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RT @TheWCS: Powerful op-ed in @TrentonTimes: A dead elephant is a dead elephant is a dead elephant http://t.co/t3GvxGvVzu via @njdotcom
My Italian backyard....not too shabby ❤️ #puglia @ Borgo Egnazia http://t.co/o17h1u0omj
Cappuccino pit stop. Come si dice "jet lag" in Italiano? #Rome #Pantheon #caffeine http://t.co/s2KdMHoTwe
RT @amycapetta: Here's what @GDeLaurentiis @KatieLeeKitchen & other celeb chefs cannot live without! My fun #food piece on @TODAYFood http:…
RT @FoodNetwork: Learn how to enjoy a staycation from @GZChef @JeffMauro @KatieLeeKitchen @ChefMarcela and @SunnyAnderson http://t.co/a9vMc…
Leaving today for vacation....so sad to leave this face for a week. Snuggling her like crazy. #Fionula… http://t.co/3BgbX9CpSH
@304LaFamiglia Looks great!
@TawnyaHopkins @SunnyAnderson 👏👏👏👏👏👏
@jesshagadorn @foodnetwork 👏👏👏👏
@ladicozmo @aalucero @chefmarcela @gzchef @FoodNetwork Ha! Yeah!!! #thekitchen
@murley_monica Double what you'd normally do, so about 2 tablespoons coffee per cup of water
@EricaBauwens perfection! #thekitchen #summer
@lbangotti yes my mom told me, I hope it gets put out and everyone is safe
@sue_deagan Thank you so much! That makes me happy to hear 😘
@mrjoezee Great to see you too!! 😘😘😘
@GwynethJones Well aren't you just sweet as pie
Yeah, this is what it looks like when @bflay makes brunch. Just a little shrimp and egg paella, NBD.… http://t.co/LnX2aBAC5u
@TheJenuineLife @FoodNetwork beautiful! #thekitchen
RT @QVC: Foodie @KatieLeeKitchen told us today is all about shopping! #OCRFSuperSaturday http://t.co/COSshF7Pf7
@aalucero @chefmarcela @gzchef Recipe on @FoodNetwork website! #TheKitchen

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