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The Folks of #westernma Daily is out! http://t.co/wiNUw2Ud9i Stories via @FoodBankWMA @MassDev @MassStatePolice
The Folks of #westernma Daily is out! http://t.co/N0gvcAjtbz Stories via @hampshirecolg @masslivenews @WandaMooney
The Folks of #westernma Daily is out! http://t.co/Q5zilFDJ3w Stories via @SpencerSays @JeanneYocum @413Tweets
RT @AlSantaniello: So beautiful out! I think my last session should be moved outside. Thanks again @HolyokeCC for hosting #pcwm7! http://t.…
RT @AlSantaniello: They still fight over me ;) Podcamp tickets are still on sale for Saturday!! http://t.co/tSgiHsVFjG #westernma #pcwm7 ht…
@PatBrough Awe, thanks Pat! See you soon at Westfield Chamber after 5!
@AlSantaniello...videographer for this session! 😁 #pcwm http://t.co/Mlh0KRrTEd
Challenge, guiding policies and implementation...THAT is Strategy!! @nunziobruno1 #pcwm
Authenticity must be part of your Strategy! #pcwm
“@ashlyn_amok: Wanna make a podcast so bad now! #pcwm”. LOL.
What gets measured gets managed! @nunziobruno1 Consistency is mandatory, not optional! #pcwm
What makes you different, what makes you better than your competition?? #pcwm
Good strategy includes measurable action! @nunziobruno1 #pcwm
RT @AmyWoolfColor: Being a cheerleader is not strategy. @nunziobruno1 #pcwm7 #pcwm
@pfmonaco #PCWM7 not trending doesn't mean podcampers aren't passionate but maybe that Twitter is becoming a lost art!
@ChristinePilch Not a single mention of linkedin today...as if your absence has taken away the entire platform! Miss you!
Me and @AlSantaniello ...annual #pcwm photo! Number 6 for us! http://t.co/8ZKBdBpBSa”
@AlSantaniello LOVE this!!!! :)
@Self_Unearthing @AlSantaniello So glad you made it! Thanks for making the drive!! 😊
RT @pfmonaco: Creative juices are flowing.... Podcamp has a way of doing that.. #pcwm

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MA/CT Realtor, Happily married over 22 years, 3 kids..all serving in the Armed Forces. I love camping, fishing, my grandson and my dog!

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