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Another one from the "Merge" installation at @millno5. This piece is made up of hundreds of fabric… https://t.co/AErYSnOVVz
Another piece from the "Merger" installation at @millno5. https://t.co/ERZnHEbMxo
Welder mask light sconce at @millno5. Part two of "Merger" sculpture, installation art. https://t.co/hAoqK5UtY3
More upcycled action figures by @robkimmeldesign aka Wandermonster. https://t.co/JJRVWce76H
Love these upcycled action figures by Wandermonster I just saw at @millno5 https://t.co/NsAdaw7PUC
RT @20x200: NYC, be sure to catch these quirky, clever public artworks before they disappear! http://t.co/McS47QJ6YD http://t.co/QHJrRoTRXI
This is Great! @typewolf → A Comprehensive Guide to Smart Quotes, Dashes & Other Characters http://t.co/3DM4pO9ofp via @latest_is
@thevisualnews We spend a lot of time editing images for our blog. Next time you copy/paste we would appreciate a link to our site. Thanks!
ICYMI Designer Builds an 8-Bit Instant Photo Gun that Prints Out Images Like Receipts http://t.co/u9bJ6T1pPL
Just in time for lunch! How to Become Gluten Intolerant (Funny) https://t.co/dn9aQNsDbM via @madamjujujive
ICYMI Syngenta Photography Award Highlights Global Environmental Issues http://t.co/UyBZH5TV2c
Artist Turns Toxic Sludge from Polluted Rivers into Luminous Works of Art http://t.co/vAnXqRf8td #art http://t.co/wrGhpKwbLe
"F" is for fatigue....not Friday. Still sick and exhausted, but so glad it's the weekend! Via http://t.co/r62hzJ4mCW http://t.co/8LfBVB7yhw
Artist Creates Reverse-Pointillism Landscapes by Using Incense to Burn Tiny Holes in Paper http://t.co/3d2gPr5uF3 http://t.co/v164ApFlB8
Just in time for lunch! RT @BoingBoing Fast food packaging redesigned as "artisanal" hipsterchow http://t.co/G1fGEayQtq …
This is what smog sounds like when set to music: http://t.co/4XIkduJYMl
When you've been sick for so long you don't remember how it feels to be normal.
ICYMI Artist Janusz Grünspek Meticulously Recreates Everyday Objects Using Wooden Skewers http://t.co/yraDsdBg1U
AIBA's Buia lamps made out from buoys http://t.co/dgRnpiQmn3 via @themethodcase
Wow! Eagle-cam reveals incredible POV as it descends from Burj Khalifa - BBC ...: https://t.co/DyA2kdrTDI via @YouTube

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