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Those who commit idolatry are those who worship their evil inclinations and bow before their egos
Man is egoistic, that is why the spiritual is perceived as negative
The natural course of things, the different parts of our desire (internal and external, me and others) collide... http://t.co/OGe5YUgbCW
Every time we step up the #spiritual ladder, it represents a layer of concealment of the quality of #love & bestowal that is removed
Each #spiritual pleasure means committing a completely #altruistic bestowal regardless of yourself
"Love is when you don't pay any attention to yourself, you take the desires of another person and try… https://t.co/GrrRjQvRd0
"We live in the state of infinity, which is constant, and all the changes take place in us." #Change… https://t.co/Wul9WhONmW
Everything that happens to us between #life and #death is a consequence of what takes place in the spiritual worlds
According to Kabbalah, if you want to be free, you must stop being concerned about going deeper into yourself and... http://t.co/ZDN4KMoaGM
There are five filters, called "five worlds," around the person which conceal the quality of #love & bestowal
By #God, we usually refer to a higher power in general, the design of creation as it is expressed in any level
Like any other #science, in order to study #Kabbalah, one must be aware of the language and terms
The Right Research - Kabbalah Moments Questioning the Meaning of Life? New to Kabbalah? Sign Up to a Live... http://t.co/7AYZ1hnTnG
People are powerless to change their nature of absolute egoism, let alone transform it into something completely... http://t.co/iymYsZn5Db
Attaining the Worlds Beyond Rav Michael Laitman PhD #audiobooks #KabbalahInfo #MichaelLaitman Here is… https://t.co/yuM34tcIdb
Imagine being in perfect connection with everyone all around the world, and then you can start getting an idea of what #spirituality is
If we exist in the closed system of nature, our desires and our thoughts are also part of this system and they... http://t.co/GTyp8cNUWX
What does "being in #control" mean? It means that I know what is going to happen in the next moment
Questioning the Meaning of Life? New to Kabbalah? Sign Up to a Live Authentic Kabbalah Course =>... http://t.co/24yGAeeaN0

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