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@winterbureau Thank you! :)
@presentcorrect Thanks! So glad to be back online! :))
Damien Hirst Creates Stunning Aerial Views of Cities Around the World Using Surgical Tools http://t.co/C4R4YqQPLI http://t.co/foQwJKSUe2
Sharing URLs in Direct Messages via @twitter is making me very happy :-D
Artist Documents Random Objects Rescued from Her Curious Son's Mouth http://t.co/y4GT4W6ZF5
@Mariannika Oooh how I've missed social media! So good to be back! :)
Photographer Nick Turpin Captures Painterly Images of Bus Passangers on their Night Commute http://t.co/EwUtMwcDX5
@madeinlowell Thank you Liz! :)
@madeinlowell ...but we're both mentally and emotionally depleted. Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon.
@madeinlowell I'm ok. We (hubby and I) have been dealing with serious health issues since August. He's feeling better now...
@madeinlowell :-D
Finally! Twitter has fixed the issue that kept you from sharing URLs in Direct Messages http://t.co/gmJfLRZHOL via @thenextweb via @meigs
Awesome! Today Google celebrates the 96th birthday of influential pop artist Corita Kent http://t.co/6YHvFMX0xB
Suprematist junk? Yes please! http://t.co/C4fX9ZGMuO
RT @LaughingSquid: Twitter Improves Search Index, Letting Users Search Every Public Tweet Dating Back to 2006 http://t.co/MjDrC1aBEI
Still playing @PerfumeGenius' new album on an almost constant loop since September. Just brilliant! http://t.co/VxI8W8vaql
@notrachel Thank you! :)
@RayyaGhul Thanks! Really missed everyone.
And yes, dear Internet folks, we've missed you!

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