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Battery Park Friday night https://t.co/1OnsAxIyN2
@WhiteHouse What a bunch of scam artists. President Koch told you to say this
@Evan_McMullin @deejay90192 @GOP won't separate from @realDonaldTrump they all work for President Koch
RT @timkaine: The moment when @GovernorVA realized the @ramusaorg volunteer he was thanking was me https://t.co/4g9Qbel55j
RT @womensmarch: Roll call: RT if you marched on January 21st! #6MonthsSinceWomensMarch 📷: Greg Nash https://t.co/JIvNf295sz
RT @altNOAA: Trump is nominating a talk radio host to head #science at USDA. There is a congressional rule stating a scientist is suppose t…
RT @lad: This is the best video ever https://t.co/K065H6RJfQ
#FollowFriday @JCLRRA @anagramcat6 - top engaged members this week :) >> Want this 🆓? https://t.co/HkSpElhI3T
Way to go, Mooch. @NRA https://t.co/Om9BeWYBAy
@mmurraypolitics @SusanVermazen @mitchellreports I hope so but all I've seen so far is kissing the ring
RT @maddow: I have covered a lot of marches and protests in my life -- footage of this one is still astonishing to me. https://t.co/viM3Rqc…
#SixMonthsSinceWomensMarch we need to march again, sisters! https://t.co/qcljH2zUf6
@PressSec @POTUS @realDonaldTrump You should've left a long time ago
RT @MaxineWaters: Mar-a-Lago requests permission for more foreign workers during "Made in America" week https://t.co/z04dHfBEUB
@Scaramucci @CheriJacobus @MittRomney What a sleazy used car a salesman, deceit drips off of you
RT @didikins4life: Time to turn off #FoxNews & assess what is happening for yourself..they don't care one bit what happens to you or yours.…
RT @Scaramucci: "@infovestment: @Scaramucci if Hillary keeps this up,she might be back in play for 2016...." I hope she runs, she is incred…
@JordanUhl Omg what a disaster this press conference is. Football? Basketball?

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