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@mashable writes "Brain-Sensor Wearable Headbands De-Stress You in Minutes" (wait for @thync to arrive!) http://t.co/HqSlpDcngc
Wearable tech to hack your brain @thync http://t.co/smQz8UxYgp by @kelly_heather @cnntech
The Most Popular DIY Halloween Costumes This Year, According To @Pinterest http://t.co/iymPCcSxXO via @sai
It's Dictionary Day & @Dictionarycom launched a new app "with a luxuriance of lexical treats for logophiles" http://t.co/UnT0RAFFUt @CNET
So cool @TheHunt will be featured on @SXSW New SXstyle panel w/ @polyvore @michelleapersad @eliza_pb #fashion #style http://t.co/c9rkGEYD5n
Hollywood special effects artist Meredith Johns shares her zombie making secrets http://t.co/lsnuI5pTS9 via @glam_com @pinterest
Forget Exercise; This Fitness Tracker from @mylifetrak Just Wants You To See the Sun http://t.co/588EOJdvbs on @gizmodo
@TishinD @mattwallaert @Microsoft @thync @bing @jamiethync absolutely #wearables #neurosignaling #tech
RT @jamiethync: WSJ Daily Startup: @thync plans to launch 1st wearable to enable users to change their mental state http://t.co/dOBhRAYlWE …
RT @ZuliHome: "Zuli’s system is deceptively simple, but it’s very powerful." - @brownieshq for @pcworld & @TechHive http://t.co/04L7cjmrrb
@ZuliHome Smartplug shrinks geo-fencing to room-fencing, for precision control of your home lighting system http://t.co/sQhYY9UrQ5 @TechHive
Track your health like a future astronaut with @mylifetrak http://t.co/zj1oDBw80F on @usatoday by @johnshinal
RT @BradStone: Thync, the Latest Khosla-funded startup, is gonna blow your mind: http://t.co/chTrtbNaXS via @BW
RT @vkhosla: Thync To Change Your Mood With Ultrasound; vibes of the future to come? Will see more SW replace chemicals/drugs http://t.co/N…
New headset could mimic the effects of drugs on the brain @thync http://t.co/m613mt2bot via @MetroUK
Cybersecurity Startup @Zenedge Emerges From Stealth With Funding http://t.co/ukSissV4SD via @WSJ
#YovoApp Is Like Snapchat, But It Scrambles Screenshots http://t.co/qlGZgGPbbq via @mashable
RT @YOVOapp: Another great piece by CNBC on #Yovo. We make privacy more social. http://t.co/JKTR4SDk8r @Bruno_J_Navarro #yovoapp yovoapp
This Startup Raised $13 Million To Create A Gadget That Simulates The Effects Of Coffee http://t.co/g3UVlQBMmF @sai @thync @LisaEadicicco
RT @thync: Thync attracts $13 Million in funding led by @khoslaventures http://t.co/lhZ1Ksn3h5 #investors #funding #technology

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Co-founder of PR/social media firm Consort Partners. Runner, artist, hospice volunteer, foster mom, model, handicapped dog owner

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