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Guerilla Art Project Brings Museum Artworks to City Streets Around the World https://t.co/LReQc8cYxK http://t.co/5aCrYGNyx4
Belly of the Beast: A Site-Specific Installation Made from Recycled Tires https://t.co/36wLVS6gNp http://t.co/TMK0KxRDne
A behind-the-scenes look at how French artist JR created a large-scale pasting in NYC… http://t.co/tXH88WiUnj
Artist Uses a Blowtorch to Transforms Industrial Steel Objects into Visually Delicate Lace https://t.co/oViMbDWKsl http://t.co/te5HcNaL0c
@LowellFilmGrl Kickstarter campaign?
Japanese Architect Turns Old Ethernet Cables into Stylish Restaurant Decor https://t.co/uqqU7Q3hPe http://t.co/to8IGRPQET
This is great! Peekspace – Curated free to use space photography http://t.co/SPVZzEF2LP via @gopatrik
Earth Day 45 - A collection of images of our world from recent years http://t.co/VGZnHbeA9P via @TheAtlantic #EarthDay
ICYMI The Unconscious Library: An Elaborate Paper Library Containing Thousands of Miniature Pieces https://t.co/N9PpIyLajD
RT @NYMag: Yes, this man is really planning to swim the Gowanus Canal for Earth Day: http://t.co/gqSZxstZU4 via @CityLab http://t.co/WQyrt6…
More #EarthDay posts from our archives: Animal Sculptures Made from Ocean Debris by Gilles Cenazandotti https://t.co/hTbLDpUsCr
@LowellFilmGrl The UK's Last Remaining Mobile Cinema Is on eBay for £120,000 | HUH. http://t.co/2ObziA1c2C£120000 via @huhmagazine
In case you haven't heard, Facebook is going to make things even more difficult for small businesses and bloggers. https://t.co/9eb4uAYaH0
From our blog archives in honor of #EarthDay: Submerged Art Installations Made of our Marine Trash https://t.co/KEh9AWC0VS
Kneeling: Five Years of Incredibly Creative Carpets Made from Everyday Materials https://t.co/AmHJPU8GMl http://t.co/h7jZMoUiDP
ICYMI Artist Transforms Washed Up Plastic Pollution into Beautiful Site Specific Installations http://t.co/6n63SLU5wD
Artist Uses Reflective Tape to Transform Architectural Fixtures into Ghostly Apparitions http://t.co/jBApO4rFty http://t.co/SnKvnrjZPh
ICYMI Photography Project Explores the Daily Lives of Children of Hoarders http://t.co/gMAzV4Mzf1
Miniature Winged Insects Made from Discarded Computer Circuit Boards http://t.co/t2DldrtJPF http://t.co/tZMfP4mxYd

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