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“Why Even Ambitious People Rarely Become Successful” by @BenjaminPHardy
@TalindaB @TalindaB my heart breaks for you and your family. So, so sorry this happened to you and the world. I'm s…
@realDonaldTrump Mr. Trump I grew up in NJ with you in close view. Didn't vote for you, but still stood up for you. What a letdown.
I liked a @YouTube video One More Light (Official Audio) - Linkin Park
The Key Realization That Will Inspire You to Live Better.
"Once you find perspective, anything is possible." @garyvee
Human Energy and Lifestyle. It’s Time for You to Become Expert.
@lwbarnett inspired me beyond words this week, on fulfilling our God-inspired dreams through planning. What huge inspiration! #phoenixchurch
Pretty important to get real on this subject, the implications are huge. Energy is not finite and exercise both dep…
Regenerate Your Life Force Energy: via @YouTube
What does it mean to balance your life? Come April 30th. here in NJ
The main reason I promote performance living is because we live in a performance culture today, we need a lifestyle…
Listening to David Allen. "It's not about Getting Things Done, it's about being appropriately engaged with your life," amazing distinction!
The Impact of fatigue of your life. a Story about one business professional.
Performance Optimization. The Lifestyle Approach.
Learn Your Energy Blueprint So You Can Thrive in a Performance Lifestyle You Can Call Your Own.
JAM Recommends The Energy Blueprint: via @YouTube
I recently broadcasted about my 10-day water only fast from CA. It's always a life enhancing event.
Great Article, ok, I co-authored it. It's a good read. ;-)
The Energy Blue Print ~ Recommended By Performance LifeStyle: via @YouTube

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