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We exist in the material #world to rise out of it & reach the goal of #creation >> http://t.co/R0HFKbYTCc
5 Things You Should Know about the Noah Story: The movie Noah created a widespread buzz about the Bible story... http://t.co/iiYxPPZQym
The #goal of creation is to attain adhesion with Nature's quality of #love and #bestowal >> http://t.co/R0HFKbYTCc
"I wish the whole of #humanity could be placed into a single body, so I could embrace them all" - Rav Abraham Isaac HaCohen Kook
#Abraham realized that the world perceived through our senses is a superficial blanket covering a complex interaction of forces
The History of the Dark Ages and the Concealment of Kabbalah: The Middle Ages through the Prism of Kabbalah T... http://t.co/Jopv0dX3mg
Asking questions about life's #meaning & #purpose are as much social as they are intellectual. >> http://t.co/JdYZYrlZRA
#Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag's keys to understanding Abraham's stories rationally >> http://t.co/LaD3MOUI7B
The secret rules #Abraham discovered of preventing potential destruction >> http://t.co/JdYZYrlZRA
How the Exile of the Jews Corresponds to the Evolution of Human Desire: Let us examine the sub-surface proces... http://t.co/ZWKHrQ2Uf6
Uniting in a time of crisis will require recognizing life's force & a mutual effort to #cooperate/#collaborate, to live by this force
#Unity is the direction of the force that drives all of life. Our challenge, therefore, is to learn how to unite >> http://t.co/wsa0Lmcv53
Why Kabbalah Can Help You Reveal the Creator Today: Know the Law of Giving Like Abraham When desires evolve i... http://t.co/0Dia1Vvqyu
The law of #unity and #oneness is still the one force that creates, governs & sustains #life >> http://t.co/wsa0Lmcv53
Here's a quick way to see how the same law governs Abraham, Napolean and China >> http://t.co/wsa0Lmcv53
HaTeva (The #Nature) is the same…as #Elokim (#God) >> http://t.co/wsa0Lmcv53
Baal HaSulam's writings explain that #God is synonymous with #Nature >> http://t.co/wsa0Lmcv53
How the wisdom of #Kabbalah originated >> http://t.co/wsa0Lmcv53
12 Definitions You Should Know this Passover: Bread – Pleasure we feel in Egypt (i.e. in the ego). Bread of a... http://t.co/83JMooQjM5
To accept the oneness of reality as fact, people must experience it for themselves >> http://t.co/9DST83mvh5

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