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Shortly after having their daughter, Loren & Jonty were told Jonty had a terminal tumour. https://t.co/TI4GXDARiY https://t.co/e09ZPWJyWK
Two-year-old Alexander has a brain tumour and needs to go to the US for treatment - https://t.co/FFA26CUAdt https://t.co/c1MqbzRMFs
"Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being." https://t.co/xteUR24VWM
Why terrorists are afraid of flowers. https://t.co/3btAePyTVl https://t.co/Mfskx9Vp2A
RT @andysallnow: @andysallnow: Thanks to @JustGiving for the chance to meet @albertocontador even got some tips on racing the #TCRno4 https…
Massive THANK YOU to @albertocontador for coming in to see us. You can support @FundContador & his charity work here https://t.co/tXoQqBnYqR
Alberto started @FundContador to promote stroke awareness and prevention. People don't recognise the symptoms and every second is precious.
Alberto won the first stage of the Tour de France eight months after the surgery to remove the cavernoma from his brain. #AlbertoContador
Alberto talks about overcoming a cavernoma: "It changed my life vision. You now realise what's a problem & what's not." #AlbertoContador
Elite cyclists like Alberto Contador cycle the whole of the Tour de France (that's at 2,200 miles) at an average pace of 25 miles an hour.
SUPER excited to have cycling legend @albertocontador at JG. He's talking all things #cycling & @FundContador. https://t.co/25qzZgjI6V
Steven wanted thank @RegainCharity for buying him a specialist wheelchair rugby chair -https://t.co/trfuUrOUgT https://t.co/EVKzwZABfR
Our support teams are out on training today. Visit our support area for help https://t.co/xtYJECEFeg, or we'll respond to your email ASAP
RT @JGhelp: The site is now back up and running for you to continue doing amazing work for great causes
The website it currently down due to problems with our service provider. We hope to be back up and running again very soon.
Sarah wrote an angry, beautiful, #lettertoMND – the disease that’s killing her husband. https://t.co/yleRYAryFh https://t.co/TvVIZbGemV
It's #WorldDiabetesDay​. The diabetes community are coming together in the world's largest awareness campaign. https://t.co/HlQVbY6y1R
Happy #WorldKindnessDay :) https://t.co/8X0AvOJUmP
Earn £200 for the #community project you care about? Find out how: https://t.co/iBNBMc3hGx #crowdfunding https://t.co/ePxZJ2iluM
At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month #WeRemember those killed in conflicts since the start of WW1. https://t.co/U9YC9FYg9l

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