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@theSINGING_CHEF also like putting it in oatmeal!
@alanthomasdoyle Congrats on the book!!
@BethStern hard to say no to that face!
@karissasmile Ahhh, thank you! 😘 #TheKitchen
Hey y'all! Horsin' around on the beach in #Montauk @ Deep Hollow Ranch Beach & Trail Rides http://t.co/7kmJbKmSp5
@chefmarcela @MalloryLJustice @gzchef Maybe if #Fionula drank she wouldn't be so cranky? #thekitchen
@chefmarcela Really?!?!!! Congrats!!! #bumpwatch
@trumpetmo681 Not related, but hear that often! #TheKitchen
@tfou7707 @chefmarcela @gzchef @JeffMauro they were great! #thekitchen
@jennie0503 thank you! #thekitchen
Tune in!! RT @JeffMauro @KatieLeeKitchen @SunnyAnderson @gzchef @chefmarcela Hey guys please DVR my special #CandyCraze 2nite 9p|8c
@ftgrwfe @foodnetwork super easy! #thekitchen
@JulieAnnPoll @FoodNetwork fun, right?! #thekitchen
@mummy2366 @FoodNetwork thank you! #thekitchen
@wenchsg yay! #thekitchen
@lamorwv @FoodNetwork staple in my family too :) #thekitchen
@Cesca512 @FoodNetwork thank you!
@ScottErickson31 @chicapeas whole foods
@MalloryLJustice thank you! I get a manicure right before we film.... #thekitchen

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