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RT @BowieBerlin: Happy weekend to you all.. David Bowie and Morrisey ..
RT @OrchardBox: Best photo from the boxing last night one of the chuckle brothers with Jay Z 😂
@BetVictor Thank you! 🙂
@BetVictor Hey Bet Victor, I think I am one of those 22 people. How long before we get confirmation?
Wow I didn't expect Sergio to miss that! Come on Justin this is a gift of a second chance
@CKGolfSolutions I really thought he had it in the bag! Wow
Garcia or rose?? Come on Justin!
RT @rebelthot: barry manilow and rod stewart are different people??
Looks amazing Praying Eagles go on tour soon.Anyone know if this will actually be the full line up minus Glenn Frey?
RT @baelaani: Tb to when I was high and noticed my shadow looked like Rihanna
@hummybear @virginmedia it does.I'm not saying they are bad all the time,I've been with them for years but today was enough to want to leave
@hummybear @virginmedia you might change your mind if you had an experience like I had today
@virginmedia no thanks, my goal here is for as many of my 180,000 connections on twitter to see this and think twice before using you.Cheers
@virginmedia what get in touch with you again so I can be insulted again and made to feel utterly powerless again? No thanks
@virginmedia insult their customers. Was just told if they give me an inch I'll take a mile. Unbelievable. Can't wait to be rid of you
@virginmedia let everyone else know my experience and try to stop people from using you. Also I'll let people know that your agents lie and
@virginmedia no you cannot help, you just told me so yourselves. I just have to wait for my contract to be over. In the mean time I'll just
@virginmedia not harsh at all, it's accurate. Nothing you can do to help as per phone call with management today.
Never do business with @virginmedia just bullies who like to treat customers like hostages
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