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RT @phil500: Dr Jane Goodall releases a rehabbed chimp back into the wild, but not until the chimp does this
RT @alaindebotton: There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.
Looking up at the sky: veils of cloud; layers of colour; atmosphere: Whistler's "breath on glass".
Life is becoming too fragile even for lines; just colour is enough: form through colour.
I read the news (my coffee is less bitter). Open window and breeze sails through pine tree (sound like the sea.) (I need to buy canvasses.)
Buzzard and crow fighting for the sky; (the view down here: there's plenty for everyone; violence: false perspective.)
RT @ItsAPerfectLife: healing takes time and that's why there are artists
Ah, from here:
A cloud of wild garlic.
I went to a village; closed on Mondays. Earth-shoe mothers carried crying babies beneath an unrelenting grey sky; I got back on the bus.
A meteor storm of wind-fuelled seeds.
RT @alaindebotton: The Problem of Psychological Asymmetry
Dishevelled bird-stroke across a blustery sky; elegant the poise to navigate the windswept grey: wing-sails; don't fight: glide.
Without the Internet, I saw a bird on a rock, singing to another bird.
Threads about 'peace' turning conflictual: people disagreeing on how to get it. "My way is better!" "Damn it, mine is!" (I feed sparrows.)
I've stepped into a Monet painting.
The march of time goes past me as I scumble veils of light; layer upon layer illuminating past - future; a glistening now, bathed in silver.
What's mine is yours
I met a Dutch magician on the 395 bus; we spoke about Cezanne and Rembrandt.

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