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RT @pbmax77: Windows 10 gets four new games from @Game_Insight http://t.co/2025prSZRB via @GamesBeat
"In the future, health care likely to be 2 parts data, 1part doctor." Or better yet, great data with a great doctor https://t.co/2ZfXqqPL0w
From America to Europe and now to Asia, @freedompop's footprint expands. Story by @kfitchard https://t.co/6WdDxd2Vdl
This company is on fire - @Freedompop raises additional funding to bring free voice, data, text to even more people https://t.co/xR8itMnz2F
@ormiga you are too funny
@johnny2004 nice to hear from you!
Oncologists have long-wished they could diagnose and track the progress of cancer simply by looking at patients’... http://t.co/YLgNTwCic7
"..this award provides encouragement to women everywhere to realize their full potential." - Congratulations! https://t.co/CRL2NLZH9V
Whether you're in need of a pick up to perk up or a fastrack to a chilllout this may be for you. WSJ reviews @Thync https://t.co/owXGfVFAfD
Sharing my personal story on how this man changed the rest of my life. Thank you @HNSurgeon https://t.co/6AeRZfzPJG @StanfordHealth
Why Windows 10 is so important to Microsoft's future http://t.co/WPU2QBTfjA by @bajarin on @Techland
Will Shanklin of @Gizmag tests out @thync "One of the most exciting new tech products of 2015" http://t.co/FmHnif5gNA
Stay calm and shop on - @Thync now available at @Amazon https://t.co/VuchFZOYyB
Thanks for the good vibes @thync! #happy #thyroid #healing http://t.co/bVJoyqyhVe
Best #thyroid surgeon in the world - and I know from first hand experience Dr. Chris Holsinger @thyroidsurgeon at @StanfordHealth
Liquid Biopsy the Key to ‘Active Surveillance’ of Cancer, says @helmy_L2K of @GuardantHealth http://t.co/UVGWKkLepk via @WSJ
From neuroscience to mainstream America, @thync is building waves of momentum. @isythync on TV again! http://t.co/3aic4EsoXF
Save money on wireless bills and get rewards too? Sounds good @FreedomPop ! https://t.co/MKWUToYf80
What a dashing model, don't you think @mdelavina ! https://t.co/c8Ob4Zr4D9
Opened up my @USATODAY to see this feature on @thync by @johnshinal with photos of @isythync and @jamiethync - Sweet! http://t.co/LD0DWGZy8m

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Co-founder of PR/social media firm Consort Partners. Runner, artist, hospice volunteer, foster mom, model, handicapped dog owner

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