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@LeafyIsHere There better be a new video soon. Or I'll have to flay a clown and smoke his skin with some alien herbs to get positive vibes.
@JesseCox Hey Jesse, Will there be a video from your visit at CD PROJEKT RED and if so when? Thank you for the answer in advance :-)
@xPearse I guess that is true, but still. I did not felt such connection with characters ever. It felt so good seeing them happy in OVAs.
@xPearse Thank you very much. I watched anime and OVAs and need more. I wonder how is it possible there is not more attention to this :-)
@xPearse Hi, I do not know who else to ask. Upon starting Hirugashi...Hou with your translation. Where can I found original story and Kai?
@HotlineMiami @OVERKILL_TM Well, not for all. Just for those who buy it on Steam right? I like Payday 2, but I´ve chosen GOG over Steam.
RT @Heroes_Nexus: Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway #heroes
RT @GreenManGaming: WIN EVERY SINGLE MAJOR PC RELEASE OF 2015! Just RT and follow @GreenManGaming to enter this incredible competition htt…
Win a Fusion Yogsblast Lite signed by the Yogscast!
@coryhudsonjones Nice set2 spoilers:) I only wish there was some flavor texts:( Maybe spoil just flavor text next time for theorycarfting?:)
@hacky Love your HEX streams. Great play, great commentary and great interface of stream. Thank you for that :)
@locust9 All loot bags stacked on one place. New player came in, took one of them and just ran away... "Fooled you guys!" ah, memories...
@locust9 Ok, this dlc is pretty awesome and those snipers in the hills are nightmare.... and of coarse....fog....fog is cool
@locust9 I am listening to Payday 2 soundtrack while waiting... I am still amazed how good it was implemented in the game. Great tension.
@JesseCox @Ortega120 I do not know how it looked inside but when it is full and you have just one waiter for 20 tables you have to expect it
@GOGcom Hello, how much time until the Shadow Warrior can be downloaded?
@JesseCox Just finished new Amnesia. Not so scary but the story is really great. Pretty mind-blowing. You should give it a try.
Damn, chance to get #GAX goodies thanks to #HEXtcg and #mushwocky . Might as well give it a chance.
HEX giveaway at @HexVault !

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