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Lampwork Earrings on Etsy https://t.co/g78DmIt3Yz https://t.co/LsUGNtRA3c
Blue, ivory and silver organic focal bead. Loving the organics right now. #lampwork #lampworkbeads #glassbeads... https://t.co/8E9mUDZOq9
I just opened a new shop on Etsy for my lampwork jewelry, it's called LoveHeartGlass. I will be adding more over... https://t.co/sqNa1ByY5E
Just listed in my freshly opened Etsy Shop Love Heart Glass... https://t.co/4ehtFPxnFS
I'm back in the saddle, here are my latest earrings fresh off the pliers. https://t.co/NlYwRMt7EX
Hola! Just to let you know I will be kicking off my 48 hour bead show over in the Spotlight group at 2pm BST/9am... https://t.co/aIK8nOQwi8
Mmm love red ❤️ #augustbreak2016 #lampworkjewels #redhearts https://t.co/IPQ1RpSG3G
So happy to be back at the torch 󾌵 #lampworkjewels #lampworkbeads #glassheart #beadsbyjudith #glassbeads... https://t.co/JRK3RUcQSX
Freshly listed on Etsy https://t.co/ULumG1l350 https://t.co/ZfXzzHSksO
Handmade Purple Focal Lampwork Bead by LampworkJewels, via Etsy Shop for LampworkJewels https://t.co/CjPr1mGqtp... https://t.co/Rnj4ESuZc6
Lampwork Bead Set, 6 Lentil Glass Beads "Sapphire Storm" Handmade Blue Lampwork Glass Beads by LampworkJewels,... https://t.co/ZG4rmL8sa8
Lampwork Glass Beads, Blue White Earring Pairs Glass Bead Set of 8 by LampworkJewels, via Etsy Shop for... https://t.co/AALqOmTsVY
Organic Red & Topaz Lampwork Focal Bead "Firenza" by LampworkJewels, via Etsy Shop for LampworkJewels... https://t.co/Pkitq7KPSg
New blog post about where i have been for the last few weeks https://t.co/Ri2DxB6MrE https://t.co/rKc1dEQDDV
Lampwork Bead Set - Handmade Glass Beads "Arabian Nights" by LampworkJewels, via Etsy Shop for LampworkJewels... https://t.co/5maPRoPXA3
Lampwork Beads SRA, Pink Floral Handmade Glass Beads by LampworkJewels, via Etsy Shop for LampworkJewels... https://t.co/1UZX5gnn2S
I just set up my giveaway over on LBA Designer Galleria Showcase for this set of beads. Link is in the comments,... https://t.co/pewV7NkDH9
Glad I took my photos this morning #piddlingdown I haven't got as many beads as usual for my show tomorrow... https://t.co/wUv0jszzKu
Aqua Floral Focal Lampwork Bead, via Lampwork Beads by Judith Johnston https://t.co/s2K9JDcJOo https://t.co/BGpMV1oZIE
Midnight blue lampwork heart with cubic zirconia https://t.co/7yN5BJE3jW

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About JudithJohnston

I make art glass beads, jewellery and I love all things shiny and sparkly.

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