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RT @pbmax77: First-ever released consumer data on whiskey preferences from @drinkdistiller http://t.co/ks6w0EBsRS via @JoannaFantozzi at @t…
@waynefreedman Back at'cha. Thanks for the report in the rain. You're a real pro. http://t.co/rZntx9Xmwg
What a friendly wave @waynefreedman! #rainyreporting Hope u can come in and dry off soon http://t.co/PaJ88aUeKh
@WayneFreedman oooh!!! Anticipation. I'm on the edge of my seat
@WayneFreedman and we even got to see you without your glasses on live TV ;-)
@ashedge @thync what an honor to be energized with Mr #milliondollararm
@WayneFreedman "human rain gauge" - lol!
RT @TravlandLeisure: Trends for 2015? Ask @Pinterest: http://t.co/U9JVSqj3FX http://t.co/dQEoXXgZIt
@LaithAgha @marinij Good luck Laith!
@CNNJustin hope you got my email. Thx for reaching out. It's still raining! #noahsarcsiliconvalley
Started to paint this a couple years ago and never finished it... but today it caught my eye because… http://t.co/2WRdHHsPG4
"Ask a Neuroscientist: 3 Tips for Battling Stress During the Holidays" on @LinkedIn https://t.co/QbN1aVxFPb from @jamiethync
Healthy Holiday Gift Guide from @livestrong features @mylifetrak http://t.co/9QOCaVCPrV
#sananselmo #stormageddon #ghosttown @ Town of San Anselmo, CA http://t.co/F6jKoTcblM
@jswartz who cares about #stormageddon when you have #wineageddon :-)
@YOVOapp on @TeenVogue Ensuring Social Media Doesn't Prevent You From Getting Into Your Dream College http://t.co/Ub2FWFjvd4 @fawnianewyork
The Best Places To See Holiday Lights, According To @Pinterest http://t.co/lNzRtjEdnd via @sai
Innovation for 2015 --> RT: @guardian A mood-changing headset, @thync, that uses electrodes to perk you up http://t.co/fsVF1ubjR7
RT @guardian: The ketogenic diet: high fat, high hopes http://t.co/qQUsYUaSWW
A mood-changing headset, @Thync, that uses electrodes to perk you up http://t.co/txH9QOch0D in @ObsMagazine by @ZoeCorbyn

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Co-founder of PR/social media firm Consort Partners. Runner, artist, hospice volunteer, foster mom, model, handicapped dog owner

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