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@gomarwrites My husband keeps saying a country gets what the leader deserves. So, if we didn't actively stump, we can't object! #oy
@gomarwrites I'm with you, gf. But part of me wants to be hopeful. Michael Bloomberg was a good mayor of NYC. Maybe there's hope?
@marketingkathy Sharks must be the same since we're always finding their teeth on the beach & I'm sure there's not THAT many of them!
Writing about commuting on the #PATH train today. Anyone had crazy experience there they'd care to share? #NYC #writer
@DropboxSupport You guys are the BEST!!! LOVE #Dropbox. Love the support so much I upgraded to Business Member. Awesome folks there! Thanks
@GlenWoodfin If that can be real, it would be great. But at what cost? #Worried #Hopeful Please be great, @realDonaldTrump U cld B The 1
Quick #ContentIideas on those days you come up dry - https://t.co/IqyzfqPfov - Lovely list of tips from @MaryJaksch Thanks, lady.
@chrismanklang Hi Chris, Sorry you miss Android. I hear u. Any chance u can find us a person to help with a Dropbox rollback. Osiris Attack
@DropboxSupport May I hear from you?
@DropboxSupport Is it possible that I didn't get a ticket number because I'm not a paying subscriber. I will pay if needed to restore.
@DropboxSupport Can you tell me why I woudln't have received a ticket number... & if you're looking into it for me. Or do I need to panic?😱
@DropboxSupport Our account is 2g@gerlachemploymentlaw.com and it's tied to mine at jj@vizzitopia.com
@DropboxSupport I have not received a ticket number.
@DropboxSupport Yup, I 've done that. However, I've read that it can take 12 days for Support to respond. Gerlach Employment Law - VIP
@DropboxSupport Do you have an article on how to beat the OSIRIS invasion?
Good #socialmediatips to rev up one's enthusiasm - https://t.co/7QNmfPePTJ I'm a big #Slideshare fan and #Vine phobe. You?
Can one do any of these writing rituals and stay married? https://t.co/NH82WJPyub
I want to do this - a writer residency program aboard @Amtrak https://t.co/wisNHYgsVr - any one ever done it? Wonder if they still do it?
Some solid tips. Love re-purposing content with #Slideshare. Love video repurposing too. But...Vine? Not one of…https://t.co/7flUPJx0TJ
Brilliant 47 Tips for Writers - https://t.co/IkhvenQUz7 - Thanks @GlenLong these are gr8. Just played w/ plot generator. Good tip 4 blocked

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