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Good lord...somebody's gonna have to roll me out of this town 🍗❤️🍗❤️🍗#Charleston #friedchicken @… https://t.co/2tsJ6EIia1
Some #SouthernCharm with the Grande Dame of Charleston @pataltschul 🌴 @ Charleston, South Carolina https://t.co/cfooPNTz3v
The Charleston Nasty: fried chicken on a biscuit with cheddar cheese and smothered in sausage… https://t.co/Yt5C7pqKAz
Craving summertime? Try my Nutty Caramel Banana Daquiris! Recipe https://t.co/LaH3qxIVpM @lovemysilk #ad https://t.co/fL0cMY1esX
@SDonna123 @FoodNetwork I eat yogurt and granola and fruit every day for breakfast. My favorite!
RT @trin_gonzalez: @KatieLeeKitchen I finally made your BBQ chip crusted salmon tonight. #OMG
RT @Lis_Baum_: @KatieLeeKitchen I made your cauliflower alfredo sauce and it was absolutely delicious!! Love The Kitchen! #LoveAtFirstTaste…
#TBT Paris 2014 w/ suzanneclyon #LeGrandColbert at the table from nmeyers Something's Gotta… https://t.co/zRILfygbQv
I'm a *big* cat lady @thewcs 🐆 (yes he is a real cheetah and he is very sweet and gentle) https://t.co/Sdso5UJVkZ
The always dapper Mr. @gzchef! Fundraising for @foodbank4nyc, great organization that helps… https://t.co/j7BEHHf9YJ
@Xanthor @FoodNetwork Lol, I guess I do say that a lot!! #sooooogood
@foodcave looks fantastic!
@Mekitylove2 sorry wrong person! You can dry by hanging upside down
@paskievitchpics PIZZA🍕🍷
@ThatGirlLenna I do the Tracy Anderson Method workout
@EatFellowHumans loooooved your volcano! I want to come on your show next!!
@lorijackson294 @FoodNetwork I have to exercise like a mad woman
@paskievitchpics thanks!
@mikezas23 it was crazy good
@Mekitylove2 looks fantastic

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