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RT @EdKrassen: BREAKING: The following states are suing Trump's FCC in order to preserve #NetNeutrality 💻California 💻Delaware 💻Hawaii 💻Ill…
Once a WIP then a UFO and now an FO! Really meant to finish in time for Thanksgiving but better… https://t.co/SmDFHh8a6b
I had leftover buttermilk so I made quick bread with it. Never had buttermilk bread before! https://t.co/YhEQZiLxF1
I had some cranberries left over, so I made upside down cake. I have never had this before, so… https://t.co/gaiH3kXfn9
@grahamelliot While You Were Sleeping
@VitalVegas Because I keep bankroll separate from expenses I always take a bunch of dollar bills for drink tips.
@MoriahJovan And she’s a fashionista so it should be fun!
Totally forgot I made these owl hats! https://t.co/mK6QBA2spQ
@irwin When I said I’d been online for 20 years, had a teenager tell me “it hasn’t been around that long!”
@TheTedAllen I have tons in my garden! Unfortunately for you I live in LA.
Test run of the stuffed roasted pumpkins today. Lunch is going to be delicious! https://t.co/460aKxuw4I
I love the sound of cranberries popping! https://t.co/TLee0XedSE
@USPS I’ve used it for over a year and love it, especially package tracking in the app. If a notification was inclu… https://t.co/wofT5jzIGh
@AppleSupport 11.1.1 update has made wifi nearly non-existent on my phone. Can't find networks previously found, si… https://t.co/eiUmRKwykS
Harvest time! https://t.co/MfAlrvVdec
My favorite tool for the semiannual “clean the kitchen” event taking place this morning. My… https://t.co/VKrSFgdZWr
I had squash and felt like baking. https://t.co/aK2LH0fW7O
@goodreads In the Château d'If, early 1800s.
RT @goodreads: What's the last book you recommended to a friend?
@goodreads The One-in-Million Boy, by Monica Wood.

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I'm an ambivalent medical transcriptionist. I also own medical transcription web sites and a bunch of domain names.

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