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@THErealDVORAK you said "everything stinks" when you write happy... get it? hahaha (okay, I thot it was funny)
@THErealDVORAK Don't fart when you write ;-)
How to Pick a Cellphone Plan for Traveling Abroad - check out @freedompop in this NYT article http://t.co/BI9lEKYZla
"For 2 minutes each day, start work by writing a positive e-mail or text praising or thanking one person you know." https://t.co/gpPVkZyBB0
We're all thrilled too :-) @mdelavina @jillianrountree @aborlinghaus @consortpartners https://t.co/8FrZZ9MI8H
Advances in #PrecisionMedicine with #liquidbiopsy https://t.co/p2EiywbNvf
Now I really can find out if those jeans make my butt look fat ;-) https://t.co/5XWZ6uiPbN
.@theHunt let's millions of people tell u if that outfit will impress the one person that matters http://t.co/WNSxLTDZX1 @allure_magazine
@RileyWalkery @GuardantHealth Well I hope I'm one of those women!
Lung biopsies are painful; liquid biopsy w/blood is easier - @GuardantHealth liquid biopsy being used by NCI SWOG http://t.co/jt8JBOVsMA
The hype of the "Internet of Things" may actually undersell the full potential https://t.co/Dpu9654Zrs
@isythync @Thync I'd like a Calm Vibe with @GBguitar singing, "They say the neon lights are bright on broadway" https://t.co/sXVRitfZBg
6 Pieces Of Wearable Tech - including @Thync - To De-stress Your Mind And Make You Feel Calmer http://t.co/d30qUbsOse via @marieclaireuk
I like my @MyLifeTrak for these reasons too https://t.co/FtNQYE4B28
@ob_kc Like a big cozy chair after a marathon!
Very excited to see @isythync explaining the story behind @thync on @RiskRewardFBN with @DeirdreBolton today http://t.co/dgbIg4oHQi
The look of a suppressed sympathetic nervous system (in other words, looking relaxed) thanks to @thync https://t.co/CKhYygB1oA
This @theMotleyFool reporter is switching to @freedomPop from @tmobile to save about $800 Per Year http://t.co/52kWiMHhq7
Who doesn't like free stuff for summer? @MyLifeTrak has an easy way to score a beach bag filled with goodies http://t.co/dFqqqIJU81
From acquision offers to $30 million funding - @FreedomPop makes its move; raises Series B led by @partechventures https://t.co/oYFDW4FYwN

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Co-founder of PR/social media firm Consort Partners. Runner, artist, hospice volunteer, foster mom, model, handicapped dog owner

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