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People who feel both worlds simultaneously are called Kabbalists
A person who lives in this world feels the nature of the world within him or her, as well as the nature of the world around
With Adam begins the spiritual evolution of humankind, he was the recipient of the first Kabbalah book: The Angel Raziel (Hamalaach Raziel)
The history of Kabbalah corresponds to the history of humankind & it begins at the same time Adam appeared on earth
The Talmud describes the laws of the spiritual world as acts, laws & commandments that exist in our world
How Israel Can Fulfill Its Role in the World: Israel: The Journey from Spirituality to Corporeality The awake... http://t.co/tI8mFEIjos
There is not an object, phenomenon, or force in this world that is not a consequence of the upper world
The spiritual world & our own world are parallel & everything in the spiritual world comes down to ours
There are many books of Kabbalah, written in various styles & forms & written by Kabbalists at various degrees of attainment
Kabbalah books describe what a person who experiences both the physical world & the upper, spiritual world at the same time feels
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We're now able to start developing the sixth sense & by so doing, we'll change ourselves & by extension, the world around us for the better
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Out of all living creatures, we humans are the only ones with the ability to discover in ourselves that hidden sense & develop it
Scientists have been trying to find the reason for our existence for centuries & yet they have failed to find the answer
The Creator is perfect & unique. Because of that perfection, He wants to give His perfection to creation http://t.co/KXNIaIYWyE

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