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Miss Emma Engraved Spoon Handle Floral Necklace by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/PkI8kHn2 via @Etsy
Liberty Vintage Oklahoma Exposition Coin Assemblage Necklace by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/CrRoDUIF via @Etsy
Liberty Vintage Oklahoma Exposition Coin by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/CrRoDUIF via @Etsy
Vintage Girl Photo Focal pendant with Heart by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/QTIJ9jxf via @Etsy
Antique Victorian Floral Assemblage Cuff Bracelet by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/duG1VEIn via @Etsy
Jewelry with a blend of antique classic and whimsy by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/93KumcHP via @Etsy
All That Glistens ... by beadishdelight http://t.co/xahEM5QE via @Etsy
Antique Victorian Deer Stag Assemblage Cuff by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/wy2s3DUN via @Etsy
Midwinter's Mirage Czech Glass & Leather Necklace by Flapyourwings http://t.co/MLkwZUTg via @Etsy
Vintage Beaded Embellished Butterfly Assemblage bracelet by Flapyourwings http://t.co/HY0QGDp0 via @Etsy
Cowgirl Chic Christmas by Olga Lempert http://t.co/WFKVzQJT via @Etsy
Check this video out -- Zach Wahls Speaks About Family http://t.co/MPpWIBnd via @youtube
life whispers.... by Kimberly Griffin http://t.co/CyzmXkvR via @Etsy
Memories of Mom Assemblage Vintage Watch by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/RlMApGyr via @Etsy
"Life Whispers" Whispers by Dawn http://t.co/6JlisCPJ via @Etsy
Here is your chance to win the November issue of Bead Trends Magazine http://t.co/JrGeUpxf
Judith B Designs: We Still Have Paris http://t.co/VnOJo26f
November Bead Trends - from the Bead: blog blog: http://t.co/Cyfpn3pb via @beadtrendsmag
gem of the feast by Carol Fauntleroy http://t.co/A58M7CFH via @Etsy
Jewelry with a blend of antique classic and whimsy by JudithBDesigns http://t.co/93KumcHP via @Etsy

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About JudithBDesigns

I am a jewelry designer with a love for all things antique and handmade. Specializing in one of a kind adornments. Brought to you at JudithBDesigns.com and Etsy
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Handcrafted Jewelry, Wearable Art Jewelry, Adornments with antique elements,One of a kind pieces, Hand stamped metal jewelry

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