle looks like. It tastes like pure joy.
RT @TJCarpenterWHB: Coming up in 5 minutes, we'll talk Mizzou football and more with @KegsnEggs on
@gheorghetheblog @ChrisVannini @peterberkes Oh the clique is unstoppable now.
@peterberkes YES SIR
@peterberkes clique game respect clique game.
@BarrettSallee #crimewave
RT @BSDtweet: MAUTI SMASH RT @Michael_Mauti: NCAA presidents, like politicians, are like diapers. They should be changed often, and for the…
RT @Rallo_331: #AskEmmert Why are you such a douche?
RT @Jay_Sanin: #AskEmmert Who was your favorite player to play as in NCAA Football '14? Mine was WR #7.
#AskEmmert probably sounded like a lovely idea in a production meeting, though.

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