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What Does It Mean To Be Jewish Today? Course - Lesson 2: The People of Israel's Birth http://t.co/Ax5axKp7eN
People are absolutely dependent on their environment—willingly or unwillingly http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
Why Now Is the Time of Deliverance & the Great Gift It Offers: Step One – Grab the Power of Kabbalah Like a R... http://t.co/er99cscVaX
There cannot be any real freedom of choice in our current attributes, which are dictated from above http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
Freedom can be attained not in the afterlife, as religions promise, but in this very life http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
You Can Totally Transform Your Nature and Reveal the Secrets of the Universe: The Bad News Is – Transformatio... http://t.co/ekgzkHUML0
To attain real & absolute freedom, we need to open the cage's door of our corporeal world into a spiritual one http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
RT @idclrWorldPeace: RT @anongirlx2014: I Declare World Peace #IDWP http://t.co/Cq4QkT7ug5
Our freedom, our independence, is only possible to the extent that we're freed from our nature & can rise above it http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
Our aspiration to achieve things we think can't be attained comes from our soul, which is a part of Nature http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
Nature is one & unique, therefore everyone declares how much, i.e. our ego, is also one & unique http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
Humanity’s Next State is Rising Above Ourselves for the Sake of Our Common Unity [Kabbalah Quote]: Humanity’s... http://t.co/MghxVJWy5l
Nature is in a state of complete rest. We too aspire for rest & all our movements are only a means to attain it http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
What does it mean that the human being is created in the image of the Creator? http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
#Holistic #Wisdom #Quote #Kabbalah | Get started with a free course => http://t.co/pLcyspbW2J http://t.co/WRLnT6jkdJ
#Relationship #Wisdom #Quote #Kabbalah | Get started with a free course => http://t.co/pLcyspbW2J http://t.co/e6jsZnCAKx
VaYetze (And Jacob Went Out) Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion: Genesis, 28:10-32:3This Week’s Torah Portion | No... http://t.co/jXNJJEdt3k
Despite our awareness of the rigid frameworks in our world, the aspiration for independence dictates our life http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
No plant, animal or person can tolerate the denial of their freedom http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp
If everything's predefined & there is no freedom of choice, there'd seem to be no point to the whole of creation http://t.co/CRL1W8WkFp

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