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My reward after a very stress full day! #icecream http://t.co/3a5rF9Mr6l
@claherasme Thank you for the good wishes...It is greatly appreciated!
@ShelleyRickey Thank you so much! :)
@FLUXboston Thank you! :)
@madeinlowell Thank you Liz! :)
@NagOnTheLake Awww, thanks! Things are very fluid right now, but hopefully we'll be back in full swing soon.
So many kind words from friends and fellow bloggers. Thank you! http://t.co/qPCMZeFBcg
@mymodernmet Thank you so much. We'll hopefully be back very soon.
@handleofavandal Thank you!
@KKDUB Thank you Kelly. Much appreciated.
Going on Hiatus for a Spell http://t.co/o0u7UJScuA
Apologies for the lack of activity recently. Personal life is requiring full attention right now. Hopefully we'll be back online soon!
In Case You Missed It! Stylish Portraits of Sidewalk Fixtures Poke Fun at Blogs Promoting Street Fashion http://t.co/3ZIOOApSSJ
Popcorn covered Volkswagen by Lucas Danehl http://t.co/s8u76CsPtn
New York City’s Iconic Water Towers are Transformed into Temporary Canvases for a Public Art Initiative http://t.co/wcC1cpCPQX
Good morning, it's quite a dreary Wednesday outside, but who cares we have coffee and donuts!
In Case You Missed It! Photographer Travels Four Continents to Document People Carrying Burdens on Top of Their Heads http://t.co/WXt7sorriN
The Kodatrope: An Interactive Art Installation Made from Hundreds of Slide Photographs http://t.co/vDPSGowNin http://t.co/eZcggGKVNt
This is making us laugh this morning! Antiques Roadshow appraised a 2008 Toshiba TV http://t.co/obiO4pdJ6r

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