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@ewdrew1977 @MollyBSims Ha! good one, thank you;)
RT @MollyBSims: Meet the gorgeous, smart and witty, @KatieLeeKitchen - an eater after my own heart! http://t.co/4393d57UN0 http://t.co/Z5pN

Thanks for the fun interview on your blog @mollybsims! http://t.co/uqQdLSEFkz
@LaurasKitchen @TODAYshow Great job! Food looked delicious
@S_Thompson0516 makes me so happy to hear that!
Soup and citrus. #voicepleasecomeback http://t.co/m88xHbHqrE
Word. RT @guarnaschelli I want a basket of hot fries with tons of ketchup.
@GwenBkesTheCake mmm I love that recipe! I might have to make it this week.... 😊
@peteyorn Skyline chili and Graeter's ice cream.... Cincinnati favorites!
@ericwilsonsays @InStyle mmmmm you've flung a cravin' on me now
@ericwilsonsays @InStyle Love reading your stories, my fellow West Virginian :)
@GPdogma looks great! Happy anniversary!
Ray Donovan, please come back very soon. I need season 3 as soon as possible. Thank you.
Wow, @hodakotb @cyndilauper @SaraBareilles mash up of True Colors/Brave for pediatric cancer has me in tears, RT pls https://t.co/qIa0UXlBdx
💗 mine! RT @KellyBehun chk out today's @tmagazine for @Gladwell brilliant take on my lazy susan - @sarahksilverman http://t.co/ezZSDjEzbV
@Rekie_San heeheeee couldn't resist! #thekitchen
@wildroadtripper ahhhhhh 😊 #thekitchen
@Debregardless @gzchef @SunnyAnderson @JeffMauro @chefmarcela happy birthday 🎂 #thekitchen
@EllynMariee super yummy! #TheKitchen
@__CarmenP @FoodNetwork thanks Carmen!! #TheKitchen

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