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Ben & Vikki did something amazing for their honeymoon. They did an ultra marathon, running 70 miles. Congrats guys! http://t.co/tOOxv3Uk5a
Making your emails look great on a mobile phone - a few simple tips http://t.co/rySpL6gJQ3
This week celebrates the wildlife found in the UK's marine environments. Find out more: http://t.co/uiDGFdq6uF http://t.co/LCbrhWoR4V
Good luck to Sinead! She's celebrating the end of her chemotherapy tomorrow by running Colour Dash with her friends. http://t.co/HXVpJQ4zAQ
Rich & Chris are climbing Kilimanjaro for @MSSocietyUK. so more people like their mum get the support they need. http://t.co/EEHwWcD1KR
Eight-year-old Jacob is climbing Mount Snowdon in a wheelchair to thank @SpinalResearch. Good luck! :) http://t.co/atkhU2YGnh
. @mariecurieuk shares how they made the most of their Tour de France official charity partnership http://t.co/dDpFZ7ifqU #fundraising
@mariecurieuk shares how they made the most of their Tour de France official charity partnership http://t.co/dDpFZ7ifqU #fundraising
Seb was born with a heart condition. His parents have raised £350,000 to thank the hospital that saved his life. http://t.co/oMQ2tET34r
Margaret's getting ready to run in the @SionnachRelay, Ireland's first 24 hour running relay. http://t.co/kBLkDSrFnn
Most people read emails on their mobile or tablet. JG’s Ben Hammond offers his top tips for email responsive design. http://t.co/fg3Dg7HZ4k
Fancy getting involved in @Challenge12UK? It's a community of fundraisers, organising 12 challenges every year. http://t.co/PsVNSROrp0
JG’s @Izabel_blue talks to @WarwickUni’s @kimberlyscharf about how donor’s perceive fixed costs http://t.co/Cr3S5avCYX
Good luck Charlotte! She's trekking through Iceland to help people with haemophilia like her son Archie. http://t.co/4YNtkPwW9L
Sheila & Kevin are trekking the Great Wall of China. They've raised almost £6,000 to help people with dementia: http://t.co/N0zVruNt3w
Need some Google Analytics guidance? If you're only going to do 5 things on Google Analytics, make sure it’s these - http://t.co/B2foyB8sL7
We'll be back tomorrow at 12pm and will get back to you ASAP. Thanks so much for being so lovely and patient!
Our help desk has been closed over the weekend while we move office. If you have any questions, email help@justgiving.com.
25,000 runners are taking part in @TheBritish10k London Run today. Good luck everyone! We hope you all have an awesome day :)
Have you seen the @Kiss_LungCancer campaign? Upload a photo of your #redlipstickselfie to help beat lung cancer: http://t.co/0ElE9gSOBD

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