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RT @socialmedia2day: There are various ways to share your story on social https://t.co/JjAzBhpNac #smm
Implications for the players in the #gigeconomy - and get the other perspective via #ifyoudigitgigit by… https://t.co/k1tgF2BgH6
When was the last time you took on a new challenge? https://t.co/kH47VrlyBt
Learn the four main characteristics that helped me become braver professionally https://t.co/S82G3OpH5s
Complete our #survey to assess the #digital maturity of your organization as well as of yourself as a leader. https://t.co/RBOtwaMYRz
Paying due attention to others is tantamount to #career #success. https://t.co/PZOEmk6s72
Learn how @TriKro became a #DigitalLeader and starting a business during the recession. https://t.co/iDXHkPUwum
Are you looking to add more digital experiments to your leadership agenda next year? Great examples shared by my co… https://t.co/LXffq01Qfd
Take our #survey to better understand your organization’s position and aligned #leadership in the #VUCA world. https://t.co/RBOtwaMYRz
Situations that impede their team’s ability to focus and produce their best work. https://t.co/WDauVezpMV
How to increase #diversity of speakers for #conferences - with a dedication in selection and supporting with… https://t.co/6tvhwGc5P6
Take our #survey & get free personalized feedback to find out your organization’s position in our #digital world. https://t.co/RBOtwavnsZ
If you want to be happy at #work, have a life outside of it. https://t.co/9DmtFSJNnz
At #Audi Maria Stenstrom is making tremendous developments such as Audi Cam and Audi Unite. Follow her efforts here https://t.co/YOboBv2Nge
Take our #survey to learn the digital impact on business & leadership capabilities & its effect on your organization https://t.co/RBOtwaMYRz
Challenge that #leaders face in maintaining perceptions of fairness in their organizations https://t.co/5k9emLxYNK
.@swedbank has adapted to the #digitalworld by implementing #digital add-on services on top of existing channels, https://t.co/PNunTSPULz
Sense at Scale, Involve to Innovate & Align Actions? Take our #survey to learn how you fit into these as a #leader. https://t.co/RBOtwaMYRz
How to cut costs more strategically https://t.co/msbR1NZDAZ
Social #collaboration networks help users to become more inclusive https://t.co/48PbhP93B0

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Katy Caroan offers coaching services globally helping clients grow personally and professionally by boosting their personal brand and leveraging social media.

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