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Show us your #Halloween heart hands! Tell us what you care about. Snap a heart hands pic, tag a charity & use #ICare http://t.co/flJQdHVski
RT @sinittaofficial: #ICare about @DianaAward @JustGiving – How about you @SimonCowell ?? http://t.co/yW55SRMhS4
Happy #Halloween! BIG shout out to @_BCT_. They do amazing work protecting vulnerable bats -http://t.co/2fP05nOZpW http://t.co/mfGk3ovIez
Have you cared today? Let us know your fave charity. Take a heart hands pic, tag a charity & tell a friend #ICare http://t.co/SfcMWpbNqc
RT @emersonp: Just logged onto the new @justgiving for the first time. Seeing the stream of donations from friends to so many causes is jus…
#Hedgehogs hit the headlines today. Show your support, tweet your heart hands and say #ICare @JustGiving http://t.co/rBf3nEN80o
They're on a mission to #loomtothemoon & support research into childhood brain tumours - http://t.co/8566FijLXs http://t.co/IemKLbtMzp
SO lovely to meet the guys from @BlueSkyeThink today. They were outside our office with the biggest #loomsofa ever. http://t.co/OgBzhPOQLe
Show you care like @kevinthewhippet - "#ICare about @TheStrokeAssoc @JustGiving - how bout u @HilaryDevey? Please RT" http://t.co/cBxuvdlRTV
RT @emininternation: #icare about @THTorguk - Tracey Emin @JustGiving
What do you care about? Snap a pic & tag a charity like @MissKatiePrice “#ICare about @[your charity] @JustGiving” http://t.co/Tzp9bq1HcL
RT @PatrickJMonahan: Thanks to everyone @TheNewMarkAddy last night, this is my #ICare @JustGiving for the amazing @ZoesPlaceMidbro hugsXx h…
RT @CharlieCW: #ICare about @womensaid @JustGiving - how about you @JahmeneDouglas ? http://t.co/Kg8GWEbyzX
RT @kevinthewhippet: #ICare about @TheStrokeAssoc @StrokeAssocNE @JustGiving - How bout u @Val6264 @waynethewhippet Please RT http://t.co/…
The coming weeks are crucial in the fight against Ebola. Help @DECappeal #StopTheSpread - http://t.co/ldXWF9iB2g http://t.co/hjidFUQSCa
RT @MissKatiePrice: please RT #ICare about @visioncharity @JustGiving – How about you? #Heart http://t.co/6wLaHUqYvb via @you_gossip who do…
A very well done to Karl who ran the #DublinMarathon today to raise money for @IrishCancerSoc. http://t.co/2B6dE1HiL5 http://t.co/BttuVJXNFI
Congratulations to everyone who ran the #DublinMarathon today. You're all heroes! http://t.co/lPrRKuUZdz
The all-important #DublinMarathon medals. Massive well done to everyone wearing one of these right now. http://t.co/wvec4arzNc
"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." #DublinMarathon http://t.co/6wBmOzRcmQ

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