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Most souls are still developing within the framework of our world http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Here Is a New Level of Consciousness That You Can Develop Today: To Change the World a New Level of Conscious... http://t.co/6k7J4K9Mou
Only those who have a desire will approach Kabbalah, which testifies to the fact that their time has come http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
If a person has a desire for spirituality, then Kabbalah deals with its realization http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
The Hebrew word Yehudi (unique), means to signify the act of unification with the Creator http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
How to Acquire the Limitless Qualities of Nature: A Kabbalist Is Someone Who Shares in the Management of Natu... http://t.co/vIgd0lEQZd
The upper force eventually brings us to a point where we'll find it necessary to correct our nature http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
A person must constantly strive to increase his or her efforts, a need that stems from the need to give, to bestow http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman Who Holds a Key to a Better Tomorrow?: http://t.co/GPyTzV9RXG via @YouTube
Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman Who Holds A Key to a Better Tomorrow?: http://t.co/QwXZF96TX9 via @YouTube
To remain in a spiritual state, a person must strain to act against human nature at every second http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
#Fulfillment #Balance #Wisdom #Quote #Kabbalah | Get started with a free course => http://t.co/8HFWJaWEe5 http://t.co/RkvnAeE17G
#Thought #Wisdom #Quote #Kabbalah | Get started with a free course => http://t.co/8HFWJaWEe5 http://t.co/bLVwEnrS2U
Because the desire for spirituality has developed in millions, we can use the spiritual light through Kabbalah books http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Discover the Amazing Gift That Kabbalah Can Give to Your Life: How the Study of Kabbalah Works On You in a Gr... http://t.co/kfrbhFxtV8
In order to truly keep a spiritual law means to equalize with it, to be inside it, to be identical with it http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Suffering is an unfulfilled need for spirituality & it's the reason for all the ailments in the world http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
A Kabbalist can feel the suffering of the public, but adds purpose to the suffering & then corrects it in the root http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
How to Shift from a Life of Suffering to a Life of Spiritual Fulfillment: The Shift from Suffering to Spiritu... http://t.co/00LMtFlrwJ
If people could see what the feeling of pain creates in them, as Kabbalists do, they would want to correct it http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL

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