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@DavidrichHewitt Errrr soo you put all your dirt in swimming baths then. 'Buggsy Malone'. Errr, I think you put s/b…
RT @MetroUK: Mum turns her back for two minutes and comes back to this
RT @MetroUK: Man tried to snatch girl, 5, from her mother outside Primark
RT @MetroUK: Lorry drivers are still ignoring the law not to use a phone at the wheel
RT @MetroUK: Man facing life-threatening situation has calmest reaction in live TV interview
RT @MetroUK: Firefighters who battled Grenfell Tower blaze describe horrors inside
RT @MetroUK: Man having a perv on a woman gets his just deserts
RT @MetroUK: Ghanaians really know how to celebrate when someone dies
RT @MetroUK: Gang of thugs rampaged through city centre attacking ‘white non-Muslims’
I hate that @DavidRichHewitt smells like a skunk!!!!! Have A Wash.... 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷 😷
RT @LGBTPlusProud: Grandma, I'm gay… #noh8
RT @LGBTPlusProud: Evocative vintage LGBT images. Part 1 of 5
RT @LGBTPlusProud: Evocative vintage LGBT images. Part 2 of 5
RT @LGBTPlusProud: Evocative vintage LGBT images. Part 3 of 5
RT @LGBTPlusProud: Evocative vintage LGBT images. Part 4 of 5
RT @LGBTPlusProud: Evocative vintage LGBT images. Part 5 of 5
RT @LGBTPlusProud: Should be an interesting read.
RT @ajplus: The Justice Dept. has stated that civil rights laws don't protect LGBT people from discrimination, overturning Obama-era decisi…
RT @abc13houston: A man walks into an LGBT center, douses the floors with fluid from a gasoline canister, and set the building on fire http…
RT @BuzzFeedLGBT: A few things that cost more than transgender people serving in the military 👀

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