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I did it - I now have a You Tube channel :) Still in early stages of development, just like life, everyday we are... https://t.co/CD2MHXLbVn
Organizing and Purge - The After: https://t.co/n4h8QCJxQl via @YouTube
Added thoughts to my latest blog post on the full moon, and releasing what does not serve you. https://t.co/kqsRTjhgJ7
what do you do when you have a gee sweet potatoes and apples laying around? cook em up, mix em up, yum yum eat... https://t.co/X4IvvgxJCg
for 2017, and my latest moon phase, organizing and removing what does not serve me is on this list. i found these... https://t.co/hEGcbLo5aV
really? #humor #tishtv #alternatereality #prom #adolescentes #clearasil #justatishjewelry https://t.co/EHBhwzFe2m
my father in law gets a monthly publication of daily devotions. he pointed this one out to me, and i love it so... https://t.co/FyxFi8htu8
RT @fawfulfan: Don't tell me you can't make a difference. You can. Citizen phone calls stopped GOP killing the ethics office. They can #Sav…
RT @cheeky_vintage: Vintage Purse / Tote with Key 1960's by CheekyVintageCloset https://t.co/IM9UqquR55 via @Etsy #vtg #purse
@LorenAOlsonMD i agree!! my husband and i have these conversation. love yourself!
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/EdrJyfznfv
Today is the full moon I have written more about this today on my blog, https://t.co/w6NW1t9tuk ! What are you... https://t.co/mOzjOeofb1
your thoughts are the gatekeepers of your reality. keep them positive!! #positive #positivethoughts #alwaysgrateful
these are mornings I wish I had a good camera to take a pic of the moon. #moon #fullmoon #goodmorningsister
Jan 11, 2017 = 11:11!!!! you know how i see 11 everywhere, so today is one of my favorite days!!! be mindful of... https://t.co/hbfWWi3ndV
pony tail beanies!!!! $10 for adult sizes :) #crochet #justatishjewelry #iammorethanjewelry #bepeaceful #bekind... https://t.co/IVdo3wq89O
This is what is going out in this months earring club!!! #justatishjewelry #handmade #handmadejewelry #etsy... https://t.co/1soJtS5EDL
i am at the in between stage with my hair. do i have the patience to let it grow, and get creative with all my... https://t.co/6jKpzon9GZ
feed your soul with love, your mind with positive thoughts and your body with good food!! #donteatfastfood... https://t.co/VFzKnEKG55
blessings are blessing no matter how small or insignificant you may think they are. learning to find them and to... https://t.co/J8NI38ZtAm

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Tish comes from a heritage rich in art, design, and music . Creativity is essential to life and unconvential ideas were the norm.

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