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Martin's #funnyfacechallenge has raised over £3,700 for @ParkinsonsUK. Get behind him today http://t.co/oKlvOcUW2g http://t.co/0mnsrp6uz2
Due to maintenance work, our phonelines are unavailable today. Check out our help area http://t.co/dJkg2rAkKI, or send a tweet to @jghelp.
@WCRF_Tom @WCRF_UK Thanks for having us guys! We had a great day.
Let's #SockIt to eating disorders! People are getting silly with their socks to help @beatED support people affected. http://t.co/Z3BR9U77Oj
Anne-Marie, Paula & Jennifer are @doinit4dad. They've raised over €3,300 for @Irishheart_ie - http://t.co/O40XV3vpbL http://t.co/uWe2WCw8Ez
@Joe_farrardise Hi Joe, yes we do. Give 0345 078 2063 a ring and ask for my colleague Lily - she'll be happy to help and give advice.
@Joe_farrardise Hi Joe! Check out http://t.co/DmcDuBDQmM, this is the Crowdfunding arm of JG where you can fundraise for local causes.
@realsamturner Thanks Sam. You're totally right. Just liked the quote and didn't look enough into it. Massive apologies on my part.
@xenon21 @JulieGarratt Hi Zainab, yes you'll need to add the offline amount by following the steps here http://t.co/JZSdojKMpf
@xenon21 @JulieGarratt http://t.co/JZSdojKMpf this link should help you do this. Hope this helps!
@xenon21 @JulieGarratt I'm afraid not, the money has been sent to the charity. You can update your 'offline' amount for it to be included...
@chrisyorkston Hi there, the website's up & running with no problems. Let us know if you're still seeing an error - the redirect is normal.
@xenon21 @JulieGarratt Hi guys, just checked this ref - it's gone through directly to the charity, rather than to a fundraising page.
Inspirational 6-year-old Oskar will lead #BristolCity out onto the pitch at Wembley next month http://t.co/8ybR2yiMDH http://t.co/hiIWpmAqsC
@wire1210 @FACTCancer Good luck John. Don't forget to add a photo, you could raise up to 14% more!,
@tamzywamzy85 @BromptonSupport Good luck Tamara, hope training's going well.
@suzanne_1975 @mkhcharity Good luck Suzanne!
@Engine_Events @LPTrustUK Hope you hit your target!
@Bear4me_ @bham_childrens Good luck Jason!
@elliehopecachia @lennoxccf Good luck Ellie and team!

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