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Kabbalah is a wisdom and a science open to every person without any restrictions. #Wisdom #Science… https://t.co/OQolHVEjrP
The wisdom of #Kabbalah doesn't deal with meditations, prophecies, questions of religion, or even one's mental state
The wisdom of #Kabbalah is related to no other religion or belief
A person needs nothing more than an inner desire, a heart's desire, to change a reality one feels is intolerable
When we grow in #spirituality; we want something different from what we wanted when we first came to this world
The Spiritual Roots of the Holy Land empowers the reader to plan a life changing journey through the… https://t.co/Ml4Lukie8B
The goal of creation is not for only one person to achieve the Creator-like state, but for humanity… https://t.co/BvNYnNNT4W
When we begin to feel #spirituality, we begin to feel our past and future lives
#Nature #Zohar #Kabbalah | Get started with a free Kabbalah course => http://t.co/DFpXVuK6ko http://t.co/VFlKhFS2Xf
When we begin to feel #spirituality, it changes our scale of values
Gentiles = when a person feels his negative desires to receive
Tricks to Increase Your Spiritual Desire: A Spiritual Point in the Heart One who wants to experience the true... http://t.co/xfFxgFsmhv
Everything in our world, is an example of #spiritual situations in substance that each one must go through
#Quote #Wisdom #Devotion | Get started with a free Kabbalah course => http://t.co/DFpXVuK6ko http://t.co/xptYDH7TeE
Before crossing the barrier, man has only a point of longing for the Creator (the point in the heart) http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
How Internal Corruptions Transform to Spirituality: Matching the Creator’s Intentions and Actions In spiritua... http://t.co/7VR2FAMm7O
As the #soul acquires additional uncorrected egotistical desires, it loses its feeling of the spiritual world http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
I exist in 2 dimensions: 1) This world, in my physical body. 2) A higher dimension, in my spiritual… https://t.co/XEQiwGKRmY
If the #soul accompanies one's body in our world, that person is called a #Kabbalist http://t.co/bK3y4xi3fN
Registration Open Until April 29, 2015! Sign Up Today http://t.co/E7SwS8ATvH #FreeCourse #Spirituality http://t.co/DwS7R9vj4S

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