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When you delve deep inside your own nature in all its lowness, you'll understand why it's natural to be fooled by it http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
When a person reaches a certain level, it determines one's every wish, thought, plan and mistake http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
The attraction toward spirituality begins when a person begins to feel the quality of love & bestowal http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
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The greater the resemblance to the quality of bestowal and love, the more one feels that quality http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
You cannot attain even the smallest spiritual degree without an effort "beyond human ability" http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
Live Kabbalah Course Starts Wednesday April 15. Reserve Your Spot >> http://t.co/E7SwS8ATvH #FreeCourse #Spirituality http://t.co/QEjRsqqmtn
We change to the extent that we discover the other world that exists around us http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
We should devote our lives to others. We must constantly struggle and engage in self-analysis in… https://t.co/SEESGygcw9
Practically speaking, all of our songs about love, our poetry and all our emotions; all this is our… https://t.co/DFM1hBlOJL
The Zohar expresses the system of Nature's laws that flow down in a cause and effect chain from one… https://t.co/6Ahmt9G1hM
The natural, genuine development of each of us should be gradual, in accordance with our understanding of the world http://t.co/bK3y4xzE7l
If you were given a desire to advance spiritually, you'll develop a unique approach to life & people http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
Anyone can study #Kabbalah http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
#Wisdom #Spiritual #Kabbalah | Get started with a free Kabbalah course => http://t.co/DFpXVuK6ko http://t.co/PRqwoDhdP8
How to Shift from Predetermination to Free Choice: Egoism Stands in the Way of Our Spiritual Advancement We c... http://t.co/TcgPqulAoI
When we correct the will to receive, we find that this is the only way to climb to the next degree http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
Kabbalah for the Student | #Kabbalah #Spirituality #studybook | Find more @ http://t.co/4qtbHEPV2H |… https://t.co/tnf4eM2mwr
Uniting in a time of crisis will require recognizing life’s force & a mutual effort to cooperate and… https://t.co/Lh1nLqIGnl
Philosophy has placed a lot of effort into proving that the corporeal is produced by the spiritual,… https://t.co/mrjecj8EQq

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