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@thewtwilson @guarnaschelli Now you're talkin
100% agree RT @guarnaschelli I am a great lover of hundreds of cheeses. But for a burger? I'm not ashamed to say American cheese all the way
RT @FoodNetwork: The #BestBurgerEver is at _____. RT your favorite spot and see what restaurants made Best. Ever. with @ChopTedAllen, toni…
Time for #BestEverBurgers right now on @FoodNetwork πŸ”πŸŸπŸΊ
Snow puggy #pleasemakesomeyellowsnowsowecangoinside #juno #pugs β„οΈβ›„οΈπŸ’— http://t.co/6v65AG1qPL
@iRunDisney @FoodNetwork @JeffMauro Highly recommend buying a slow cooker. So many great things you can make w/out much work #TheKitchen
@cpage808Page Thank you!! #TheKitchen
@superkeenone @radrc I will suggest pepperoni rolls to my producers. I've been getting requests from my WV viewersπŸ‘ #TheKitchen
@tlayne40 ha! That's about what it looks like. Sausage sounds good!! #TheKitchen
@LaurasKitchen I watched it last night....can you believe it came out 23 years ago?!!
@vncmom yes I love the Rotel version!!! #TheKitchen
RT @FoodNetwork: Prep for the morning by drooling over the #BestBreakfastEver picks featured on the show: http://t.co/m4MnV6XO5t. http://t.…
@harshbarger80 @FoodNetwork there is nothing better on this planet than @franksredhot
@papat247 our crew and audience ate it! #TheKitchen
What's on your #SuperBowl menu for next week?
@BunnyGurl thank you 😘😘 #TheKitchen
@JulieAnnPoll ha! That's right πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ #TheKitchen
@BunnyGurl @SunnyAnderson @chefmarcela so yummmm! #TheKitchen
@jennie0503 @FoodNetwork thanks for watching #TheKitchen!
@GeneVatow thank you!! #TheKitchen

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