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@lushbeads Just had a coughing fit laughing at this! *shakes a fist*
Sorry for the sporadic posts, but I've been battling the flu since last week and its not letting up. Back to regular programming soon!
Cardboard Furniture Inspired by the Clever Design of Pop-Up Books http://t.co/x9OiwhtCgT http://t.co/RevtolTo8z
New Repurposed Skateboard Deck Sculptures by Japanese Artist Haroshi http://t.co/HzymLmTeBd http://t.co/0V97BCt7Up
Can't think of a better way to start the day than with this timelapse of cats following the sun's rays... http://t.co/DGHpT0ZknY #sun #cats
RT @joshlafayette: To the Pinterest Community at Large: buying two things at HomeGoods and gluing them together isn't "upcycling" gosh darn…
Singing off early. Time to get some rest, take more medicine and snuggle with the cats under the blankets. See you back here tomorrow!
ICYMI Photos of Junk Shop Objects Neatly Arranged by Colour http://t.co/JBjEIv8R4U #photography
Totally worth a watch! RT @ANIMALNewYork Stream Award-Winning Edward Snowden Doc Citizenfour For Free http://t.co/WHHAibfoyr
Photographer Documents the Dizzying Kaleidoscope of China's Largest Marketplace http://t.co/1KY38loFzP #photography http://t.co/Bf1J5RKRhK
People Draw the Face of Spock on Canadian Five-Dollar Banknotes to Honor Leonard Nimoy http://t.co/NAOs4BzY0Q via @LaughingSquid
ICYMI Banksy's Latest Work Appears on the Rubbles of Bombed-Out Buildings in Gaza http://t.co/i3pnn2FOhJ #banksy
Watched both "Citizenfour" and "The Fifth Estate" this weekend. Loved the first, hated the latter. Glad that #CITIZENFOUR won an #Oscar!
Detailed Miniature Sculptures Carved into the Graphite of Pencil Tips http://t.co/uowyu0srgC #art http://t.co/jzUfc7retf
Good morning! Caffeine flowing, back at the keyboard. Still feeling under the weather from the flu. Hoping this will pass very soon.
@Mariannika Thanks! Planning on getting plenty of rest this weekend.
@RowMids Not promoting, just putting it out there for debate.
@lushbeads Thank you!
@SmithDryGoods Thank you. Cats are such good nurses!
Still sick with little energy. We'll be back with new blog posts on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

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