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@CWofCCH For real, tho, This game has be super pumped.
@DVNJr awesome.
@AndrewRutberg man, it's like torture
Gonna be a neat Friday.
@MarktheNomad I was just thinking about this the other day. One day man
LRT: A synopsis
RT @AUGoldMine: Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele says opening opponent Clemson is 'very similar to what our offense does,' so that's a pl…
The "It's only three inches of snow but I better go shovel before it turns to ice" Air 4s.
@marcmorehouse outside maybe a commodity recruiter/coordinator, could argue it's most important voice. Feel like market is correcting
RT @marcmorehouse: 4. Doyle's first salary at Iowa was $56,000 in 1999. Try to conceptualize the changes in S&C in these 18 years. It's min…
RT @BarrettSallee: Watch Notre Dame Team Go Insane After Walk-on Is Awarded Scholarship via @bleacherreport
@gothlaw Spent about an hour with him. Pretty fascinating kid who has been through hell. God it would be fun to see him healthy.
@gothlaw I have a story coming on him soon. Saw him at practice. Still amazes how enormous he is, man. Looks like a linebacker.
@TeddyGreenstein thank you, my friend. Appreciate that.
@RDonnellyBG Everybody talked about getting clocked that first time, maybe a little weird at game speed. But after that, all systems go
@RDonnellyBG yes, and it got to the point where I unfortunately had to cut some things. RBs certainly appreciative. WRs too.
@RDonnellyBG thanks man!
RT @RDonnellyBG: If you haven't read this piece from @KegsnEggs, you're doing yourself a disservice. The future of football practice: https…
@BurritoBrosShit oh my god
Started writing the ultimate guide to the season tonight.

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