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RT @lynismael: Borrowed my husband's dress shirt and turned it into a skirt. Thanks @karenbritchick for the inspiration! #selfpor… https://…
RT @notesbyastylist: Love a good @karenbritchick vid... https://t.co/0GK0ynaZTw via @YouTube
19 Killer Pieces On Sale (this went from $70 to $20) >>> https://t.co/X5F8PaHPh2 #youarewelcome https://t.co/UttEr8gZ0I
It Girl Guide To Style Vintage Clothes >>> https://t.co/sko1XkMGIg https://t.co/MecjBsbbM2
RT @windjammerstl: The most magical rainbow captured by @karenbritchick! https://t.co/unOcPJ82Q1
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Ahhh 😍😍😘😘😘 https://t.co/2NOFwBaNjX
Kermit's bit of fluff dress @shopwhowhatwear https://t.co/j2RlTucFJK
This is definitely not New York. Nor London. More on Insta stories 🙌🏽 https://t.co/LI1GcVeMbN
@Ms_SallyJ karen@wheredidugetthat.com
When your black floral jeans go on sale for about 70% off: https://t.co/gL6jg5FtdM https://t.co/zprlpEnD4Q
Almost unreal when we saw it 🌈 https://t.co/sKBeR6MZAd
RT @MimiandWeesse: @KarenBritChick 🙌🏻 your latest video is soooooo good!! Your enthusiasm for style in infectious! Loved all your picks for…
RT @Channel4News: Simone Veil, the iconic feminist politician who legalised abortion in France after surviving Auschwitz as a child, has di…
Mini bags and giant earrings on Where Did U Get That >>> https://t.co/X5F8PaHPh2 #newpost https://t.co/QpBgAVCeJy
RT @iamMichaelMarrs: Beautiful morning in paradise with @karenbritchick . #caribbean #vacation #travelgram… https://t.co/SxCoLtHbLq
RT @backpackstlucia: @karenbritchick's normal life is like being on holiday . . . . #travelwriter #travel… https://t.co/Y8YApHFmDH
The Honeymoon That We Never Had Finally Happened: https://t.co/X5F8PaHPh2 cc. @windjammerstl https://t.co/CswHL8b0Um
14 Ways To Look Good In The Heat uploaded to my YouTube: Karenbritchick #youarewelcome https://t.co/2SgWbbP3wI
Just checked into Paradise. More on Insta stories #windjammer https://t.co/uqAlv8KCaQ

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British blogger obssessed with shopping and fashion in New York.

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