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@Mariannika Yes, I'll definitely be there. Told they're expecting three hundred people.
@Mariannika Are you coming to City Hall tonight at 6pm?
I really hope you will all come to City Hall tonight at 6pm to remember the lives lost in in #Orlando https://t.co/M4Nuho1yD8 #Lowell
My self-imposed Twitter silence is coming to an end. Time to jump back in!
Fascinating Photo Series Document the Objects People Touch Over the Course of One Day https://t.co/7IKL3ZrUCA https://t.co/dK64viDSGY
Artist Tim Hobbelman Creates Brilliant Animal Sculptures from Broken Electronics https://t.co/YXlaGAo93X https://t.co/y71M9eWLlp
Yorick: A Unique Life-Size Skull Carved From a Crystallized Gibeon Meteorite https://t.co/WUAUPIPBA0 https://t.co/C4B0MUYhKu
From the Archives: Luzinterruptus Creates a Light Installation Using 800 Condoms Filled with Blue-Dyed Water https://t.co/dY8DAAXVUY
ICYMI: An Immersive Light and Sound Installation Inside a Disused Aircraft https://t.co/EopvBi0EFx
RT @sthwaitesgd: This is a great read. He made a great decision and it helped others to support Paris. @CreativeReview @jean_jullien https:…
Love this! An Instagram account that features the beautiful designs of fruit stickers. https://t.co/bnJQbROkpC
Photographer Stages Detailed Botanical Dioramas Against Common Urban Backdrops https://t.co/ghltRKGrjQ https://t.co/LcWnQ98Fnk
RT @HeralddeParis: City of #Paris turns off the lights at the Eiffel Tower, in memory of the victims https://t.co/VS6UHhVtsR
@amandammmq @LowellFilmGrl Kane Hodder is hot lol, just saying.
Our thoughts are with all who were impacted by the devastating terror attacks in Paris tonight. #ViveLaFrance https://t.co/Ej4BpglP0P
@LowellFilmGrl @amandammmq Puppies?
@LowellFilmGrl @amandammmq Yep, such a big day for Jason.
ICYMI: Stunning Sculptural Cameras Constructed from Found Objects and Debris https://t.co/XeShAo0iDv
It's Friday 13th! Who said today had to be unlucky. via https://t.co/By2RrCimYi https://t.co/HeE1fVRJDd
Porta Estel·lar: An Immersive Light and Sound Installation Inside a Disused Aircraft https://t.co/jsxVrExMeW https://t.co/817cj0dNTz

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