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Why Today Everyone Must Reveal the Concealed Spiritual Reality: There are 2 Forms of Spiritual Development Th... http://t.co/gH4vZpHyVO
When we discover that extra sense within, we begin to feel a wider world around, to see the #meaning of #life >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
Humanity's evolution is like an individual's evolution: evolving through infancy, childhood, adolescence & adulthood: http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
TONIGHT'S LESSON: Who Are You? Where Did You Come From? Where Are You Headed? >> http://t.co/aUrMbTnKUQ
Nitzavim-VaYelech (Standing-Moses Went) – Weekly Torah Portion: Deuteronomy, 29:9-30:20; 31:1-31:30This Week’... http://t.co/iq9EAl2NO2
#Kabbalah is the method for the discovery of the additional sense >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
At a certain point in their evolution, people must feel an inner need for spiritual development >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
We humans are the only ones with the ability to discover in ourselves that hidden sense and develop it >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
What Everybody Ought to Know About Attaining Spirituality in This Life: What the Creator Is Reality consists ... http://t.co/sjxv51DBWA
We need another sense, a sixth sense, to discover what we cannot feel with the other five senses >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
Is it possible to feel everything around us? >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
We ask "What is the meaning of #life?" more acutely because the pains of the world only increase over time >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
Want to Develop Your Sixth Sense? Read This: The Need for Additional Senses to Sense the Spiritual Reality To... http://t.co/aHdB6cfOZ1
Did you miss the 1st lesson in the Free #Kabbalah Course last night? Download it free & continue with the course >> http://t.co/1TpTZjt7Cn
The question "What is the meaning of #life?" grows more & more acute with each passing generation >> http://t.co/CSohL96M8Z
Did you miss the 1st lesson in the Free #Kabbalah Course last night? If you did, u can download it here for free >> http://t.co/1TpTZjt7Cn
The whole idea of #Kabbalah study is to develop a #soul - http://t.co/oVEHKablg6
We don’t have a soul for the time being - http://t.co/oVEHKablg6
You refer to the Creator as “Him.” Is that just a matter of speech or does it have a specific gender? http://t.co/E7SwS8ATvH
What does #Kabbalah say is the way to have a relationship? - Question from the http://t.co/E7SwS8ATvH that aired tonight

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