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Happy Monday morning!
@RobCook When you're ready, be sure to give me a call. I can show you how having a VA is more profitable than hiring an employee.
@RobCook While it's not my specialty, there are many Virtual Assistants that can help with blog and SEO work.
back from my business trip and definitely appreciating my 2 minute commute (after stopping in the kitchen for Coffee).
@werdna63 Thanks Andy. Big changes coming through my life, and it's SCARY!
@RobCook Which would makes you more money? Selling property or admin work? How much is it worth to you to not do admin work and sell instead
@JessRS Sometimes it takes great COURAGE to ASK. Could it be the fear of NO? Quite the connundrum, wouldn't you say?
wondering what the Universe is telling me with all these messages about change.
RT @barefoot_exec'Don't be afraid of change. Be afraid of staying the same. Still water gets stagnant. Let's make WAVES!" ~Carrie (Timely!)
@DarleneVictoria Details - re: iTunes. I want to run and subscribe. I love your podcasts Darlene! Your passion really shines through
@RobCook Many RE Agents find that once they have a VA, they can't do without one. When you're ready, lets talk.
@RobCook What do you mean: wishing I had some n00b assistant to do this sort of task? do you have Admin staff that can assist you?
@JessRS Doesnt' hurt to ask = if you don't ask, the answer is ALWAYS NO.
Packing for a business trip, wrapping up loose ends.
@clutterdiet Ah, but wouldn't the boxes/bins/baskets just overflow looking more cluttered than ever?
Are you passionate about what you do for a living? http://budurl.com/sckp
@KellyWilliamsVA You'd be surprised how fast the time goes. One minute they're a cute little curly top next they're all grown up in the Army
@KenaRoth They do grow fast. Cherish this time with them. Yours are at the fun age, before they 'know it all'. When they do HIRE THEM!
@KellyWilliamsVA @KenaRoth try having one graduating college! I feel downright ancient sometimes, and sometimes younger than the kid!
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