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#moocards https://t.co/yCA11Eh4YB
Quinta do Fortunato / José Luís Veloso https://t.co/r77bUW779n via @archdaily
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Flowers lines" https://t.co/NYjFPik7XS
#azulejos #tiles #vianadocastelo https://t.co/Ioq7jsutfU
Just posted a photo @ Porto, Portugal https://t.co/7FKhMDbdE4
Flower lines #flowers #ipadprodrawing #blacknwhite_perfection https://t.co/lIIYBy824M
Glitter flower #flowers #drawing #ipadprodrawing https://t.co/u08Bk4Ix0M
Judo Vianense #judo https://t.co/xjUE59LcnV
Gostei de um vídeo do @YouTube de @gelliclash https://t.co/spdkJ0PE33 DECK DO BAÚ ÉPICO TROLL - CLASH ROYALE
Just posted a photo @ Monção https://t.co/wz4IJVn6iD
Just posted a photo https://t.co/pg2yDn4XMI
@erinillustrates if you have some time please just have a look thanks https://t.co/njLfhM1ijQ
https://t.co/njLfhMiTbo https://t.co/q7TSCEqdvc
Just posted a photo @ Monção https://t.co/YjBsFs4GpJ
Just posted a photo https://t.co/nAfGfR3OTI
Just posted a photo @ Viana do Castelo, Portugal https://t.co/gtn92pKpTa
Just posted a photo @ Viana do Castelo, Portugal https://t.co/enKCFzecSS
#AdobeLive embroidery flowers https://t.co/xDUMBoNGE7
#AdobeLive made on Draw https://t.co/hS0JSb5c56
#AdobeLive Slam dunk score https://t.co/YzpTlyX9oQ

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Designer, movieAolic, comicAolic - Love to see, love to listen, love to think.

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