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If people could see what the feeling of pain creates in them, as Kabbalists do, they would want to correct it http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
All through the generations, Kabbalists have helped humanity advance to its goal: the purpose of creation http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
The Hidden Purpose behind Spiritual Concealment Revealed: How Obstructions on the Path to Spirituality Work i... http://t.co/cbWK3JusUi
We cannot see how much we ourselves & the world we live in are controlled by the force of love/bestowal http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Unpleasant situations are sent to us in order to understand that we lack contact with the force of love/bestowal http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
The need to return to one's spiritual root is initially felt unconsciously, but it can be developed http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
If Spirituality Seems Unpleasant to You Then You Must Read This: To Fight For or Against the Desires You Have... http://t.co/Q7GbsHCDn4
Since we're all parts of the same soul, we must develop to the point of feeling a desire for spirituality http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
A prophet is a person who has attained such a spiritual degree & now in direct contact with the upper force http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
People come to the wisdom of Kabbalah because they want to know the purpose of their lives http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Noah Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion: Genesis, 6:9-11:32This Week’s Torah Portion | October 19 – October 25, 20... http://t.co/K0kJ0OAxzA
To feel who you are & what your properties are, you must feel at least a little bit of what spirituality is like http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
How can we make the recognition of the ego an emotional, tangible experience? >> http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
The entire path of humankind consists of 6 days, representing the 6,000 years of correction http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Why Spirituality Is Something You Can’t Live Without: Why Every Action Brings a Person Closer to Spirituality... http://t.co/AbaPPomJN3
The seven days of creation referred to in Genesis are felt by humanity as 7,000 years http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
Nature wishes to fill creation with pleasure "to the brim," to the full sensation of perfection & eternity http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
The Torah does not refer to our corporeal world http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL
How to Attain Freedom of Choice: The Enigma that Is Freedom of Choice All throughout history philosophers hav... http://t.co/SrSusfcKLW
The gradual revelation of the upper world is called "spiritual ascent," or the degrees of spiritual rise http://t.co/p2pq2dEzqL

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