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If we want to change anything at all, we must rise to the degree above our own http://t.co/kjGVe63WCw
Here Is a Method that Is Helping People Attain Spirituality: Can Kabbalah Give Me Spirituality? Because of ou... http://t.co/D9CqXxqx6x
The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to control our destiny at every single moment http://t.co/kjGVe63WCw
If we knew the forces that operated on us & our interior structure, we could prepare for every future state http://t.co/pwiK32H0vr
Kabbalah isn't mere theoretical scientific research but a practical method intended to help us through our lives http://t.co/kjGVe63WCw
Take 3 Minutes to Start Developing Your Sixth Sense: Ever Wonder What Is the Point of Life? Out of all known ... http://t.co/zdTGlg5OVn
Every person in the world has the opportunity for correction & #Israel turns off the tap that lets the light flow http://t.co/hKAxcBZ6eD
The reason for #antisemitism is that #Israel doesn't convey the upper force to the world http://t.co/hKAxcBZ6eD
A person who studies reality discovers the reason for our existence, knows where we all have to reach http://t.co/kjGVe63WCw
The destruction of the Second Temple symbolizes the final fall of the people of #Israel into unfounded hatred http://t.co/or6XlPvMNY
A Kabbalist researches the depths of nature, connects to them & uses them to benefit both self & humanity http://t.co/kjGVe63WCw
We must to do everything in our power to unite the people of #Israel & then we'll bring correction in the world http://t.co/uKCW2Y9L1Y
#Israel doesn't serve as the adaptor between the upper force & the world. Nations feel this subconsciously http://t.co/tbjwASxCAA
The Torah explains to us how it's necessary to correct the ego, to rise above it & to control it http://t.co/5l8Ear0vzR
A Kabbalist doesn't envision the future, but moves several degrees forward to a specific level of reality http://t.co/pwiK32H0vr
The desire to receive must reach correction & resemblance to the characteristic of bestowal http://t.co/5l8Ear0vzR
We can only choose to advance either by blows or by our exertion toward the global correction http://t.co/6LxoHVDufi
Now You Can Unlock the Sixth Sense and Realize Your Full Potential: Why Your Continued Development Depends Up... http://t.co/6U2QkkzT6W
No one is to blame, no person in the world, including our most terrible haters who blame #Israel from all directions http://t.co/Vcb7M1g8SN
We all must know what we need to do in order to advance towards the predetermined goal http://t.co/eLJZmkXbik

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