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“What To Do When You Need To Write But Life Gets in The Way?” — @LucidAnna https://t.co/5kNTlb7esy https://t.co/qtavfZSVjO
“9 Ways to Get Better at Writing” — @BStulberg https://t.co/3Du2gQn59c https://t.co/Qu0jX2hA59
Fascinating... what do you think? https://t.co/TJYGyPUOHr
“After the Whole Foods Acquisition, Jeff Bezos Is Tech’s Most Powerful Person” by @VLuck https://t.co/xaPL3OxrCv
“7 High-Achievers On The First Thing They Do When They Get Out Of Bed” by Alec Gewirtz https://t.co/kllERkYwzg
5 of 5 stars to Dead Certain by Adam Mitzner https://t.co/3LpVfgMJTV
@JennAllyson It's a terrific story, btw. Looks like you wrote it in 2006/2007 kinda time? Wonder if my father eve… https://t.co/TC1RTJ08A2
@meljoulwan You made it!! Congrats on the VISA, and thanks for the new recipes. What fun to be with you, food-wise, at least! #Jelly
@mdsuburbs I know....and you can spend hours there! All in "research" for good topics of conversation with clients!!! :)
@JennAllyson QQ: Do you remember the year you wrote about "The Cottages at Strathranald"? My father seems to think it's a real place! (nuts)
@mdsuburbs Here's one that's perfect for #realtor presentations - https://t.co/bNGm6sThnX Isn't that FANTASTIC? Love @ProductHunt
@marcustbrook For sure. Oddly, I just met the man my father wanted to be in #AGentlemanInMoscow. Isn't that extrao… https://t.co/NTczhdKXXq
@mdsuburbs Ho ho! Here's a vortex you're going to enjoy - https://t.co/IXofZxqeiC
“Being creative means one can think. Or ideate. Or imagine. Or envision. Or innovate. And then can…” — Bryan Searing https://t.co/wLJngU858W
"Are you willing to take 10 minutes to get 195 views? I am." @garyvee
'A Gentleman In Moscow' Is A Grand Hotel Adventure https://t.co/n8KXQrbV8A - Delightful book - excellent review!
@JamesMelville Is it true, as was reported in US mainstream media that Corbyn was "electorially toxic"?
Crazy, as in Crazy Gorgeous, #BaroqueModern home in #Jacksonville for June issue of @jaxmag https://t.co/ALNNS1klNT Enjoy, y'all.
@karyoberbrunner @LE_JesseKrieger True re: power of someone believing in you! What a gift you have for snappy word… https://t.co/XzDaoMRI3B
Hey Fiction Author Friends - check out -> https://t.co/2e7fdy4wFO - @LE_JesseKrieger gets fascinating intel from @karyoberbrunner Thnx guys!

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Mom to 3, madly married Brit living the Good Life in Myrtle Beach. Doing a little Local SEO on the side...

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