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RT @NewZealand_AI: There's a couple of surprise special guests for tonight's #AIHappyHour @MicrosoftNZ https://t.co/2Ol27SQJlt
@rushdigital @MicrosoftNZ @nzregs @ovishesh Planning a social event in September then it's @Datacom in October. Will flick you invites ;)
Tonights Sold out #AIHappyHour starts in 3 hours at @MicrosoftNZ https://t.co/YcShXCKusA w/ @nzregs @ovishesh https://t.co/2ijHnTnRzr
RT @laurie_winkless: Anyone interested in #wearabletech needs to head to the #CPrize2017 blog, where finalists are keeping lab books! https…
How to create #AI Training Data sets and turn Audio into Video https://t.co/jHwqtXbuGk https://t.co/7vQH3mSDhV
Creating large training data sets quickly https://t.co/QNEcfjfc9r #AI
@AIAmbit Is Born | A 3-Min Hype About Chatbots and Why You Need to Care https://t.co/z7wwKvAVqL https://t.co/XpFPITqObA
There's only 5 tickets left for tomorrows #AIHappyHour @MicrosoftNZ https://t.co/MlW83hAaMa #Soldout3monthsinarow https://t.co/n3yNDOKESv
@GregSheehanRW Proud of you mate.
I guess he's Dunne and dusted.
@radionz interview on how parmacutical dispensary could become robotic #ai rather interesting.
RT @gnat: TEDxRuakura starting now. We are on in 50m. There is a livestream. https://t.co/bH67Eh8M9n
Last nights fire juggling. Cheers @LivvyMarketing for the photos https://t.co/F4spH2X6vh
Refreshed @TEDxAuckland website is live with our two events this year. Tickets and speakers to be announced super soon #TEDxAkl
Auckland in Winter. #beautiful https://t.co/2Js9lVwDu0
#Brilliant NZ law has made every Australian citizen incapable of being elected to the Australian Parliament.… https://t.co/YQTgeHetwS
More partners will be announced soon. Email me justin@newzealand.ai to get involved #AI https://t.co/aEpwRGE4uE
Scored a @Cityhoppa for the day https://t.co/9bse7uQk01
RT @FaceMe: Awesome to have @ibmnz on board for the @AIForumNZ https://t.co/ZBfur0G2OF
Epic day with @LivvyMarketing at the @ibmnz #WatsonSummit So much cool #ai happening in nz

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