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Artist Creates Unusual Self-Portraits Wearing Head Wraps Made Out of Various Materials https://t.co/TwxkFMm2Vq http://t.co/4aReC1JHe3
Ducks Get Their Own ‘Duck Lanes’ Near The Canal Walkways In London http://t.co/X0PXv63NOs
Street Artist HOT TEA Transforms the Manhattan Park Pool into a Colorful Work of Art https://t.co/R0pV4ddwp4 http://t.co/3KIShl1op0
ICYMI Artist's Digital Collages Combine Classical Art And Urban Photography with Surprising Results https://t.co/WQT2WzVoWq
Graffiti workshops for senior citizens? Yes please! http://t.co/wemcoT4v4p via @qpslgs
Artist Paints Stunning Geometric Patterns on the Floors of Abandoned Buildings https://t.co/Ozh2AZebbG http://t.co/hogLsLTW50
These beautiful floating villages are made from old oil tankers http://t.co/WpA5HQqD9T
Five Trillion Pieces Of Plastic Are Floating In An Ocean Near You http://t.co/CCAH802fKa via @presurfer
Photographer Poses Real Soldiers as Plastic Army Men in the Desert of Western Sahara https://t.co/raOxYzf6Jc http://t.co/4uDus6Ez8V
ICYMI The Food Chain Project: A Pop-Up Supermarket Stocked Entirely with Goods Made of Plaster https://t.co/6gSXDwHFFm
Most popular on the blog right now: Photography Project Explores the Daily Lives of Children of Hoarders https://t.co/gJNTqvZZfr
Artist's Hand-Painted Animal Skeletons Explore the Perils of Consumer Culture https://t.co/fYw7nSOpQe http://t.co/BwMnkHPoLC
ICYMI Florist Transforms the Walls and Ceilings of an Abandoned House into a Beautiful Flower Garden https://t.co/lbNfks7FUZ
Love this cement camera planter by brooklynglobal http://t.co/5XzBru5pbM via @Etsy
Pneumàtic: A Series of Public Art Installations Created with Recycled Tires https://t.co/b9y8ClYpl6 http://t.co/UVyXOj5KBS
ICYMI A Load Bearing Bridge Made from Sheets of Bright Red Paper https://t.co/ktIW322SIZ
Take part in changing Google's discriminatory search results! http://t.co/F4GDzt8mEa via @_worldwhiteweb_ http://t.co/pz0QC5qBIJ
ICYMI Photos of a Restaurant's Slop Bucket Become Art in a Project by Alyssa Blumstein https://t.co/VnjXgnWj5i
More unusual museums for #InternationalMuseumDay - The World's Strangest Museum https://t.co/XO2gZqKHgV
Turn your clothes into letters to be sent in the mail. http://t.co/0bgY4BsLnn

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