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Finally: Google issues warning about guest posting for links. https://t.co/3FEsNRBKmM #abouttime
Stop oversimplifying everything! SEO ain't easy... https://t.co/0gDcTg32Je
RT @rustybrick: Matt Cutts Returns To Google To Give A Talk For One Day https://t.co/qO9uGHmqqm
An incredibly fast search widget is coming to Chrome for Android, here’s how to try it now: https://t.co/BvvzwF0110
Here's the first look at Google's new Fuchsia OS. https://t.co/YiXUInLJ7A
Google Phone to add Android O's Notification Channels, pictures, post-call messages and dog and cat paws. Um. https://t.co/J8UkWKzoNR
RT @sengineland Google launched more than 1,600 new changes in search last year by @rustybrick https://t.co/cYoguS57Nu
RT @visitidaho Friday night lights. #18Summers #VisitIdahopic.twitter.com/pzwNCQ2Gj7
@randfish E) Dude... Smile! Show us those pearly whites!😀
Google Maps can now tell you where you parked your car. https://t.co/2HhJozAEe1
More evidence of Google's featured snippets wreaking havoc on website traffic. https://t.co/KeZlGU2hD7
Welcome home to the new Google Earth https://t.co/jHWwIO4Czl
RT @sewatch: How to use Google Search Console for quick #SEO wins: https://t.co/cfWiiMPkMV #BrightonSEO https://t.co/2AbxP75Hau
No foolin: Google's AutoDraw turns your clumsy scribbles into art. https://t.co/9Al2JoTwa7
A 1986 bulletin board system has brought the old Web back to life. https://t.co/aTxExdbRI0
Google Introduces Verified Customer Reviews, Retires Trusted Stores Program https://t.co/1hCHY2EhAS
A deep look at Google's biggest-ever search quality crisis. https://t.co/1CBlNPOXem
Android overtakes Windows as most used OS. Do people still use desktops... laptops? #idiocracy? https://t.co/8FzBR84fge
The prank that created a million dollar business. https://t.co/lVpHIDbVKb #pokemongo
Ms. Pac Man is on Google Maps: Here are the 12 best places to play in Portland. https://t.co/GQuC9YoXXo

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